Chiltern League - 12 January 2019 - Keysoe Beds MK44 2JP

The fourth round of the Chiltern League takes place as in previous years at the Keysoe Equestrian centre.  The courses will be unchanged except for some minor tweaking to take account of some changes that have taken place at the venue.

The venue website is:

There is an indoor equestrian event being held on the same day but we do not anticipate that this will cause any problems and part of the work that has taken place at the venue is the improvement of some of the car parks.  We would ask that you follow the instructions of our car-parking marshals to ensure a safe flow of traffic through the site.

The water splash will again be used and possibly another smaller water feature for all but the U11 race.

The café/restaurant will be available on the day.

Race administration will be located at the end of the café for number changes etc.

The normal league timetable will prevail.

Directions are on the attached sheet.