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20 October 2015 - Entries to UK Cross Challenge
All Clubs should be aware that the second fixture this year will be at Teardrop Lakes in Milton Keynes on Saturday 7th November 2015. It will be a normal fixture timetable but with all age groups incorporating a "British Cross Challenge Race". If any of your athletes in any age group wish to be included in the Cross Challenge then they must enter online through the British Athletics website. The entry fee is 8 for juniors and seniors and 6 for all other age groups. Information on British Athletics web site
click here then click on the Milton Keynes tab.
All Cross Challenge entrants will be issued with a new number and will have to pick up a "chip" on the day. They will automatically also score for their Club in the Chiltern League. There are no entries on the day, see entry form for the closing date.
There are five races in the British Cross Challenge series, the second is at Liverpool on 28 November incorporating the trials for the European Championships, the third in in Antrim on 16 January, the fourth is in Cardiff on Sunday 24 January, and the final one is at the Inter Counties Championships in Birmingham on Saturday 12 March.
There is generous prize money available which should ensure some high quality athletes travelling to Milton Keynes to enhance our races and make the racing a spectacle worth watching or taking part in.
Please ensure all your cross country athletes across the age groups are aware of this prestigious addition to our fixture.
If you have any queries please contact the Chiltern League Treasurer
Richard Inchley at

February 13 2015 - Mike Hardy from Luton
Mike Hardy, who was officiating at the finish in the Chiltern League fixture at Milton Keynes (Teardrop Lakes), was involved in a serious car accident as he drove away from the course. He is now in Milton Keynes General Hospital recovering from a broken rib and a broken pelvis. He hopes to be able to transfer to the Luton & Dunstable Hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.

January 10 2015 - Lost property from Milton Keynes
From Jackson Ryan (Milton Keynes):
two items were found at the clear up :-
A pair of wellington boots;
A mobile phone.
These items can be reclaimed from Jackson by ringing 07717027218.

December 31st 2014 - Entries to UK Cross Challenge
All Clubs should be aware that the final fixture this year will be at Teardrop Lakes in Milton Keynes on Saturday 7th February 2015. It will be a normal final fixture timetable but for the first time with all age groups incorporating a "British Cross Challenge Race". If any of your athletes in any age group wish to be included in the Cross Challenge then they must enter online through the British Athletics website. The entry fee is 8 for juniors and seniors and 6 for all other age groups. Information on British Athletics web site
click here then click on the Milton Keynes tab.
All Cross Challenge entrants will be issued with a new number and will have to pick up a "chip" on the day. In order to also score for their Club in the Chiltern League they will need to give this new number or their name and Club to the League results coordinator (Dennis Orme or Mick Bromilow) so that they are included in both sets of results. There are no entries on the day, see entry form for the closing date.
There are four races in the British Cross Challenge series, the first was at Liverpool in November incorporating the trials for the European Championships, the second is in Cardiff on Sunday January 18th, the third in Milton Keynes and the final one is at the Inter Counties Championships in Birmingham on Saturday March 7th.
There is generous prize money available which should ensure some high quality athletes travelling to Milton Keynes to enhance our races and make the racing a spectacle worth watching or taking part in.
Please ensure all your cross country athletes across the age groups are aware of this prestigious addition to our final fixture.
If you have any queries please contact the Chiltern League Treasurer
Richard Inchley at

December 11th 2014 - Lost property from Luton
From Mike Hardy (Luton):
Below is a list of item found at the clear up :-
1 red water bottle.
1 pair of green running shoes
1 pair of Regatta trail walking boots
1 pair of Everlast trainers in an Adidas box
1 child's blue Nike water proof jacket, name on the tab could be "Ben Lanicare" but I cannot find his name on the finishers list.
1 Grey/Yellow hoody , left with Everlast trainers.
1 RUGID medium black boys track suit bottoms.
1 pair of Mike gloves
1 pair black gloves (small)
1 black with thin white bands glove.
All these items can be reclaimed from the Luton A.C. brown tent at the next league meeting (Campbell Park Milton Keynes) on the 10th Jan. 2015.

November 11th 2014 - Lost property from Keysoe
From Tony Forrest (Bedford): We found a couple of items of clothing at Keysoe when we cleared the course. They were both small child sized, aged 10-12 ish. A "next" long sleeved rugby shirt, white with horizontal pink stripes. And Blue and black " just one more mile" long sleeved top.
We can bring along to the next match.

October 27th 2014 - Pre match info
I sent the pre match info for round 2 at Keysoe to team managers last week followed by information for pre declarations on a separate email. If you didn't receive one or other please let me know. But also check your junk mail folder in case my multiple mailing flagged up my account. In which case please add my email address to your safe senders list.

September 26th 2014 - November venue changed
Unfortunately the venue near Bedford track proved to have too many problems in terms of fitting in courses. Bedford & County have found another venue at the College Equestrian Centre at Keysoe approx 10 miles north of Bedford postcode MK44 2JP.

September 13th 2014 - Notes from AGM
In view of the secretary's health Mick Bromilow had offered to help with the results and Peta Bee (Cookham Runners) had offered to help on secretarial duties. It was agreed to add engraving of age group on to the trophies awarded. There was discussion on the problems associated with volume of parking but any solutions (e.g. space out the timetable) would only be used as a last resort to "save" a venue. The November fixture would be at Bedford, Priory Marina near Bedford's track. The final Chiltern League would incorporate a round of the UK Cross Country Challenge and the venue is Milton Keynes, Teardrop Lakes. The subject of disabled athletes was brought up. It was felt that the athlete's club should assess the risks to the athlete and fellow athletes rather than the league.

September 11th 2014 - Competition numbers
I have done an exercise to reallocate competition numbers. This is because it hasn't been done for several years in which time some clubs and left, new ones joined and the turnout from existing clubs has changed. Unfortunately, with new clubs coming in this year, it didn't prove possible to keep numbers to 3 digits (less than 1000). Click
here to view the new number ranges (pdf format). Some of the clubs will still be using their previous numbers. Otherwise please get rid of numbers you have been issued with from previous seasons. As usual, numbers for 2014/15 will be issued at the first match.

May 11th 2014 - League AGM and next season
We are likely to have the AGM in early September again. Part of the reason for this is my current health situation and I should be in a position then to know how well I can continue. It would probably be in the best interests of the league if one, or preferably two, new people take on the organisation of the league. So I would be looking to stand down as league secretary by the end of next winter at the latest.
I am looking at alternative technologies for recording. Chip timing is probably too expensive but barcoding is a possibility. I believe they use this in Parkruns. If anyone has any comment or can give input into this please
email me.

February 13th 2014 - Notes after round 5
Saturday’s final round saw 956 finishers compared with 959 for round 5 last season. Probably the predicted weather, which didn’t materialise, and problems with flooding on some routes kept the numbers down as we have had more than 1100 finishers in the first four rounds this winter. In total over all 5 matches we had 5616 finishers compared with 5124 last winter and 4579 the year before. So we had more than 1000 this year compared with two years ago.
Venues: Problems with parking have caused us problems with two of our venues this winter which may well make them difficult or impossible to use in future. In addition wet conditions caused Verulam Park, which we used two years ago, to have the Herts Schools cancelled. We are looking at other venues and if you can identify anywhere suitable with plenty of car parking available please let me know. However, we would need a local organiser. Possible venues may be ones already used for other fixtures which the Chiltern League has not used before. Another option would be to get another club not currently members of the Chiltern League involved in return for entry to the event.
Numbers: There hasn’t been a major revamp of the range of competition numbers used for a few years although clubs have joined, left and amalgamated. And the number of competitors has rapidly increased over the last two years. Several clubs ended up requesting extra numbers meaning I was allocating numbers 1000+ which is a bit excessive when the largest field is around 400 and is a nuisance for the recorders. I will have an exercise before next season to reallocate numbers probably from 291 onwards. So Milton Keynes, Bedford, Windsor, Harrow, Aylesbury, Chiltern and Dacorum would remain the same and the rest altered. The number range would be based on the largest age group for the club (usually the senior men) with enough extra numbers to cover the other age groups. The number range might be 30 numbers but then extra sets on a rolling basis for the other age groups. If you have any issues with numbers let me know.
Promotion/Demotion: Oxford City and Gade Valley are promoted to Div 1 and Headington and Tring will be in Div 2 for 2014/15.

January 14th 2014 - Notes after round 4
Again the number of finishers exceeded 1100 for the fourth time this season. The under 13 girl's race had a record 114 finishers.
Unfortunately we did have another incident of runners pushing past each other in the finish funnel. I will ask the starting team at the next race to warn athletes about this.
The venue problems have prompted some to make the comment that we should go back to having the two divisions at separate venues. We are investigating other venues to try and ensure that we don't need to do this. Just to remind you, part of the reason we decided to have joint matches was because the size of the young athletes races in Div 2 was poor and we had been doubling up age groups. As time has moved on other factors favour joint matches such as making the under 20/17 age group race viable by having both divisions. Also having Div 2 seniors means that slower Div 1 runners have better competition than they had in the more elite former Div 1 races.
As stated below, we are looking at alternatives for round 5. The venue won't be far from Wing so we can use the same officials and First Aid.

January 11th 2014 - Round 5 update
I have had a few offers for the final fixture now that Wing is not available so it looks almost certain that the match will go ahead. I hope to have more info on the location in about a week's time.

January 10th 2014 - Slough venue
Message from Dennis Day at Windsor:
As of this evening the course is OK but with some surface water in the lower field approaching the finish. Unless circumstances deteriorate overnight then the course will remain as usual. One problem however - Thames Val;ley Athletics Centre access roads are flooded hence anyone intending to park at TVAC and walk to the course in Upton Court Park will not be able to do so. Can you please advise clubs accordingly of this late info.

January 9th 2014 - Venue problems for round 5
Message received fro Leighton Buzzard. If you are able to help please
email me:
Cottesloe School at Wing have told us today that we are unable to go ahead with our final fixture due in the main to parking issues related to a new build in progress and I think pressure from villagers regarding last year’s inconsiderate parking by some runners.
I can think of no other venue unless we try for Stowe or repeat a venue such as Milton Keynes or Watford. We can supply man power it is just a suitable venue that is needed.

Split venues for seniors and young athletes would be considered.

December 10th 2013 - Notes after round 3
There were 1110 finishers on Saturday excluding the non scorers which is for the third time greater than the previous best before this season. This seems to be not without problems as the recorders are under some pressure and there were a number of misrecordings. I have to make my regular reminder to team managers and coaches about finish funnel discipline which was also a problem at least in the under 11 boys race. And that is the race finishes as athletes enter the finish funnel. They should slow down and walk down the funnel not overtaking any other athlete, and do so slowly so that their number is recorded. I don't know if it happened this time but in the past we have had instances of athletes ducking under the tape at the finish before being recorded.
Thanks to Mick Bromilow for helping with the results. This enabled us to get everything on the web site on Saturday evening. However, a number of team managers emailed in corrections which should have been notified on the day. This cannot happen at the last match where end of season presentations are made as late notification could change the results and therefore the awards being made to the wrong athletes.
Thanks are due to Marshall Milton Keynes for providing the new venue.

November 15th 2013 - Notes after round 2
Saturday saw the second best ever league turnout after match one had set a new high. This excludes the non scorers, had these been counted in we would have had our largest ever senior men's race with 434 finishers. But I exclude non scorers when it comes to my calculations. The large number of non scorers in the senior races was due to Oxford University incorporation a match against the RAF in our competition.
I was able to process the results having had to miss match one although I was a bit slower than usual and found the times recording sheets which were in pencil difficult to read. To speed things up please send in advance entries using the new spreadsheet. If you are also handing in sheets on the day mark any changes to your pre-declaration with a highlighter or any changes from the previous match in a similar fashion if your athletes keep the same numbers.
I have hopefully ironed out any discrepancies after match one where the results had to be processed without my software but please check the All Competitors and Veterans Status pages. We are trying to get one or more people on board to assist with the results so the league is not reliant on me.

Email from the RAF team manager::
On behalf of the Royal Air Force Athletic Association I would like to thank you, Oxford City and each everyone of those involved in organising and delivering an absolutely superb day of Cross-Country racing at Horspath on Sat 9 Nov 13.

I can report that The inclusion of our annual match against Oxford University within the Chiltern League was from both our teams perspective a resounding success. I really hope that the addition of the RAF and the Oxford University runners added value to the fixture. the men's race winner Squadron Leader Ben Livesey had nothing but praise for the "testing" course and the race organisers.

These events do not just happen, the preparation and effort from the organisers, officials, marshals, must have been immense to ensure that all the races ran to schedule and you should be congratulated for the speedy production of the results - this must be down to years of skill and experience.

On a personal note it was superb for me to catch up with many fellow runners, my Chiltern league history dates back to the 1979 - 1980 winter season - it was brilliant to catch up with my old school rival and friend Adrian Cox from Milton Keynes AC, we both started racing in the league that season in the Youth category! Hopefully I will get over my current injuries and get my " civilian" Oxford City vest and spikes to race against Adrian on for a Chiltern League race in 2014!

It strikes me that the Chiltern League has gone from strength to strength and is fundamental to the grass roots development, improvement and sustainment of distance running in the region. Thousands of runners, including me have an awful lot to thank-you for.

Best regards
Carl Thompson

October 26th 2013 - Notes after round 1
Thanks are due to Mick Bromilow who processed the results after I had to be taken in to hospital last weekend. I've now posted them on this web site but I expect there are few corrections that need to be made. The turnout was easily a record. The senior ladies, under 13 boys and under 15 boys had the largest number of finishers ever and the senior men hd the largest since the late 1980's. Turnouts for matches are on the League Development page.

August 28th 2013 - League AGM now arranged
The AGM will be on Thursday September 19th 7.30pm at Tring Cricket Club courtesy of Tring Running Club. Notices will be sent to team contacts early next week., The pre-season mailing will be sent out shortly after the AGM, If you have any change of contact details please
email me.

June 26th 2013 - League AGM
My apologies but due to ongoing hospital treatment I have been unable to organise the AGM usually held around now. Please bear with me on this. League dates for 2013/2014 will be Saturday October 19th, Saturday November 9th, Saturday December 7th, Saturday January 11th, Saturday February 8th.
Email me if you are able to host.

February 10th 2013 - Notes after final round
We have just concluded our most successful season with 5125 finishers over the five rounds, the previous best was 4707 in 2005/2006. The first four fixtures had more than 1000 finishers and yesterday's 960 which was the best ever for a final match. Thanks to all those clubs who hosted and made this happen.
As usual clubs can order extra medals - please
email me for a form.
On the down side large numbers do produce problems and we had one yesterday. We had a visit from the police complaining about inconsiderate parking on the A418 approaching the school from Aylesbury and around the roundabout. There were places in the village where they could have parked and walked not far to the venue. We have to be careful about this otherwise we will lose venues.

January 13th 2013 - Lost Property from Luton
From Mike Hardy
There was a few items found when we were clearing the site:-
One rucksack, complete with running kit (shoes, sox etc.). One pair of green Wellington boots, size 4 (37). One pair of black gloves. One coloured benie hat.
One black ML Dons benie hat.If not claimed before, I will take them to Wing.

December 3rd 2012 - Notes after round 3
We had over 1000 finishers again on Saturday despite the freezing weather. This is the first time for a third round match. The number of finsihers in each round this winter are (excluding non scorers):
Round 1 1113
Round 2 1007
Round 3 1013
So we look on target to beat our highest turnout this winter.
Large numbers do put pressure on officials and we have had a few incidents of numbers not being recorded properly or not at all. Please help by not overtaking in the finish funnel and allowing time for officials to note your race number. I have seen instances of athletes ducking out of the funnel under the tape before their number is recorded! Also, could team managers please try and get declaration to me in advance. It doesn't matter if some of the athletes do not turn up on the day. Also check the Veterans Status page on the web site and see if I have your athlete's date of birth. This is because my software can automatically put an athlete in the correct category. Sometimes team managers get an athlete's category wrong! If a senior becomes a veteran during the season it is important to let me know and have their date of birth.

October 23rd 2012 - Fred Stebbings of Luton passes away
Sadly Chris's brother Fred passed away last Saturday morning. Luton AC were not aware of this until the evening. Note from Paul Brooks of Luton "Would also just like to say thanks on behalf of Luton AC and the Stebbings’s family for the recognition that Chris received prior to the Senior race. I know the family were very pleased to hear the recognition that was given."

October 18th 2012 - Frank Nolan of QPH passes away.
Frank passed away this week after a heart attack. He was a regular competitor in the Chiltern League and finished 2nd in the Division 2 over 50 category last winter. He was the brother-in-law of League Chairman Bill O'Connor.

October 17th 2012 - Chris Stebbings of Luton passes away
I have just found out that long time League competitor, team manager and coach Chris Stebbings passed away earlier this month. He had competed in the league since the late seventies and his best performance was in the Div 1 match October 10th 1981 when he finished 2nd at Milton Keynes. He last competed at Wing February 2011. He had also been part of the organisation when Luton hosted home matches in recent years. Our condolences to his family.

August 31st 2012 - Pre Season Mailing
With the league season starting later this year the pre season mailing will go out towards the end of September. Please let me know any change of club contact details. I would need name, postal address, email address and phone number of any new contacts.

June 15th 2012 - League AGM notes
Not a very big turnout last night at Luton. The AGM agreed that match timetable which was changed to start at 11.30 last winter would remain the same. The dates for 2012/13 were confirmed as October 20th, November 10th, December 1st, January 12th and February 9th. The final match will be at Wing. I will be chasing clubs over the other venues shortly.

May 15th 2012 - League AGM
This year's league AGM will be on Thursday 14th June at 7.30pm. Due to my ongoing treatment, I won't be able to host the meeting at Harrow so it will be in the club house at Luton track at Stockwood Park. Bill O'Connor and Richard Inchley will be running the meeting but I will be sending out the mailing. If you have any motions for the AGM please
email me as soon as possible. One item will be the review of the revised timetable with the 11.30am start which we introduced as an experiment for last winter.

February 12th 2012 - Notes after final match
Perhaps not surprisingly, numbers were down at the final match yesterday but those who did compete were rewarded with a fine sunny afternoon and a course that was quite runable. Thanks are due to Mick Bromilow who managed to master my results software so that we could make presentations. Awards not collected have been taken away by Bill O'Connor who is away for a couple of weeks so we won't be able to pass these on yet.
The monument on the medal centres and the web site home page is the Boar War Memorial on top of Coombe Hill near Wendover.
Corrections to results may take a little while to action as Mick has the paperwork but I am processing corrections.
Thanks to those of you who have sent me their best wishes, it is much appreciated.
Order forms for extra medals will be emailed to team managers.

February 10th 2012 - Wing update
From Richard Inchley:
We have been out on the course this afternoon preparing the parts that we are able to before tomorrow.
There is a thin covering of snow on most of the course which has had the effect of slightly softening the ground, so will now take a spike (not too long though). There are two gateways where extra care should be taken but we will guide the runners through these as safely as we can by narrowing the entrance and exits as appropriate.
We are due a very hard frost tonight, but are hopeful that the snow covering will protect the ground a little. It will not be icy but probably a bit "crunchy" first thing tomorrow.
Whilst runners should take care, I see no reason not to have the meeting tomorrow unless there is a great deterioration overnight.
Should this happen I will inform Dennis by 9am otherwise no news is good news and it will be on.
Individual runners must make their own assessment of the conditions as human nature decrees that some will be more confident than others.

November 13th 2011 - Notes after round 2
We again had more than 1000 finishers at Watford yesterday with a total of 1049. The senior ladies field with 160 finishers was the largest ever and the senior men had 359 finishers, the largest since 1988 where there were 386 finishers also at Watford.
I have had a drop in the number of team managers sending in declarations in advance by email. Can I please ask you to do this where possible. It will be especially important at the next match where the course layout in relation to the facilities will mean I won't be able to process results on site and will have to do them in the evening. And of course it will speed up results production at the final match where season presentations will be made.

November 5th 2011 - English Cross Country Relays at Mansfield
Results for CL clubs:
Senior Men: 11 Bedford & C, 27 Windsor, 38 Luton, 44 M Milton K,
Fastest laps: 7 B Whitby (Windsor), 10 N Hall (Bedford & C),
Junior Men: 6 Bedford & C, 8 Windsor, 16 Luton, 29 Windsor B,
Fastest laps: no CL athletes in top 10,
Under 17 Men:
3 Bracknell, 9 Windsor, 14 Bedford & C, 31 Chiltern, 36 Windsor B, 38 Aylesbury, 47 St Albans AC,
Fastest laps:
1 J McMurray (St Albans), 9 S Halstead (Bracknell),
Under 15 Boys:
2 Windsor, 7 Bedford & C, 16 St Albans AC, 17 Windsor B, 32 Chiltern, 33 M Milton K,
Fastest laps: 7 J Finnegan (Windsor), 10 J Singh (Windsor),
Under 13 Boys:
2 Bedford & C, 3 Chiltern, 21 Windsor, 23 M Milton K, 33 Chiltern B, 40 Bedford B, 44 Dacorum, 46 St Albans AC,
Fastest laps: 8 A Yabsley (M Milton K), 9 S Henning (Chiltern), 10 T Angell (Bedford & C),
Senior Ladies: 9 Bedford & C, 37 St Albans Str, 44 Windsor,
Fastest laps: no CL athletes in top 10,
Junior Ladies: 9 Windsor, 16 Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 10 A Burgin (Bedford & C),
Under 17 Ladies: 7 Bracknell, 9 Bedford & C, 11 M Milton K, 14 M Milton K B, 19 St Albans AC,
Fastest laps: 10 R Murray (Bedford & C),
Under 15 Girls, 4 Windsor, 12 Bedford & C, 17 Bracknell, 24 M Milton K, 26 St Albans AC,
Fastest laps: 4 R Croft (Windsor), 5 H Morton (Chiltern), 9 S Rayment (Bracknell),
Under 13 Girls:
1 Bracknell, 6 Windsor, 22 St Albans AC, 23 Windsor B, 23 Windsor C, 25 Chiltern, 30 Bedford & C, 49 St Albans B,
Fastest laps:
1 H Goddard (Bracknell), 2 G Goddard (Bracknell),
Full results on
English CCA web site

October 15th/16th 2011 - English Road Relays at Sutton Park
Results for CL clubs:
Senior men: 13 Bedford & C, 27 Luton, 40 Harrow,
Fastest laps: no CL athletes in top 20
Under 17 Men: 14 Bedford & C, 31 Chiltern, 37 Bedford B, 45 Banbury, 50 Bedford C,
Fastest laps: no CL athletes in top 20
Under 15 Boys: 4 Chiltern, 14 Bedford & C, 43 Bedford B,
Fastest laps: 5 J McCarthy (Chiltern), 17= J Barraclough (Bedford),
Under 13 Boys:
3 Chiltern, 11 Chiltern B, 17 Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 7= R Hall (Chiltern),
Senior ladies: 51 Banbury,
Fastest laps: no CL athletes in top 20
Under 17 Ladies: 7 Bedford & C, 10 Bracknell, 11 Luton, 29 Banbury, 33 Abingdon,
Fastest laps: 8 R Murray (Bedford & C), 16= R Walcott-Nolan (Luton), 18 R Berger-North (Bracknell),
Under 15 Girls: 4 Chiltern, 15 Bedford & C, 42 Luton, 46 Bedford B,
Fastest laps:
3 C Lewis (Chiltern), 7 S Rayment (Bracknell), 9 H Morton (Chiltern),
Under 13 Girls:
1 Bracknell, 15 Bedford & C, 20 Chiltern, 30 Abingdon, 38 Bedford B, 42 Chiltern B,
Fastest laps:
1 H Goddard (Bracknell), 2 G Goddard (Bracknell),
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

October 10th 2011 - Notes after round 1
Another good start to the league with over 1000 finishers on Saturday. There was a problem with a narrow gap on the course which will need to be ironed out the next time we use this venue. My apologies for the confustion with some of the club numbers. Click
here for a list of the club numbering ranges. Please ensure that athletes are wearing numbers in the correct range for the next match and send me a revised declaration if necessary. If you have any numbers left over from previous seasons outside your range please discard them or hand them back to me.
Lost property - note from the local organiser at Luton: A few things left behind that you may like to put on the league web site, they are :- A pair of adidas flats, size 10 , a red shoe bag, a childs ‘aviva startrack (2730) ‘T’ shirt and a pair of asics hypermo spikes in a nike bag. The club will take them to Watford unless the owners are desperate and want to pay the postage.
Email Mike Hardy about these.

September 24th/25th 2011 - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Leading CL results:
Senior Men: 7 Bedford & C, 11 Luton, 13 Windsor, 22 Harrow, 38 Aylesbury, 40 Abingdon, 41 Windsor B, 44 Bedford B,
Fastest laps: 6 N Hall (Bedford & C), 7 J McDonnell (Luton),
Veterans Over 40:
3 Oxford, 6 Aylesbury, 15 Oxford B, 17 Harrow,
Fastest laps:
3= S. Male (Oxford), 7= J Richardson (Oxford),
Veterans Over 50: 8 Oxford,
Fastest laps: no CL athletes in top 10,
Veterans Over 60:
1 Oxford, 6 Oxford B,
Fastest laps:
1 R Treadwell (Oxford), 2 D Parsons (Oxford), 3 J Exley (Oxford), 10 A Matthews (Oxford),
Under 17 Men: 6 Windsor, 9 St Albans (disq), 11 Bedford & C, 14 Bracknell, 22 Chiltern , 25 Windsor B, 28 Abingdon, 30 M Milton K,
Fastest laps: 5 J McMurray (St Albans), 6 L Dee (St. Albans),
Under 15 Boys:
2 Windsor, 5 St Albans (disq), 6 Chiltern, 7 Bedford & C, 17 Bracknell, 19 Watford, 27 Bedford B, 29 Dacorum,
Fastest laps:
3 J Dee (St Albans), 5 J Gentle (St Albans), 10 J McCarthy (Chiltern),
Under 13 Boys:
2 Chiltern, 8 Bedford & C, 10 M Milton K, 15 Windsor, 16 Chiltern B, 27 Chiltern C, 29 St Albans,
Fastest laps: 4 S Willis (Bedford & C),
Senior Ladies: 15 Aylesbury, 21 M Milton K, 24 Windsor, 29 Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 10 L Lattimore (Harrow),
Veteran Ladies: 5 Windsor,
Fastest laps:
2 M Stedman (Windsor),
Under 17 Ladies: 5 Bracknell, 7 Bedford & C, 9 Luton, 10 M Milton K B, 11 M Milton K, 12 St Albans, 14 Windsor, 18 Harrow, 19 M Milton K C, 23 Windsor B, 28 Dacorum,
Fastest laps: 7 R Murray (Bedford & C), 9= B Berger-North (Bracknell),
Under 15 Girls:
1 Windsor, 4 Chiltern, 10 Bedford & C, 15 M Milton K, 17 Bracknell, 19 Windsor B, 28 St Albans,
Fastest laps:
2 C Lewis (Chiltern), 3 R Killip (Windsor), 5 H Morton (Chiltern), 6 R Croft (Windsor), 7 J Savill (Windsor), 10 S Rayment (Bracknell),
Under 13 Girls:
1 Bracknell, 4 Windsor, 10 Chiltern, 11 Bracknell, 12 Harrow, 15 Windsor B, 16 M Milton K, 17 Bedford & C, 18 St Albans, 26 Oxford,
Fastest laps:
1 H Goddard (Bracknell), 3 G Goddard (Bracknell), 8 A Barbour (Windsor), 9= H Thear (Chiltern),
Full results on
Aldershot web site

July 27th 2011 - Chiltern League venues 2011/2012
The provisional venues for next season are provisionally as follows:
October 8th - Luton Wigmore Valley
November 12th - Watford Cassiobury Park
December 3rd - tba
January 14th - Slough Upton Court Park
February 11th - Wing
We are still looking for a venue for the December fixture. If you are able to host please
email me.

June 17th 2011 - Notes from League AGM
At last year's AGM it was decided to swap the under 17 men and senior ladies race for one season as an experiment. This year's AGM decided to make this change permanent. It was also decided to advance the whole programme by one hour. This is so that courses can be cleared mid winter before darkness and also so that people can travel home in a reasonable amount of daylight. It should also allow people to travel earlier to the venue when traffic is lighter. The revised timetable is below. Dates for next winter and provisional venues: October 8th, November 12th, December 3rd, January 14th, February 11th at Wing. Watford will be the venue for either the October or November fixture - to be confirmed.
Revised timetable:
11.30 under 11 girls,
11.45 under 11 boys,
12.00 under 13 girls,
12.15 under 13 boys,
12.30 under 15 girls,
12.45 under 15 boys,
13.00 under 20/17 ladies,
13.15 senior ladies,
13.40 under 17 men,
14.00 senior men.
As usual the final round will be run to a special timetable still starting at 11.30 but with the senior men's race before the senior ladies and under 17 men to facilitate results production for the presentations.

April 9th 2011 - National Road Relays at Sutton Park
Results for CL clubs:
Senior men: 15 Bedford & C, 37 Luton, 39 Harrow,
Fastest laps: 10 D Deed (Bedford & C),
Senior ladies: no CL clubs competed,
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

April 5th 2011 - Extra club medals
I have dealt with the main orders for extra club medals but if any more clubs wish to order I can still process these.
Email me is you require any.

March 27th 2011 - Southern Road Relays at Milton Keynes
Leading results for CL clubs:
Senior men: 9 Bedford & C, 17 Harrow, 18 Windsor, 19 Luton, 21 Marshall Milton K,
Fastest laps not available,
Senior ladies: 5 Bedford & C, 9 Windsor, 11 Aylesbury,
Fastest laps: 9 R Gibbs (Bedford & C), 10 R Newstead (Bedford & C),
Full results on
Milton Keynes web site

March 19th 2011 - English Schools at Nottingham
Leading results for CL clubs:
Senior boys: 14 M Bergin (Bedford & C), 32 R Franks (Windsor), 72 A Goodall (Windsor), 75 W Gurton (Aylesbury), 89 N Ditton (Windsor),
Inter boys:
1 J McMurray (St Albans), 17 R Isaacson (Bedford & C), 32 R Harvie (Windsor), 43 E O'Brien (Windsor), 48 M Harrison (Bedford & C), 53 S Wyllie (Bracknell), 58 M Seddon (Bracknell), 81 S Halstead (Bracknell),
Junior boys: 6 J Lewis (Luton), 28 J Singh (Windsor), 35 G Cockle (Windsor), 40 G Gathercole (Windsor), 43 J Gentle (St Albans), 46 J James (Bedford & C), 67 J McCarthy (Chiltern), 70 C Von Eitzen (Radley), 89 D Riddington (Bracknell), 90 J Aherne (Chiltern), 95 J Burgin (Bedford & C), 96 T Verbana (Watford),
Senior girls: 4 P Woolven (Wycombe), 13 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 23 E Roche (Milton K), 36 G Bridge (Radley), 49 M Haynes (Windsor), 64 J Walker (Oxford), 74 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 76 A Madry (Aylesbury), 81 R McClay (Bracknell), 83 A Spitzer (Windsor), 87 M Gardner (Windsor), 90 S Reynolds (Windsor), 97 J Livesey (Milton K), 99 N Wickings (Watford),
Inter girls: 19 R Walcott-Nolan (Luton), 20 R Marshall (Milton K), 22 C McMillan (Banbury), 34 R Murray (Bedford & C), 35 J Finlay (Milton K), 46 F Brereton (Bracknell), 64 L Hawtin (Oxford), 72 S Draper (Harrow), 78 C Turner (Bracknell), 83 B Berger-North (Bracknell), 91 J Leggett (Milton K), 92 E Hemming (Milton K), 95 G Russell (Wycombe),
Junior girls:
3 B Croft (Windsor), 16 S Rayment (Bracknell), 26 K Rodd (Bedford & C), 34 C Lewis (Chiltern), 36 R Killip (Windsor), 55 T Mobley (Banbury), 60 H Morton (Chiltern), 95 E Evans (Oxford),
Full results on
English Schools website

March 14th 2011 - Southern Cross Country Relays results
Results are now on
Power of 10 but there are some discrepencies.

March 7th 2011 - Extra medals orders
I haven't yet had many orders for extra team medals from team managers. If you require some and didn't receive the email or letter please
email me for another copy.

March 5th 2011 - Inter Counties at Birmingham
Leading results for CL clubs:
Senior men: 34 M Janes (Bedford & C), 58 D Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 59 A Tovey (Windsor), 61 R Glastonbury (Windsor), 75 T Comerford (Milton K), 88 W Mackay (Bedford & C), 98 D Woodgate (Luton),
Junior men: 8 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 11 M Salt (Dacorum), 27 M White (Bracknell), 47 M Eager (Milton K),
Under 17 men:
2 B Goater (Windsor), 5 J McMurray (St Albans), 40 S Wyllie (Bracknell), 44 A Goodall (Windsor),
Under 15 boys: 9 R Isaacson (Bedford & C), 27 J Rowe (Windsor), 32 M Bray (Bedford & C), 45 S Halstead (Bracknell), 46 M Axe (Wycombe), 49 P Taylor (Aylesbury),
Under 13 boys: 6 J Gentle (St Albans), 37 H Sutherland (Wycombe), 40 B Hughes (Chiltern), 46 N Jones (Oxford).
Senior ladies: 9 H Walker (Dacorum), 30 L Lattimore (Harrow), 31 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 37 K Wootton (Bedford & C), 54 R Newstead (Bedford & C), 59 S Crumly (Windsor),
Junior ladies: 15 P Woolven (Wycombe), 44 G Bridge (Radley),
Under 17 ladies: 6 N Swaffield (Windsor), 8 R Murray (Bedford & C), 21 R Walcott-Nolan (Luton), 26 E Roche (Milton K), 30 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 43 C McMillan (Banbury),
Under 15 girls: 7 R Croft (Windsor), 13 R Bourne (Windsor), 21 B Hawtin (Oxford), 29 C Lewis (Chiltern),
Under 13 girls:
2 H Goddard (Bracknell), 5 G Goddard (Bracknell), 27 A Barbour (Windsor), 29 K Ditton (Windsor), 35 A Bowers (Bracknell),

February 24th 2011 - Item for Annual General Meeting
I've had the folllowing item from Banbury Harriers:

I have been requested by several of our athletes to put forward a proposal to bring the entire programme forward by 30 or 60 minutes so that the last race starts at 2.00 or 2.30pm.
We have found that by the time the last race finishes, dusk is fast approaching, and darkness descending by the time tents etc are packed away. This leaves little room for manoeuvre if races are delayed for any reason (eg at Luton 2009/10 when men's race was delayed due to major motorway accident) and could end up with runners finishing in the dark!
An earlier start/finish would enable more teams to travel home in more daylight, thus improving road safety, and also allow race organisers more time to clear the course after the event.

If you would like to comment please email me.

February 19th 2011 - National Cross Country at Alton Towers
Leading results for CL clubs.
Senior men: 10 N Hall (Bedford & C), 20 M Janes (Bedford & C), 41 T Comerford (Milton K), 43 D Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 52 S Robinson (Bedford & C), 56 R Heaney (Bedford & C), 84 A Tovey (Windsor), 91 W Mackay (Bedford & C), 122 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 135 J Lawler (Bedford & C),
3 Bedford & C, 27 Milton Keynes,
Junior men: 9 D Clorley (Luton), 14 M Salt (Dacorum), 29 D Woodgate (Luton), 55 S Still (Luton), 86 P Stuart (Bedford & C), 89 T Mead (Luton), 99 N Ditton (Windsor),
Teams: 6 Luton,
Under 17 men: 13 B Goater (Windsor), 22 J McMurray (St Albans), 36 J Killip (Windsor), 78 R Harvie (Windsor), 86 B Kennard (Windsor), 89 M Nicholson (Bedford & C),
Teams: 4 Windsor,
Under 15 boys: 4 R Isaacson (Bedford & C), 15 M Axe (Wycombe), 27 C Critchley (Windsor), 31 M Goddard (Chiltern), 32 P Taylor (Aylesbury), 33 J Rowe (Windsor), 35 M Marshall (Oxford), 43 S Knee-Robinson (Bedford & C), 61 J Douglas (Bedford & C), 65 G Gathercole (Windsor), 66 M Bray (Bedford & C), 74 J Janes (Bedford & C), 77 B Foulger (Leighton B),
3 Bedford & C, 23 Leighton Buzzard,
Under 13 boys: 11 J Gentle (St Albans), 34 A Robinson (Bracknell), 42 T Angell (Bedford & C), 43 D Murphy (Milton K), 63 A Clayton (Bracknell), 68 G Bourne (Windsor), 69 O Seamark (Milton K), 71 F Jenkins (Bedford & C), 80 S Henning (Chiltern), 95 W Mullins (Bedford & C),
Teams: 7 Bedford & C, 10 Milton Keynes, 18 St Albans, 19 Windsor,
Senior ladies:
3 L Yelling (Bedford & C), 9 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 44 R Newstead (Bedford & C), 56 T Taylor (Milton K), 58 C Firth (Windsor), 78 H Barnes (Headington), 92 L Bromilow (Milton K), 96 L Rogers (Wycombe), 119 J Craft (Headington), 133 J Coxon (Chiltern), 138 C McMahon (Luton), 144 C Harris (Headington), 147 C LAthwell (Luton),
Teams: 7 Bedford & C, 16 Headington, 24 Milton Keynes,
Junior ladies:
2 H Walker (Dacorum), 7 L Lattimore (Harrow), 13 P Woolven (Wycombe), 23 G Bridge (Radley), 55 E Blackwell (Bedford & C), 59 E Relton (Bedford & C), 67 S Ditton (Windsor),
Teams: no CL clubs closed,
Under 17 ladies: 7 R Murray (Bedford & C), 11 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 29 E Roche (Milton K), 35 L Farrar (St Albans), 38 R Walcott-Nolan (Luton), 44 F Brereton (Bracknell), 55 B Turton (Bracknell), 57 G Russell (Wycombe), 63 L Hawtin (Oxford), 68 N Wickings (Watford), 80 E Croft (Windsor), 81 G Childs (Milton K), 83 J Walker (Oxford),
Teams: no CL clubs closed,
Under 15 girls: 27 B Hawtin (Oxford), 34 J Finlay (Milton K), 41 C Lewis (Chiltern), 45 E Wallis (Windsor), 53 H Farmer (Luton), 58 V Pritchard (St Albans), 66 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 76 E Still (Luton),
Teams: 13 Chiltern, 20 St Albans,
Under 13 girls:
2 S Rayment (Bracknell), 6 G Goddard (Bracknell), 7 H Goddard (Bracknell), 11 H Morton (Chiltern), 22 K Ditton (Windsor), 23 A Bowers (Bracknell), 30 M Whitfield (Harrow), 38 S Kerr (Bedford & C), 49 A Barbour (Windsor), 62 A Edwards (Luton), 63 B Mulvany (Oxford), 68 S Sunderland (Oxford), 87 A Tickner (Bracknell), 90 T Weddell (St Albans), 92 L Russell (Bedford & C), 99 E Higton (Windsor),
Teams: 1
Bracknell, 8 Windsor, 14 Bedford & C, 21 Chiltern,
Full results on
English CC Assoc web site

February 14th 2011 - Notes after round 5
Saturday's turnout was a record for a final round match with 832 finishers beating 818 from round 5 last year. The total number of finishers this season was 4527, a slight increase on last winter, which is the second best ever, the best being 4707 in 2005/2006.
Thanks to all the clubs who hosted in 2010/2011 which is no mean task given the large number of competitors.
In case you were wondering, the silhouete on the medal and trophy centres which is also on the home page of the web site is the Boer War monument which resides on top of Coombe Hill near Wendover.
The league AGM will again be in the second half of June. I will post the date on the web site when I have fixed it. If anyone has any proposals to put to the AGM please let me know as soon as possible.

January 29th 2011 - Southern Championships at Parliament Hill
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs - I have some photos linked to the Chiltern League Facebook page:
Senior men:
1 N Hall (Bedford & C), 9 D Deed (Bedford & C), 22 R Heaney (Bedford & C), 23 D Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 34 S Robinson (Bedford & C), 40 J Lawler (Bedford & C), 41 B Warren (Harrow), 47 T Beedell (Chiltern), 55 O Matthews (Bedford & C), 59 W Mackay (Bedford & C), 62 H Lobb (Bedford & C), 64 J Ashton (Bracknell), 65 T Comerford (Milton K), 66 M Fudalej (Milton K), 72 D Branfoot (Harrow), 81 J Cooper (Harrow), 96 C Riley (Bedford & C), 99 P Adams (St Albans),
1 Bedford & C, 9 Bedford "B", 10 Harrow, 21 Milton Keynes,
Junior men: 4 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 7 M Bergin (Bedford & C), 12 R Glastonbury (Windsor), 14 D Woodgate (Luton), 20 W Langley (Wycombe), 33 M Eager (Milton K), 35 A Bellew (Bedford & C), 46 T Corbett (Bedford & C), 48 P Stuart (Bedford & C), 49 T Mead (Luton),
Teams: 4 Bedford & C,
Under 17 men:
3 J McMurray (St Albans), 6 B Goater (Windsor), 18 A Goodall (Windsor), 20 S Wyllie (Bracknell), 27 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 30 B Alcock (Bedford & C), 36 E O'Brien (Windsor), 45 R Harvie (Windsor),
3 Windsor, 8 Bedford & C, 10 Windsor "B", 14 Chiltern, 15 Windsor "C",
Under 15 boys: 8 R Isaacson (Bedford & C), 9 K Wye (Windsor), 21 B Upjohn (Oxford), 23 M Axe (Wycombe), 24 C Critchley (Windsor), 25 S Halstead (Bracknell), 26 M Bray (Bedford & C), 33 J Singh (Windsor), 35 J Douglas (Bedford & C), 43 M Marshall (Oxford), 45 P Taylor (Aylesbury), 47 J Roe (Windsor),
2 Windsor, 3 Bedford & C, 8 Windsor "B", 13 Wycombe, 14 Aylesbury, 15 Bracknell, 19 Chiltern, 25 Leighton Buzzard,
Under 13 boys: 4 J Lewis (Luton), 7 J Gentle (St Albans), 10 B Hughes (Chiltern), 16 T Herdman-Smith (Milton K),l 26 W Perkin (Chiltern), 27 N Jones (Oxford), 29 S Henning (Chiltern), 30 R Hall (Chiltern), 37 O Seamark (Milton K), 47 J Wager-Leigh (Dacorum), 48 L Bounds (Milton K),
2 Chiltern, 6 Milton K, 7 Bedford & C, 13 Bedford "B", 14 Bracknell, 15 Oxford, 19 Dacorum,
Senior ladies:
2 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 14 R Gibbs (Bedford & C), 30 R Newstead (Bedford & C), 38 T Taylor (Milton K), 46 C Firth (Windsor), 59 L Bromilow (Milton K), 67 C Lathwell (Luton), 70 C McMahon (Luton), 94 C Harris (Headington), 96 N Peters (Bedford & C),
Teams: 5 Bedford & C, 14 Milton Keynes, 26 Luton, 30 St. Albans,
Junior ladies:
3 L Lattimore (Harrow), 6 P Woolven (Wycombe), 9 G Bridge (Radley), 31 S Ditton (Windsor), 34 M Garner (Windsor), 35 R McClay (Bracknell),
Teams: no CL clubs closed,
Under 17 ladies:
3 B Swords (Milton K), 6 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 8 R Murray (Bedford & C), 14 L Hawtin (Oxford), 16 L Farrar (St Albans), 17 F Brereton (Bracknell), 19 R Berger-North (Bracknell), 21 R Walcott-North (Luton), 22 R Turton (Bracknell), 24 E Roche (Milton K), 25 M Haynes (Windsor), 26 J Walker (Oxford), 29 M Riglin (Windsor), 38 E Walton (Bracknell), 42 J Leggett (Milton K), 46 G Russell (Wycombe), 47 M Shreeves (Bedford & C), 48 I Kempton (Oxford), 49 P Bowden (Bracknell),
2 Bracknell, 3 Oxford, 7 Windsor, 9 St Albans, 11 Bracknell,
Under 15 girls: 7 R Croft (Windsor), 8 B Hawtin (Oxford), 9 K Rodd (Bedford & C), 10 J Finlay (Milton K), 16 C Lewis (Chiltern), 23 E Still (Luton), 25 V Pritchard (St Albans), 27 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 29 E Wallis (Windsor), 32 A Harris (Bedford & C), 39 M Davison (Windsor), 41 A Botham (Milton K), 42 E Hemming (Milton K), 45 S Lloyd (White Horse), 49 O Shepherd (Bracknell),
3 Windsor, 4 Bedford & C, 5 Milton Keynes, 11 Chiltern, 15 St Albans, 18 Windsor "B",
Under 13 girls:
2 S Rayment (Bracknell), 6 G Goddard (Bracknell), 7 H Goddard (Bracknell), 14 S Kerr (Bedford & C), 17 E Davison (Windsor), 19 A Bowers (Bracknell), 20 K Ditton (Windsor), 22 H Morton (Chiltern), 25 A Barbour (Windsor), 38 S Sunderland (Oxford), 41 L Murphy (Milton K), 46 E Evans (Oxford), 47 M Humphreys (Radley), 48 N Scott (Windsor),
1 Bracknell, 2 Windsor, 7 Chiltern, 9 Oxford, 10 Windsor "B", 11 Bracknell "B", 20 Bedford & C, 21 St Albans,
Full results on
Power of 10

January 16th 2011 - Lost property from Luton
A few items of lost property from yesterday.
An Asthma inhaler - name Robert , second name not very clear. Looks like oo are 2nd and 3rd letters.
An umbrella. Large. Black and white with Braun written on it.
An empty Black Nike Track and Field Spike bag.
A set of keys.
Mike Hardy or Paul Brooks

December 22nd 2010 - Venue change for Luton
Due to problems with car parking the venue at Luton has had to be changed from Wigmore Valley to Stopsley. Information will be sent to clubs and be on the web site shortly.

December 6th 2010 - Notes after round 3
Probably inevitably after the snow and cold conditions the week before, numbers were down for Saturday's race. In case you haven't spotted it, the number of finishers for this and previous matches are on the web site under League Development > Match Turnouts.
A few points. We did have some problems with younger athletes at the finish. In one case notified to me, runners swapped positions in the finish funnel and in another case an athlete ducked out of the funnel without being recorded. Can team managers please make youngsters aware of what is expected of them at the finish funnel, i.e. the race ends when they cross the finish line, they walk all the way down the funnel without swapping positions and ensure their number is visible to the recorders.
Also, there was some jostling going on again at the starts of the younger age group races and this has been a problem at previous rounds this winter. Indeed the start of the under 15 girls race was a bit "messy". We will try and make the starts wider but this is not always possible so please be more considerate to other athletes. Team managers please keep an eye on this.
Finally, there was much litter left in the area where the tents were pitched. Can people bringing tents please ensure that rubbish is cleared when leaving and bring a bin liner to place waste in if necessary? At Stowe we had the luxury of a venue not open at this time of year but at other venues in public parks we might have problems with the owners or councils if litter is left especially in mid winter when darkness makes it difficult for hosts to clear the same day.

December 2nd 2010 - Weather update for Stowe
Current BBC forecast for Buckingham on Saturday is (updated 11.30 Dec 3rd):
12 noon misty 3C wind 5mph south westerly
3 pm sunny intervals 3C wind 6mph southerly

I have received the below from Tony McDaid at Stowe School.

We've had a fair bit of snow this morning, but it is beginning to ease.
I have just been around the course and all seems fine.
The wind chill factor in the north east section of the course is very bad. Runners will need to be appropriately dressed.

Car Parking is not an issue according to the guy from the National Trust. Although they do not grit the Roman Road so care is needed along that section.

The local roads fall into 2 distinct categories.

The main routes are well gritted and completely clear, including the road from Buckingham, past Chackmore, the school and Dadford then through to the A43 at Silverstone.

I would not attempt any of the minor roads in the area, most now have a covering of snow on sheet ice. Anyone travelling in from the Northampton, Milton Keynes and Aylesbury directions should not use the common short cuts but stick to the main roads.

In particular anyone travelling from the Bicester, Brackley, Oxford directions need to be aware that the school have issued a warning to all staff not to use the 500m length of road connecting the A422 to the main entrance. It has not been gritted and there have been numerous accidents along this section in the last few days. That means anyone approaching along the M40, A34 and A43 should either continue along the A43 to the Silverstone junction and approach via the Dadford road, or drive into Buckingham and use Stowe Avenue. (This will also be the case for any roads connecting the A421 to the A422).

November 27th 2010 - Euro CC Trials at Liverpool
Leading results from Euro Trials at Liverpool.
Senior men: 3rd Mark Draper (Bedford & C)
Junior men: 1st John McDonnell (Luton)
Under 17 men: 3rd Bradley Goater (Windsor)
Senior ladies: 7th Hayley Yelling-Higham (Windsor)
Junior ladies: 10th Hannah Walker (Dacorum)
Under 17 ladies: 3rd Beth Swords (M Milton K)
Full results on

November 17th 2010 - Notes after round 2
Despite a clash with round 2 of the English Schools Cup, we once again went over the magic 1000 for the number of finishers on Saturday with 1025 over all the races. This is the 7th time we have exceeded 1000, the first time being at Watford in 2005 with 1078 which is still the record.
I have had a couple of complaints about jostling at the starts of some of the young athletes races. I understand that one girl was pushed over at the start of the under 15 girls race on Saturday. Some of the starts have been narrow but runners must still respect each other - team managers please note.

November 6th 2010 - English Cross Country Relays at Mansfield
Results for Chiltern League clubs - 2 team titles and 3 fastest laps:
Senior Men:
1 Bedford & C, 21 Bedford "B", 34 Windsor, 42 Harrow, 46 M Milton K, 54 Bedford "C", 55 Luton,
Fastest laps:
1 M Draper (Bedford & C), 9 N Hall (Bedford & C),
Junior Men: 5 Luton, 13 Bedford & C, 14 Windsor, 28 M Milton K, 46 Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
1 J McDonnell (Luton),
Under 17 Men: 7 Windsor, 21 Bedford & C, 24 Windsor "B", 34 M Milton K,
Fastest laps: 5 J McMurray (St Albans), 10 B Goater (Windsor),
Under 15 Boys: 6 Windsor, 12 Bedford & C, 13 Chiltern, 30 Bedford "B", 40 Windsor "B", 48 Chiltern "B",
Fastest laps: no CL in top 10,
Under 13 Boys: 7 M Milton K, 10 Chiltern, 24 Dacorum, 31 St Albans, 33 Bedford "B", 35 Bedford & C, 36 Chiltern "B",
Fastest laps: 8 A Shaw (St Albans),
Senior Ladies: 16 Windsor, 44 St Albans Striders, 49 Leighton B,
Fastest laps: no CL in top 10,
Junior Ladies: 11 Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: no CL in top 10,
Under 17 Ladies:
2 M Milton K, 7 Bracknell, 9 Bedford & C, 13 Bracknell "B", 21 St Albans, 22 Windsor, 26 M Milton K "B", 38 St Albans "B",
Fastest laps: 6 B Swords (M Milton K), 10 M Wood (M Milton K),
Under 15 Girls:
2 Windsor, 9 M Milton K, 12 Bedford & C, 29 M Milton K "B", 34 Windsor "B", 38 Luton, 39 Bracknell, 48 Chiltern, 49 Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: 5 B Croft (Windsor), 10 J Finlay (M Milton K),
Under 13 Girls:
1 Bracknell, 7 Chiltern, 12 Windsor, 17 Bedford & C, 18 Windsor "B", 19 Bracknell "B", 28 M Milton K, 29 St Albans, 41 St Albans "B", 48 M Milton K,
Fastest laps:
1 H Goddard (Bracknell), 5 G Goddard (Bracknell),
Full results on
ECCA web site

October 16th/17th 2010 - English Road Relays at Sutton Park
Bedford's first win in senior men's race and under 13 girls title for Bracknell. Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior Men:
1 Bedford & C, 40 Windsor, 50 Luton,
Fastest laps:
2= M Draper (Bedford & C), 8 B Whitby (Windsor),
Under 17 Men: 18 Bedford & C, 50 Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: no CL runners in top 10,
Under 15 Boys: 11 Bedford & C, 14 Chiltern, 30 Chiltern "B", 40 Banbury,
Fastest laps: no CL runners in to 10,
Under 13 Boys: 14 Chiltern, 21 Bedford & C, 27 Chiltern "B", 30 Chiltern "C",
Fastest laps: no CL runners in to 10,
Senior Ladies: 6 Windsor, 50 Banbury,
Fastest laps: 6 S Morris (Windsor),
Under 17 Ladies: 8 Bracknell, 12 Bedford & C, 18 Bracknell "B", 41 Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: no CL runners in to 10,
Under 15 Girls: 23 Chiltern, 27 Luton, 34 Bedford "B", 44 Banbury, Bedford "A" disq,
Fastest laps: no CL runners in to 10,
Under 13 Girls:
1 Bracknell, 6 Chiltern, 9 Bedford & C, 25 Bracknell "B", 40 Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
2 G Goddard (Bracknell), 3 H Goddard (Bracknell), 7= S Rayment (Bracknell),
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

October 12th 2010 - Notes after round 1
Despite losing one club this year the number of finishers this year was 47 up on this time last year. The under 20/17 ladies event had a record number of finishers. The number of under 17 men finishers exceeds by one the largest number I can find which dates back to 1988. The number of finishers in the senior ladies race was the second best ever.
Obviously there was a problem in the senior men's event where some of the leading runners swung off to the left. As it was early on in the race the positions sorted themselves out by the finish. The senior men's team event looks quite competitive early on in the season with Bedford and Windsor as well as Luton having strong junior men's athletes this year.
The other problem was one which we might have expected and that was the timetable change starting the senior ladies before the under 17 men. Inevitably the under 17 men caught some of the tail end senior ladies which caused some recording problems. In future we will probably delay the under 17 men by 5 or 10 minutes.
I will be posting the "veterans status" page below the season results later this week. Check this and make sure my category calculations are correct.

September 25th/26th 2010 - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior Men: 9 Bedford & C, 21 Bracknell, 22 Windsor, 24 Luton, 44 Windsor "B", 49 Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: no CL runners in top 10,
Vets Over 40:
2 Oxford, 10 Aylesbury, 21 Harrow, 23 Watford, 27 Oxford "B",
Fastest laps:
2 S Male (Oxford), 8 J Richardson (Oxford), 9 J Critchlow (Harrow),
Vets Over 50:
2 Oxford, 5 Harrow, 16 Watford,
Fastest laps:
2 C Finill (Harrow), 9 H Van Zyl (Oxford),
Vets Over 60:
1 Oxford, 7 Banbury,
Fastest laps: 4= D Parsons (Oxford) & R Treadwell (Oxford), 10= R Thomas (Banbury),
Under 17 Men:10 Bedford & C, 12 Windsor, 14 M Milton K, 17 St Albans, 20 Windsor "B", 25 Dacorum,
Fastest laps: no CL runners in top 10,
Under 15 Boys: 5 Windsor, 8 Bedford & C, 12 Chiltern, 15 Windsor "B", 21 Aylesbury,
Fastest laps:
2 P. Taylor (Aylesbury), 8 M Marshall (Oxford),
Under 13 Boys:
3 Chiltern, 9 Bracknell, 10 Bedford & C, 12 St Albans, 20 Windsor "B", 21 Chiltern "B", 24 Windsor,
Fastest laps: 7= J. Gentle (St. Albans), 10 B Hughes (Chiltern),
Senior ladies: 13 Aylesbury, 16 Windsor, 26 Windsor "B",
Fastest laps: no CL runners in top 10,
Veteran ladies: no CL clubs competed,
Under 17 ladies:
2 M Milton K, 4 Bracknell, 8 Oxford, 9 Bedford & C, 10 Windsor, 11 St. Albans, 14 Bracknell "B", 15 M Milton K "B", 23 Luton,
Fastest laps: 4 B Swords (M Milton K), 7 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 9 M Wood (M Milton K), 10= R Walcott-Nolan (Luton),
Under 15 girls:
3 Windsor, 6 M Milton K, 8 Bedford & C, 9 Luton, 13 Chiltern, 18 Watford, 19 Bedford & C "B", 21 Windsor "B", 25 Oxford,
Fastest laps: 7 R Killip (Windsor),
Under 13 girls:
1 Bracknell, 4 Chiltern, 5 Windsor, 7 Bracknell "B", 17 St Albans, 20 Bedford & C, 24 St Albans "B", 25 Luton,
Fastest laps:
1 H. Goddard (Bracknell), 3 G Goddard (Bracknell), 5 S Rayment (Bracknell),
Full results on
Aldershot web site

September 1st 2010 - Pre Season Mailing
I will be sending out the pre season mailing in a couple of weeks time. Can clubs let me know of any changes to contact details.

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