Chiltern Cross Country League 2016/7

Extra Medals Orders:


Many clubs choose to purchase additional medals for their athletes who took part in matches throughout the season and contributed towards their clubs success and team’s position.

Historically this was done on behalf of clubs and logistically problematic and lengthy with shipping delays and awaiting payments.

The process for medal orders will different this year and hopefully easier for clubs to purchase them.


Clubs will need to order their own supply of medals direct from the suppliers the Chiltern League use. You will need to pay for your medals upfront and can choose where they are delivered to. You may also choose to add lanyards at your own costs. The medals will arrive without personalised centres. I will supply these for you.

To purchase the correct medals please use:

This year we used “Doddington” medals these come in Gold, Silver and Bronze. I have included the link below which should take you directly to that product (may need to copy & paste in to your browser)



Once you have made your medal purchase please email me and let me know:

·         Your club

·         A contact name

·         An address to send the medal centres to

I will then post the personalised ‘Chiltern League 2016-2017’ medal centres for to you to attach to the medals.


No payments need to be made neither to myself nor to the Chiltern league. Please pay Running Imp directly and let me know how many centres you require.


Please order promptly, all medal orders to be completed by March 15th please.