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July 22nd 2010 - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
As last year, the ladies and young athletes races will be held on the Saturday September 25th, the senior and veteran men's races will be on Sunday September 26th.

June 25th 2010 - Notes from League AGM
Fixture dates will be October 9th (Oxford), November 13th (Watford tbc), December 4th (venue tbc), January 15th (venue tbc), February 12th (Wing tbc). There are some venues to be confirmed and two we would like hosts for. On the promotion, demotion and division issues it was decided not to alter anything for the time being but to monitor the situation on division and race numbers. For next season as an experiment we will swap the under 17 men and senior ladies races around. This is because many senior athletes have partners in the other races so it will give them time to watch the race and to look after young children who may need to swap parent after one race has finished. On the question of the number of awards in the oldest veteran categories, this will be altered if the number of competitors justify it at the time the awards are ordered.

May 10th 2010 - League AGM date and issues for AGM
The League AGM will take place on Thursday June 24th 7.30pm at Bannister Stadium, Harrow. Paperwork will be sent to club contacts early in June.
Can clubs let me know if they can host next winter. I am trying to find out the proposed championship and other dates for next winter.
With reference to the proposal I made (please read March 2nd item below) concerning altering the number of teams demoted from Div 1 to Div 2 at the end of both the 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 seasons, I have had some limited feedback and I knew when I framed the proposal that it would not fully answer the issue of the size of the young athletes races. I will still put the proposal forward, however, as the senior races are still out of balance between the two divisions. The alternative (and I will bring this up at the AGM) is a more complicated arrangement where we separate the senior and young athletes scores completely so that we have Div 1 and Div 2 Seniors as well as Div 1 and Div 2 Young Athletes. Any comments in advance would be welcome - please
email them to me.

April 25th 2010 - London Marathon
Leading results for CL clubs (I've relied on Power of 10 which might not have all club names listed - LM web site doesn't give clubs):
Senior men: O Edwards (Shaftesbury) 2.25.15, G Price (Shaftesbury) 2.30.02, A McNamara (M Milton K) 2.30.59, C Riley (Bedford & C) 2.31.57, R Breen (Shaftesbury) 2.40.01, T Jackson (Shaftesbury) 2.40.48, S Herring (M Milton K) 2.41.18, P Stainer (Shaftesbury) 2.41.23, L Miles (Maidenhead) 2.43.22, S Earley (Bedford & C) 2.44.32, N Browne (Wycombe) 2.44.42, R Burton (Chiltern) 2.48.04, P Bind (M Milton K) 2.49.02, E O'Gorman (Chiltern) 2.49.10, B Vivian (St Albans Str) 2.49.44, J McMahon (Bedford & C) 2.51.11, A Cracknell (Dacorum) 2.51.35, C Finill (Harrow) 2.52.05, Y Fitsakis (Headington) 2.52.06, S Pullan (St Albans Str) 2.52.24, N Jones (Ampthill) 2.53.48, R Francis (Harrow) 2.54.02, J Jones (St Albans) 2.54.05, L Whitten (M Milton K) 2.55.17, D Maisey (Aylesbury) 2.56.56, H Van Zyl (Oxford) 2.57.36, G Warren (St Albans Str) 2.57.32, S Blake (Windsor) 2.57.39,
Senior ladies: 10 M Yamauchi (Harrow) 2.26.16, 21 J Wilkinson (Bedford & C) 2.37.44, R Gibbs (Bedford & C) 2.46.19, D Steer (St Albans Str) 2.56.07,
Full results on
London Marathon web site

April 17th 2010 - National Road Relays at Sutton Park
Leading results for CL clubs:
Senior men: 12 Bedford & C, 26 Windsor, 38 Shaftesbury,
Fastest long laps:
2 N Hall (Bedford & C),
Fastest short laps: 9 A Whiteman (Shaftesbury),
Senior ladies: 5 Bedford & C, 9 Shaftesbury,
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

March 21st 2010 - Southern Road Relays at Milton Keynes
Leading results for CL clubs:
Senior men: 5 Bedford & C, 15 Harrow, 18 M Milton K, 21 Windsor, 26 Vale of Aylesbury, 27 Shaftesbury, 28 Luton,
Fastest long laps: 9 M Fudalej (M Milton K), 14 O Matthews (Bedford & C),
Fastest short laps: 7 A Whiteman (Shaftesbury), 12 R Heaney (Bedford & C), 13 D Clorley (Luton),
Senior ladies:
1 Bedford & C, 2 Windsor, 3 M Milton K, 5 Shaftesbury, 10 Vale of Aylesbury,
Fastest laps:
1 S Morris (Windsor), 3 R Gibbs (Bedford & C), 4 R Newstead (Bedford & C), 5 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 6 C Firth (Windsor), 8 S Boast (Bedford & C), 10 J Lundgren (Shaftesbury),
Full results on
Milton Keynes web site

March 20th 2010 - English Schools at Manchester
Leading results for CL clubs - let me know of any corrections, for example there is a Harrow athlete in the results who wasn't actually there:
Senior boys: 7 M White (Bracknell), 10 N Fleming (Shaftesbury), 12 J McDonnell (Luton), 22 M Salt (Dacorum), 29 T Grant (Shaftesbury), 30 M Bergin (Bedford & C), 33 E MacKenzie (St. Albans), 45 D Woodgate (Luton), 51 C Lambert (M Milton K), 58 J Perry-Williams (Shaftesbury), 92 S Still (Luton), 97 T Corbett (Bedford & C),
Inter boys: 20 M McLaughlin (Shaftesbury), 30 J McMurray (St. Albans), 43 A Duff (Radley), 56 A Goodall (Windsor), 91 B Alcock (Bedford & C),
Junior boys: 3 K Wye (Windsor), 10 M Seddon (Bracknell), 12 R Isaacson (Bedford & C), 21 J Redwood (Shaftesbury), 33 C Von Eitzen (Radley), 37 M Pearce (Shaftesbury), 43 P Taylor (Aylesbury), 50 M Marshall (Oxford), 51 C Critchley (Windsor), 56 S Halstead (Bracknell), 83 J Douglas (Bedford & C), 85 J Janes (Bedford & C),
Senior girls: 8 M Hawtin (Oxford), 16 V Walker (Watford), 55 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 59 E Relton (Bedford & C), 70 G Bridge (Radley), 78 R McClay (Bracknell),
Inter girls: 2 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 6 B Swords (M Milton K), 11 R Murray (Bedford & C), 16 R Walcott-Nolan (Luton), 21 M Wood (M Milton K), 22 L Hawtin (Oxford), 30 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 33 R Berger- North (Bracknell), 34 M Haynes (Windsor), 41 E Roche (M Milton K), 51 F Brereton (Bracknell), 62 C McMillan (Banbury), 63 G Russell (Wycombe), 87 C Stewart (Shaftesbury), 88 L Farrar (St. Albans), 91 S Reynolds (Windsor), 92 P Bowden (Bracknell),
Junior girls: 9 R Bourne (Windsor), 13 C Lewis (Chiltern), 21 R Croft (Windsor), 24 E Hemming (Bedford & C), 33 J Finlay (M Milton K), 37 A Harris (Bedford & C), 39 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 41 E Still (Luton), 44 S Swan (Watford), 62 R Firth (Chiltern), 68 B Hawtin (Oxford), 70 S Billington (Luton), 74 S Cliffe (M Milton K), 80 N Hodson (St. Albans), 85 S Parvizi-Wayne (Shaftesbury), 91 F Lenton (Shaftesbury),
Full results on
English Schools website

March 13th 2010 - Inter Counties at Birmingham
Leading results for CL athletes:
Senior men: 8 D Deed (Bedford & C), 11 N Hall (Bedford & C), 44 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 45 A Tovey (Windsor), 74 B Warren (Harrow), 85 J Parslow (Shaftesbury), 86 D Bellinger (Oxford), 90 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 98 T Comerford (M Milton K),
Under 20 men:
1 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 9 J McDonnell (Luton), 10 N Fleming (Shaftesbury), 27 R Parker (Bedford & C), 42 C Lambert (M Milton K), 44 M Salt (Dacorum), 48 D Woodgate (Luton), 50 M Goodwin (Bedford & C),
Under 17 men: 5 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 8 M White (Bracknell), 45 T Grant (Shaftesbury),
Under 15 boys:
1 J McMurray (St Albans), 15 M Harrison (Bedford & C), 33 M Callegari (Shaftesbury), 36 B Alcock (Bedford & C), 48 K Wye (Windsor),
Under 13 boys:
2 C Von Eitzen (Radley), 30 T Verbana (Watford), 44 R Testa (Bedford & C), 45 J Janes (Bedford & C),
Senior ladies: 10 J Wilkinson (Bedford & C), 47 R Newstead (Bedford & C), 50 H Barnes (Headington), 55 C Firth (Windsor), 76 S Partridge (Shaftesbury),
Under 20 ladies:
3 H Walker (Dacorum), 12 L Lattimore (Harrow), 30 M Roberts (Radley),
Under 17 ladies:
2 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 3 M Wood (M Milton K), 4 M Courtney (Shaftesbury), 5 M Hawtin (Oxford), 12 V Walker (Watford), 16 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 23 B Swords (M Milton K), 29 E Roche (M Milton K), 32 A McKinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 43 M Haynes (Windsor),
Under 15 girls: 10 R Murray (Bedford & C), 11 R Bourne (Windsor), 14 R Walcott-Nolan (Luton), 20 S Swann (Watford), 27 L Hawtin (Oxford), 42 C McMillan (Banbury), 48 E Still (Luton),
Under 13 girls: 5 H Goddard (Bracknell), 16 G Goddard (Bracknell), 17 R Croft (Windsor), 25 C Lewis (Chiltern), 50 B Hawtin (Oxford),

March 2nd 2010 - Proposal for AGM
One item I will be bringing up at the AGM is a proposal to alter the number of teams demoted from Div 1 of the league for two seasons to help balance out the numbers competing. For various reasons, there are nearly twice as many competing in Div 1 as Div 2. This is especially a problem in the younger age groups where there are few teams competing compared with the number in the division. This is because many of the Div 2 clubs cater largely for seniors.
So for the 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 seasons I propose that 3 teams are demoted and 2 promoted then for 2012/2013 go back to having 2 demoted and 2 promoted. Below are the number of finishers in each division per match for the 2009/2010 season. If you have any comments please
email me.

Div 1    Snr M  U17 M  U15 B  U13 B  Snr L  U20 L  U15 G  U13 G  Total

2009-1     190     45     51     44     85     32     62     67    576     Oxford (Shotover Hill)
2009-2     212     45     58     51     85     35     57     70    613     Luton (Wigmore Valley)
2009-3     169     35     48     51     69     31     38     57    498     Slough (Upton Court Park)
2009-4     152     35     44     48     59     21     41     55    455     Shuttleworth
2009-5     156     24     37     48     60     25     37     59    446     Wing

Div 2    Snr M  U17 M  U15 B  U13 B  Snr L  U20 L  U15 G  U13 G  Total

2009-1     104     16     27     17     39     15     14     26    258     Oxford (Shotover Hill)
2009-2     115     14     21     28     55     16     19     42    310     Luton (Wigmore Valley)
2009-3     102     11     21     17     42     11     13     33    250     Slough (Upton Court Park)
2009-4     101      9     24     41     34     11     21     37    278     Shuttleworth
2009-5      99      7     12     30     38     10     12     36    244     Wing

February 28th 2010 - National Cross Country at Roundhay Park, Leeds
Leading results for CL clubs.
Senior men: 4 N Hall (Bedford & C), 13 D Deed (Bedford & C), 34 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 35 W Levett (Bedford & C), 50 B Warren (Harrow), 56 O Jones (Windsor), 62 O Matthews (Bedford & C), 87 S Robinson (Bedford & C), 90 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 123 T Comerford (M Milton K), 144 M Janes (Bedford & C), 150 C Riley (Bedford & C),
3 Bedford & C,
Junior men: 12 A Tovey (Windsor), 22 N Fleming (Shaftesbury), 29 M Salt (Dacorum), 31 J Shelley (Shaftesbury), 34 A Bellew (Bedford & C), 50 D Woodgate (Luton), 53 R Parker (Bedford & C), 56 E McKenzie (Shaftesbury), 58 C Lambert (M Milton K), 64 N White (Windsor), 74 T Corbett (Bedford & C), 80 B Collins (Shaftesbury), 82 M Goodwin (Bedford & C),
Teams: 4 Shaftesbury, 8 Bedford & C,
Under 17 men:
1 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 5 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 10 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 13 T Grant (Shaftesbury), 16 M White (Bracknell), 18 F Bailey (Shaftesbury), 27 M Bergin (Bedford & C), 43 S Still (Luton), 88 D Abery (Shaftesbury), 92 N Ditton (Windsor), 93 T Mead (Luton),
2 Shaftesbury, 5 Bedford & C, 17 Windsor,
Under 15 boys: 1
J McMurray (St. Albans), 2 M McLaughlin (Shaftesbury), 4 M Callegan (Shaftesbury), 11 R Harvie (Windsor), 20 B Alcock (Bedford & C), 28 L Ames-Blackaby (Shaftesbury), 33 A Wimbledon (Bracknell), 40 M Seddon (Bracknell), 48 R Isaacson (Bedford & C), 52 C Todd (Windsor), 59 C Uduwawala (Shaftesbury), 69 S Redding (M Milton K), 70 M Harrison (Bedford & C), 73 R Taylor (Dacorum), 75 M Pearce (Shaftesbury), 76 J Redwood (Shaftesbury), 78 C Hilton (St. Albans), 93 D Barraclough (Chiltern), 96 J Dutton (Chiltern), 98 J Douglas (Bedford & C),
1 Shaftesbury, 7 Bedford & C, 11 Windsor, 13 St. Albans, 14 Chiltern,
Under 13 boys: 4 C Von Eitzen (Radley), 14 T Verbena (Watford), 25 B Hughes (Chiltern), 27 R Lightowler (Shaftesbury), 40 J Cumins (Windsor), 49 J Clifford (Shaftesbury), 55 A Stenning (Chiltern), 57 J McCarthy (Chiltern), 72 G Gathercole (Windsor), 76 C Neal (Chiltern), 84 S Butcher (Chiltern), 86 J Janes (Bedford & C), 97 G Cockle (Windsor),
2 Chiltern, 6 Windsor, 16 Shaftesbury, 26 Bedford & C, 29 Leighton Buzzard,
Senior ladies: 27 R Newstead (Bedford & C), 31 R Gibbs (Bedford & C), 36 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 41 C Firth (Windsor), 50 H Barnes (Headington), 52 P Aukett (Shaftesbury), 70 E Ferenczi (Shaftesbury), 71 M Cooper (Shaftesbury), 72 S Partridge (Shaftesbury), 94 D Steer (St. Albans Str),
Teams: 6 Bedford & C, 9 Shaftesbury,
Junior ladies:
3 H Walker (Dacorum), 10 L Lattimore (Harrow), 30 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury), 35 S Proffitt (Shaftesbury), 58 C Simm (Shaftesbury), 60 Z Levin (Shaftesbury), 65 C Bradley (Banbury),
3 Shaftesbury,
Under 17 ladies:
3 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 6 P Woolven (Wycombe), 11 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 13 V Walker (Shaftesbury), 19 E Roche (M Milton K), 21 A McKinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 36 C Stewart (Shaftesbury), 63 S Reynolds (Windsor), 71 E Row (Bracknell), 73 B Myers (Windsor), 86 D Seddon (Bracknell),
3 Bedford & C,
Under 15 girls: 6 R Bourne (Windsor), 8 R Murray (Bedford & C), 11 R Walcott-Nolan (Luton), 22 E Hemming (Bedford & C), 26 J Finlay (M Milton K), 29 B Berger-North (Bracknell), 32 F Brereton (Bracknell), 34 E Still (Luton), 50 C McMillan (Banbury), 54 A Harris (Bedford & C), 60 E Croft (Windsor), 65 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 72 E Maurer (Windsor), 76 I Thompson (Shaftesbury), 87 M Steer (St. Albans), 97 E Bousfield (M Milton K), 100 P Bowden (Bracknell),
2 Bedford & C, 6 Windsor, 7 Bracknell, 17 St. Albans, 24 Shaftesbury,
Under 13 girls:
1 H Goddard (Bracknell), 3 B Croft (Windsor), 4 G Goddard (Bracknell), 11 C Lewis (Chiltern), 13 S Cliffe (M Milton K), 32 R Firth (Chiltern), 48 N Connor (Shaftesbury), 51 H Morton (Chiltern), 52 K Rodd (Bedford & C), 58 S Rayment (Bracknell), 65 V Birch (Bracknell), 69 S Kerr (Bedford & C), 77 V Pritchard (St. Albans), 93 E Milbourn (Windsor),
1 Bracknell, 3 Chiltern, 12 Windsor, 13 Bedford & C,
Full results on
Power of 10

February 14th 2010 - A couple of notes after round 5
Yesterday's turnout was the highest ever for a final round match despite the cold weather. Mick Bromilow has pointed out that with 4521 finishers this season, we have had our second best turnout since 2005/6 when there was a total of 4707.
A couple of items of lost property: A long string of black and silver coloured beads and a navy blue Reebok T shirt. Contact
Richard Inchley .

January 30th 2010 - Southern Championships at Parliament Hill
Leading results for CL clubs.
Senior Men:
1 N Hall (Bedford & C), 4 D Deed (Bedford & C), 12 D Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 15 B Warren (Harrow), 16 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 19 H Lobb (Bedford & C), 20 O Jones (Windsor), 24 O Matthews (Bedford & C), 40 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 42 S Robinson (Bedford & C), 48 T Comerford (M Milton K), 73 R Henderson (Bedford & C), 76 J Critchlow (Harrow), 82 N Gamester (Shaftesbury), 86 S Pullan (St. Albans Str), 91 J Cooper (Harrow),
1 Bedford & C, 10 Harrow, 13 Shaftesbury, 18 M Milton K,
Junior Men:
1 D Clorley (Luton), 7 J McDonnell (Luton), 13 A Tovey (Windsor), 18 C Lambert (M Milton K), 21 D Woodgate (Luton), 26 J Shelley (Shaftesbury), 27 C Gunning (Shaftesbury), 30 A Bellew (Bedford & C), 34 N White (Windsor), 37 T Corbett (Bedford & C), 39 S Beniam (Shaftesbury), 41 R Parker (Bedford & C), 46 W Mackay (Bedford & C), 47 M Sullivan (Shaftesbury),
2 Luton, 5 Shaftesbury, 6 Bedford & C, 8 Windsor,
Under 17 Men:
1 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 8 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 10 F Bailey (Shaftesbury), 13 M White (Bracknell), 19 S Still (Luton), 22 N Ditton (Windsor), 23 T Mead (Luton), 30 A Goodall (Windsor), 32 M Bergin (Bedford & C), 37 T Grant (Shaftesbury),
3 Shaftesbury, 7 Windsor, 8 Bracknell,
Under 15 Boys:
1 J McMurray (St. Albans), 2 M McLaughlin (Shaftesbury), 8 M Seddon (Bracknell), 12 M Harrison (Bedford & C), 15 L Ames-Blackaby (Shaftesbury), 20 K Wye (Windsor), 21 R Isaacson (Bedford & C), 28 C Uduwawala (Shaftesbury), 32 S Redding (M Milton K), 33 A Wimbledon (Bracknell), 35 M Callegarie (Shaftesbury), 37 C Tead (Windsor), 42 B Alcock (Bedford & C), 43 B Bradley (Windsor), 49 D McGuigan (Harrow),
1 Shaftesbury, 5 Bedford & C, 6 Windsor, 9 Bracknell,
Under 13 Boys:
3 C Von Eitzen (Radley), 12 J McCarthy (Chiltern), 13 T Verbena (Watford), 21 H O'Brart (Watford), 23 B Hughes (Chiltern), 24 R. Testa (Bedford & C), 25 J Janes (Bedford & C), 29 J Down (St. Albans), 32 G Cockle (Windsor), 35 A Stenning (Chiltern), 41 S Butcher (Chiltern), 46 J Clifford (Shaftesbury),
2 Chiltern, 8 Bedford & C, 9 Windsor, 10 Watford,
Senior Ladies:
3 A Whitcombe (Harrow), 8 R Gibbs (Bedford & C), 17 R Newstead (Bedford & C), 23 P Aukett (Shaftesbury), 24 L Bromilow (M Milton K), 30 M Cooper (Shaftesbury), 43 S Partridge (Shaftesbury), 65 G Duckworth (Leighton B), 75 C Donald (Maidenhead), 80 L James (Windsor), 82 E Ferenczi (Shaftesbury), 89 L Cripps (M Milton K), 93 L Aukett (Shaftesbury), 100 H Frizzell (Bedford & C),
Teams: 5 Shaftesbury, 9 Bedford & C,
Junior Ladies:
1 H Walker (Dacorum), 5 L Lattimore (Harrow), 10 S Boast (Bedford & C), 11 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury), 13 T Taylor (M Milton K), 14 L Rogers (Wycombe), 16 S Proffitt (Shaftesbury),
2 Shaftesbury,
Under 17 Ladies:
3 M Hawtin (Oxford), 4 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 6 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 8 B Swords (M Milton K), 9 V Walker (Shaftesbury), 11 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 15 A McKinnon (Bedford & C), 16 E Roche (M Milton K), 18 M Haynes (Windsor), 26 E Relton (Bedford & C), 33 J Walker (Oxford), 35 E Row (Bracknell), 38 C Stewart (Shaftesbury), 47 E Burns (Oxford), 48 J Livesey (M Milton K),
2 Bedford & C, 3 Shaftesbury, 4 M Milton K, 10 Bedford & C,
Under 15 Girls: 5 L Hawtin (Oxford), 6 R Murray (Bedford & C), 9 E Hemming (Bedford & C), 11 B Berger-North (Bracknell), 13 R Walcott-Nolan (Luton), 15 R Bourne (Windsor), 21 I Kempton (Oxford), 22 E Still (Luton), 23 F Brereton (Bracknell), 26 A Harris (Bedford & C), 29 I Thompson (Shaftesbury), 30 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 36 S Draper (Harrow), 43 R Bryen (Oxford), 45 N Hodson (St. Albans), 47 E Croft (Windsor),
2 Bedford & C, 3 Oxford, 5 Bracknell, 8 Windsor, 10 Luton,
Under 13 Girls:
1 R Croft (Windsor), 2 S Cliffe (M Milton K), 3 B Hawtin (Oxford), 4 C Lewis (Chiltern), 7 G Goddard (Bracknell), 13 M Humphreys (Radley), 14 H Goddard (Bracknell), 16 N Connor (Shaftesbury), 22 S Rayment (Bracknell), 24 A Edwards (Luton), 27 V Pritchard (St Albans), 36 R Firth (Chiltern), 44 E Barraclough (Chiltern), 49 V Birch (Bracknell).
2 Bracknell, 5 Chiltern, 7 Windsor, 9 Oxford, 10 Bedford & C,
Results available without team score in
Sportsoft web site.

January 15th 2010 - Report from Rob Lands at Shuttleworth
The race is definitely on. With the thaw there is a lot of water around but the course is perfectly runable and hopefully will not cut. There was today only one 20m part of the short course that had any snow. We expect this to go overnight, as it is flat in the area and not icy we do not regard it as a hazard. This is a spike/stud course. It will be dangerous to use flats as it is hilly and wet.
Current BBC forecast for Bedford area tomorrow: 9am Heavy rain 3degreesC, 12 noon to 3pm Light rain 4degreesC.

January 12th 2010 - Weather alert for Shuttleworth
As Shuttleworth Park is in a rural location lying snow may cause access problems. The host club Bedford will be keeping an eye on the situation and the races will only go ahead if both the course is safe and it is safe for you to get there. If the snow clears from the roads the races are likely to go ahead but courses may be altered to suit conditions. They will be visiting the Park on Friday 15th and a final decision will be made that morning. Watch this web site or
Bedford's web site for further information. In the event of cancellation club contacts will be emailed. At the moment the weather forecast for the rest of the week is favourable.

November 23rd 2009 - Lost property from Luton
Two mobile phones were handed in at Luton. One has been claimed but the owner of the other has not come forward. If anyone wanr to claim it
email Mike Hardy or approach the Luton team at the Slough fixture.

November 11th 2009 - Notes after round 2
I had a number of positive comments about the Wigmore Valley venue. For those who hadn't been there before, it was a venue that was used for several major fixtures in the 1990's, the National, Inter Counties and British Students. There were one or two problems such as the ladies toilets and the short run in to the finish but generally the venue worked well considering it hadn't been used for a number of years.
Saturday's turnout was the best for a round 2 match with 1064 finishers and our third best turnout ever. The under 13 girls had 112 finishers just beating the previous best of 111. The under 11 boys was 2 short of a record. The senior ladies would have been a record had several runners not missed the start and run in the men's race instead. There were 140 finishers in the ladies race on Saturday compared with the best of 143. On the subject of athletes arriving late due to traffic accidents on the M40, it was generous of the organisers to allow the senior men's race to start 15 minutes late. On another course at a later time of year this might not have been possible as the light and temperature could deteriorate rapidly as it gets later in the day. Plus some of the marshals would have been out since before 12.30.
I've updated the new veteran's status page on the results section of the web site. Please check it is accurate and let me know any missing dates of birth. These are not posted on the web site, I just indicate whether I have it.

October 31st 2009 - English Cross Country Relays at Mansfield
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men:
1 Bedford & C, 17 Harrow, 23 Windsor, 30 Shaftesbury, 31 Bedford "B", 49 Harrow "B",
Fastest laps: 6 M Draper (Bedford & C),
Junior men:
3 Luton, 7 Windsor, 8 Shaftesbury,
Fastest laps:
2 D Clorley (Luton), 9 J McDonnell (Luton),
Under 17 men:
1 Shaftesbury, 6 Bedford & C, 14 Windsor, 40 Bedford "B", 43 Windsor "B",
Fastest laps:
1 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 6 J Goodwin (Bedford & C),
Under 15 boys:
1 Shaftesbury, 2 Windsor, 4 Bedford & C, 7 Shaftesbury "B", 10 Chiltern, 24 Windsor "B", 44 Bedford "B", 47 St Albans, 48 Chiltern "B",
Fastest laps: 4 B Alcock (Bedford & C), 5 R Harvie (Windsor), 7 L Ames-Blackaby (Shaftesbury), 10 J McMurray (St Albans),
Under 13 boys:
3 Chiltern, 7 Windsor, 20 Windsor "B", 21 Chiltern "B", 24 Bedford & C, 42 Shaftesbury, 45 Dacorum, 47 Harrow, 50 Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: no CL in top 10
Senior ladies: 5 Bedford & C, 15 Shaftesbury, 18 M Milton K, 25 Bedford "B", 49 M Milton K "B",
Fastest laps: 6 H England (Oxford), 8 K Wootton (Bedford & C),
Junior ladies: no CL teams closed
Under 17 ladies:
2 M Milton K, 14 St Albans, 15 Windsor, 21 Bedford & C, 32 Dacorum,
Fastest laps: 4 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 5 M Wood (Milton K), 8 B Swords (Milton K),
Under 15 girls: 4 Luton, 5 Bedford & C, 8 Bracknell, 19 Windsor, 21 St Albans, 26 M Milton K, 38 Chiltern, 39 Shaftesbury, 40 Bedford "B", 44 Windsor "B",
Fastest laps: 5 R Murray (Bedford & C),
Under 13 birls:
2 Bracknell, 3 Chiltern, 18 Shaftesbury, 24 Windsor, 28 Bedford & C, 39 Bedford "B", 41 Windsor "B", 49 St Albans,
Fastest laps: 5 H Goddard (Bracknell), 6 N Connor (Shaftesbury), 7 C Lewis (Bracknell), 8 G Goddard (Bracknell),
Full results on
ECCA web site

October 17th/18th 2009 - ERRA Road Relays at Sutton Park
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior Men: 4 Bedford & C, 32 Shaftesbury, 40 Luton,
Fastest laps: 6= N Hall (Bedford & C),
Under 17 Men: 5 Shaftesbury, 11 Bedford & C, 30 Luton, 47 Bedford "B", 48 Shaftesbury "B",
Fastest laps:
1 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 8 J Goodwin (Bedford & C),
Under 15 Boys:
1 Shaftesbury, 5 Bedford & C, 16 Chiltern, 28 Bedford "B", 31 Chiltern "B", 34 Shaftesbury "B", 45 Shaftesbury "C", 47 Banbury,
Fastest laps:
3 M Callegari (Shaftesbury),
Under 13 Boys:
3 Chiltern, 21 Shaftesbury, 24 Bedford & C, 26 Chiltern "B",
Fastest laps: 7 J Cochrane (Chiltern), 10= K McQue (Bedford & C),
Senior Ladies: 5 Bedford & C, 11 Shaftesbury, 27 Windsor, 43 Shaftesbury "B", 50 Vale of Aylesbury,
Fastest laps: 8= J Wilkinson (Bedford & C),
Under 17 Ladies:
2 Bedford & C, 20 Shaftesbury, 23 Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
3 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 5 S Connor (Shaftesbury),
Under 15 Girls:
3 Bedford & C, 4 Bracknell, 10 M Milton Keynes, 21 Luton, 33 Bedford "B", 34 Shaftesbury, 36 Bracknell "B",
Fastest laps:
3= B Berger-North (Bracknell), 9 R Murray (Bedford & C),
Under 13 Girls:
3 Bracknell, 4 Chiltern, 10 Shaftesbury, 16 Bracknell "B", 17 Bedford & C, 35 Banbury, 39 Chiltern "B",
Fastest laps:
1 N Connor (Shaftesbury), 4 G Goddard (Bracknell), 6 C Lewis (Chiltern),
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

October 15th - Notes after round 1
It was another good start to the league last Saturday. Perhaps inevitably, as happens when the venue is at one of the extremes of our territory, we didn’t reach the magic 1000 finishers for the first round match. Early viruses probably also played a part. We had to use Oxford instead of Watford for the first match this season as the people who run the County Park would only let us use it in October.
As you may have spotted, the next match at Luton is at Wigmore Valley instead of the more usual Stockwood Park. This was the venue used for the National and a number of other championship events in the 1990’s. Information will be available soon.
The round 3 match has now been confirmed as Slough. Sorry for the delay in notifying you but we only got final approval from the local council last week.
I will be introducing a new system for checking veteran’s categories shortly. This is because some move up a category during the season and I am having problems keeping track of this as not all team managers are getting back to me with dates of birth. More information shortly.

September 26th/27th 2009 - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior Men: 4 Bedford & C, 10 Windsor, 12 Shaftesbury, 28 Luton, 37 M Milton K, 39 Bracknell, 47 Chiltern,
Fastest laps: 4 B Whitby (Windsor), 5= N Hall (Bedford & C), 8= M Janes (Bedford & C),
Vets Over 40: 6 Bedford & C, 11 Harrow, 19 Bracknell, 26 Watford,
Fastest laps: 11 J Critchlow (Harrow),
Vets Over 50: 19 Watford,
Fastest laps: 6 K McLellan (Luton),
Vets Over 60:
1 Oxford City,
Fastest laps:
1 R Treadwell (Oxford), 3 J Exley (Oxford), 9 G Jones (Oxford),
Under 17 Men:
2 Shaftesbury, 5 Bedford & C, 7 Bracknell, 11 Aylesbury, 17 Windsor, 21 Luton, 27 Bedford B,
Fastest laps:
1 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 3 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 8 Z Seddon (Bracknell),
Under 15 Boys
1 Shaftesbury, 2 Windsor, 4 Bedford & C, 6 Chiltern, 13 Bracknell, 21 Shaftesbury B, 23 Dacorum, 25 Windsor B, 26 Bedford B,
Fastest laps:
1 M Callecari (Shaftesbury), 3 R Harvey (Windsor), 5 B Alcock (Bedford & C), 6 M McLaughlin (Shaftesbury),
Under 13 Boys:
2 Chiltern, 3 Windsor, 16 Bedford & C, 20 Dacorum, 22 Windsor B, 29 Harrow,
Fastest laps: no CL in top 10,
Senior Ladies:
2 Bedford & C, 10 Shaftesbury, 13 Aylesbury, 17 Bedford B, 20 Banbury, 21 Windsor, 23 Wycombe,
Fastest laps:
3 J Wilkinson (Bedford & C), 5 H Yelling (Windsor),
Veteran Ladies: 5 Windsor,
Fastest laps: 4 M Stedman (Windsor),
Under 17 Ladies:
2 Bedford & C, 4 M Milton Keynes, 8 Shaftesbury, 14 Bedford B, 18 Bracknell, 24 Oxford, 25 Windsor, 27 St. Albans,
Fastest laps: 4 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 9 M Hawtin (Oxford), 10 S Connor (Shaftesbury),
Under 15 Girls:
3 Bracknell, 4 Bedford & C, 5 M Milton Keynes, 7 Oxford, 13 Bedford B, 14 Windsor, 15 Luton, 16 Shaftesbury, 21 St. Albans, 26 Bracknell B, 27 M Milton K,
Fastest laps: 5 B Berger-North (Bracknell), 7 S Draper (Harrow), 9 J Finlay (Milton K), 10 A Harris (Bedford & C),
Under 13 Girls:
1 Bracknell, 5 Chiltern, 6 Oxford, 7 Windsor, 13 Bedford & C, 18 Bracknell B, 22 Chiltern B, 25 Shaftesbury, 26 Windsor C, 28 St. Albans, 29 Bedford B, 30 Windsor B,
Fastest laps:
1 C Lewis (Chiltern), 2 N Connor (Shaftesbury), 5 S Rayment (Bracknell), 7 H Goddard (Bracknell).
Full results on
Aldershot's web site.

June 27th 2009 - Notes from League AGM
The meeting decided that the league subs would have to rise to meet the increasing costs of venues. I will be writing to clubs about this shortly. This will be the first rise since 2004.
The league dates and some provision venues are below. As we can only use Shotover Hill in October we will be having the first fixture there instead of the usual Watford.
October 10th Oxford
November 7th tba
December 5th tba
January 16th Shuttleworth (tbc)
February 13th Wing (tbc)
I will add other venues to the fixtures/results page when known.

June 16th 2009 - Southern Road Relays update
From Aldershot's Dave Rogers:
As you probably know, there was grave doubt as to whether we could stage ths SEAA Road Relays at Rushmoor Arena this year.

We have now been able to negotiate the Arena back to the original weekend of 26th & 27th September so they will go ahead.

Unfortunately, however, there is a motor racing event on the Sunday when some of the roads used on the extended course will not be traffic-free. The implication of this is that we propose to hold the Young Athletes & Senior Women's events on the Saturday with the Senior Men & Vets events on the Sunday.

May 18th 2009 - League AGM date
The date of the League AGM will be Thursday June 25th 7.30pm at Bannister Stadium, Hatch End, Harrow. Notices will be sent to club contacts in about 2 weeks time. The AGM is a week later than usual due to late receipt of the draft winter fixtures for 2009/2010 and bookings at Bannister.

May 14th 2009 - Dates and venues for 2009/2010
Recommended league dates on the Draft Winter list are::
Saturday October 10th
Saturday November 7th
Saturday December 5th
Saturday January 16th
Saturday February 13th
These are the dates we are likely to go with. They are better than they have been for a few years. Round 2 does not clash with the English Schools Cup Semi Finals. Round 4 is two weeks before the Southern and round 5 two weeks before the National. I am circulating clubs for venues but if you haven't been mailed and wish to offer please
email me.
I hadn't fixed the date of the AGM as I hadn't obtained the Winter Fixture list. Due to heavy bookings at Bannister with schools meetings it may have to be at least one week later than usual. I will fix this in the next week and let you know.

April 26th 2009 - London Marathon
Leading results for Chiltern League athletes.
Senior men: 16 B Whitby (Windsor), 22 A Cooray (Aylesbury), 34 K Robertson (Shaftesbury), 79 C Riley (Bedford & C), 111 J Trapmore (Shaftesbury), 113 P Miller (Bedford & C),
M40: 50 J Richardson (Oxford),
M45: 6 D Brown (Chiltern), 11 P Stainer (Shaftesbury), 33 V Zverev (Headington),
3 R Burton (Chiltern), 15 C Finill (Harrow),
2 C Steptoe (Aylesbury), 26 C Skerratt (Biggleswade), 34 J Skelton (M Milton K),
M65: 39 T Molesworth (Chilter), 40 R Burchett (Shaftesbury), 43 T Eves (Handy Cross),
M70: 19 J McKellar (M Milton K), 25 J Jales (Dacorum), 34 J Matthews (White Horse),
Senior ladies elite:
2 M Yamauchi (Harrow),
Senior ladies: 8 S Amend (Handy Cross), 48 E Ferenczi (Shaftesbury),
2 D Steer (St Albans), 43 S Wolanski (Headington),
F50: 28 J Binns (Windsor),
3 B Ralph (Chiltern),
Full results on
London Marathon and London Mini Marathon web sites.

April 18th 2009 - National 12/6 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park
Senior men: 6 Bedford & C, 18 Harrow, 21 Shaftesbury,
Fastest long laps: 4 N Hall (Bedford & C),
Fastest short laps: 5 M Draper (Bedford & C),
Senior ladies: 5 Bedford & C, 12 Windsor, 33 Windsor "B",
Fastest laps:
3 K Wootton (Bedford & C), 9 K Harty (Windsor),
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

April 5th 2009- Southern 12/6 Stage Road Relays at Milton Keynes
Senior men: 5 Bedford & C, 7 Shaftesbury, 9 Windsor, 15 Harrow, 36 M Milton K, 40 Bedford "B",
Fastest long laps: 4 B Whitby (Windsor), 6 D Deed (Bedford & C), 9 O Matthews (Bedford & C),
Fastest short laps: 13 B Warren (Harrow),
Senior ladies:
3 Bedford & C, 7 Windsor, 8 M Milton K, 12 Shaftesbury, 16 Vale of Aylesbury, 20 Windsor "B",
Fastest laps: 9 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 12 R Newstead (Bedford & C), 15 L Bromilow (M Milton K),
Full results on
Milton Keynes web site.

March 31st 2009 - SEAA 6/4/YA Road Relays
Notice from SEAA web site in case you were not aware:
Due to circumstances beyond our control the SEAA Road Relays, usually held at Rushmoor Arena, will have to be rescheduled.  As yet we don’t know when or where they will take place but rest assured they will be in either in September or October somewhere in the South of England.

Email received from Aldershot's Dave Rogers:
I very much regret that AFD are unable to host the SEAA Road Relay championships at Rushmoor Arena this year.

We were unable to secure the arena for the last weekend in September this year but have provisionally booked it for the following weekend (3rd & 4th October). We were also informed that on the Sunday we could not use the roads outside the arena. Our proposals were to run the Senior Women's race on Saturday 3rd October along with the Vets & Senior Men's races. To design a new course within the arena for the Young Athletes races on the Sunday.

SEAA have rejected these proposals and are actively searching for an alternative host. We are still considering holding the Aldershot Relays under the timetable outlined above but this wouldn't be a championship event and as such it may not be viable to do so.

I am extremely disappointed by this decision because, although there is a lot of hard work involved in running the relays, I can usually look back on the weekend and consider it a job well done. I know from the many emails I receive from grateful team managers many of you have the same view.

March 21st 2009 - English Schools Champs at Stanford Hall, Leics
Leading results for Chiltern League athletes finishing in the top 100 (let me know if I've missed anyone)
Senior boys:
1 R Parker (Bedford & C), 3 D Clorley (Luton), 16 J McDonnell (Luton), 26 M Salt (Dacorum), 31 J Shelley (Shaftesbury), 32 N Fleming (Shaftesbury), 52 D Woodgate (Luton), 68 A Stewart (Chiltern), 74 M Eager (M Milton K), 75 C Lambert (M Milton K), 96 S Deathe (M Milton K), 100 T Corbett (Bedford & C),
Inter boys:
1 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 7 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 9 K Lymn (Windsor), 44 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 55 S Still (Luton), 71 N Ditton (Windsor),
Junior boys: 37 S Redding (M Milton K), 39 K Wye (Windsor), 50 M Goddard (Chiltern), 54 D Barraclough (Chiltern), 75 R Isaacson (Bedford & C), 77 T Johnson (Bracknell), 88 B Bradley (Windsor),
Senior girls:
2 H Walker (Dacorum), 10 L Lattimore (Harrow), 28 R Stedman (Windsor),
Inter girls: 6 M Wood (M Milton K), 7 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 12 M Hawtin (Oxford), 15 P Woolven (Wycombe), 16 E Roche (M Milton K), 34 S Conner (Shaftesbury), 38 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 47 B Swords (M Milton K), 49 M Haynes (Windsor), 52 V Walker (Watford), 65 B Myers (Windsor), 90 E Relton (Bedford & C),
Junior girls: 10 R Berger-North (Bracknell), 14 C McMillan (Banbury), 15 I Thompson (St. Albans), 16 A Harris (Bedford & C), 32 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 33 L Hawtin (Oxford), 43 R Murray (Bedford & C), 46 R Bourne (Windsor), 61 I Kempton (Oxford), 67 E Hemming (Bedford & C), 69 S Draper (Harrow), 89 F Lenton (Shaftesbury), 93 H Clifford (Shaftesbury),
Full results on
English Schools website

March 7th 2009 - Inter Counties Champs at Nottingham
Leading results for Chiltern League athletes (top 100 seniors, top 50 others) let me know if I've missed anybody - athletes are more difficult to spot without club names!
Senior men: 10 N Hall (Bedford & C), 14 D Deed (Bedford & C), 17 B Whitby (Windsor), 42 W Levett (Bedford & C), 80 S Kimber (Oxford), 86 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 93 A Tovey (Windsor), 100 D Easter (Shaftesbury),
Junior Men: 15 R Parker (Bedford & C), 49 M Willmott (M Milton K),
Under 17 Men: 5 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 7 J McDonnell (Luton), 24 N Fleming (Shaftesbury),
Under 15 Boys: 7 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 9 K Lymn (Windsor),
Under 13 Boys: 7 M Goddard (Chiltern), 8 T Johnson (Bracknell), 15 K Wye (Windsor), 29 T Biegel (Banbury), 47 T Stead (Bedford & C), 49 M Seddon (Bracknell),
Senior ladies: 32 N Sykes (Bedford & C),
Junior ladies: 6 H Walker (Dacorum), 13 L Lattimore (Harrow), 47 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury), 48 R Stedman (Windsor),
Under 17 ladies:
3 M Hawtin (Oxford), 20 P Woolven (Wycombe), 43 B Myers (Windsor), 47 A Mackinnon-Austin (Bedford & C),
Under 15 girls: 5 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 8 M Wood (M Milton K), 18 B Swords (M Milton K), 30 E Roche (M Milton K), 32 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 41 R Berger-North (Bracknell), 45 I Kempton (Oxford), 50 R Murray (Bedford & C),
Under 13 girls: 9 B Hawtin (Oxford), 12 R Bourne (Windsor), 16 A Harris (Bedford & C), 21 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 29 S Draper (Harrow), 39 C Lewis (Chiltern),
Full results on
Athletics Data web site.

February 22nd 2009- End of Season Notes from League Secretary
Our 50th season has finally drawn to a close. Thanks are due to all the host clubs this winter. Also a special thanks to Martin Duff who helped with the end of season presentations. Martin competed in the league's first season in 1959 for Maidenhead and also participated into the 1980's for Reading and later Windsor. In recent years he has written the league reports for Athletics Weekly.
First some good news. On the plus side we have the possibility of one and perhaps two new venues next season. I'll divulge more information as progress is made with these.
On the minus side, there were some problems with the individual results in the veterans and under 20/17 ladies categories. One of these was a F45 who turned into a F55 for the final race which held up the presentations. But the other problems were with declarations. I had hoped that now results were on the internet that people would spot problems earlier. I will tighten up the results software to cope with and check potential category changes and discrepancies. However, the number of veterans who I do not have dates of birth for is now something like 40% of the total so I will have to chase team managers.
The other "problem" if you can call it that is the imbalance between numbers of participants in Division 1 and 2. A few years ago when we went down the road of having both divisions competing together and gained extra athletes who had been participating in the Southern Women's CC League, we allowed Div 1 to grow. The issue with this is that currently the younger age group races in Div 2 are now quite small and I am finding that, in some of the age groups, fewer than three athletes are competing in all four matches for the individual scoring. There are a few things we could do here:
1. Leave things alone, some clubs might not want to be classed as second division,
2. Have a three down two up promotion/demotion for two or three years to restore the balance,
3. Have a one off two up four or five down in one season to restore the balance,
4. Split the seniors and young athletes into separate scoring for divisions as about half the clubs do not have young athletes.
email me your comments and I will put forward a proposal at the AGM if appropriate. I do not propose changing anything for the moment, two clubs will be demoted and two promoted as a result of the 2008/2009 season for 2009/2010.

February 22nd 2009 - Vetting and Barring Scheme
Some of you will have spotted the article in Athletics Weekly about the above in which I was quoted or rather misquoted. Quite why the artcile was made in relation to leagues I am not sure. VBS would seem to be the responsibility of clubs who inevitably the people who need to be CRM/VBS checked will belong.
For those of you who don't know, VBS comes in to force on October 12th this year and affects anyone involved with activities involving children and includes virtually everyone involved in a club's activities. Using someone not CRB checked and VBS registered could result in a fine, prison sentence and criminal record for a club's officers.
The quote that should have appeared was:
Our club's Child Prevention Officer, as part of an employment with a London Borough, has been in contact with a number of organisations who will be affected by this legislation. He is of the opinion that it is unworkable and these bodies will collapse under the burden of it.
In my opinion these measures, introduced largely as a response to the Soham murders, have now been taken to their most ridiculous conclusion. You could apply the same logic to every other horrific event but then society would seize up. For example, Mille Dowler was plucked off the street, bundled into a car and murdered. Perhaps all car owners should be CRB checked in case they do the same - after all children do get abducted off the street in this fashion.

UKA should be actively opposing this legislation on behalf of clubs.
The Soham murders happened because there was a hole in the way people were checked for employment. And of course, there is a gaping hole in this new system. If you have a criminal record and want to gain access to children through athletes it is quite easy. You don't need to spend time and money qualifying as a coach or official or volunteer to help the club. You can just join up as an athlete. You don't have to be any good, just pass yourself off as a recreational athlete. If you are in a small club or minority event you will almost certainly be training with children and in any case will be at a track where children are present and can be approached.
VBS will be deceiving parents at least as far as athletics is concerned. They will think that their child will be in an environment free of anyone with a criminal record or suspected of committing an offence against children. In fact, the only way athletics can fully achieve this will be for children and adults to train and compete completely seperately. In other word, the sport will need to turn itself upside down.

February 21st 2009 - National Cross Country at Parliament Hill
Leading results for CL clubs:
Senior Men: 6 B Whitby (Windsor), 9 N Hall (Bedford & C), 17 D. Deed (Bedford & C), 23 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 31 M Janes (Bedford & C), 36 O Matthews (Bedford & C), 44 G Watts (Shaftesbury), 49 W Levett (Bedford & C), 71 J Trapmore (Shaftesbury), 82 A Inskip (Bedford & C), 98 J Lawler (Bedford & C), 99 S Kimber (Windsor), 121 C Riley (Bedford & C), 141 D Nevins (Harrow),
2 Bedford & C, 23 Harrow, 35 Shaftesbury,
Junior Men: 12 D Easter (Shaftesbury), 16 J Shelley (Shaftesbury), 17 R Parker (Bedford & C), 41 A Tovey (Windsor), 66 B Collins (Shaftesbury), 67 S Benaim (Shaftesbury), 73 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 81 R Heaney (Bedford & C), 87 A Bellow (Bedford & C),
Teams: 6 Shaftesbury, 9 Bedford & C,
Under 17 Men:
2 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 8 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 10 J McDonnell (Luton), 25 N Fleming (Shaftesbury), 34 P Benedickter (Luton), 37 F Bailey (Shaftesbury), 45 C Gunning (Shaftesbury), 53 D Woodgate (Luton), 55 H Mitchell (Bracknell), 56 S Still (Luton), 59 E McKenzie (Shaftesbury), 64 A Stewart (Chiltern), 72 N Ditton (Windsor), 74 J Radvan (Windsor), 95 E Woolmer (Windsor),
2 Shaftesbury, 4 Luton, 12 Windsor, 16 Bracknell,
Under 15 Boys: 5 K Lymn (Windsor), 10 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 48 A Wimbledon (Bracknell), 71 M McLaughlin (Shaftesbury), 85 J McMurray (St. Albans),
Teams: 11 Windsor, 16 Bedford & C, 24 Bracknell, 30 Shaftesbury, 36 Chiltern,
Under 13 Boys: 5 T Johnson (Bracknell), 23 T Stead (Bedford & C), 27 M Seddon (Bracknell), 34 J Rowe (Windsor), 54 J Tack (Oxford), 64 A Johnson (Chiltern), 69 T Verbena (Watford), 73 J Saunders (Bedford & C), 94 G Gathercole (Windsor), 99 B Horgan (Bracknell), 100 J Douglas (Bedford & C),
Teams: 4 Bracknell, 8 Windsor, 11 Bedford & C, 17 Chiltern, 39 Harrow,
Senior Ladies: 9 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 73 P Auckett (Shaftesbury), 87 L Bromilow (M Milton K), 100 D Steer (St. Albans), 102 C Firth (Windsor), 112 L Kyte (Headington), 124 C Donald (Maidenhead), 138 A Ridley (Shaftesbury),
Teams: 14 Shaftesbury, 15 M Milton K, 39 Headington,
Junior Ladies: 12 L Lattimore (Harrow), 37 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury), 45 M Lloyd (Oxford), 62 S Caunt (Bedford & C), 64 F Smith (Windsor), 71 T Barnes (Bedford & C), 72 S Proffitt (Shaftesbury), 76 S Ditton (Windsor), 87 R Cave (Bedford & C), 88 R Harding (Dacorum), 96 H Kitchen (Watford),
Teams: no CL clubs finished
Under 17 Ladies: 6 M Hawtin (Oxford), 22 A MacKinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 64 J Livesey (M Milton K), 67 A Keane (Shaftesbury), 73 B Myers (Windsor), 84 E Boast (Bedford & C), 86 H Johnson (Shaftesbury), 98 S Spears (Windsor),
Teams: 7 Windsor,
Under 15 Girls: 4 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 12 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 18 L Hawtin (Oxford), 20 I Thompson (St. Albans), 25 B Berger-North (Bracknell), 26 E Roche (M Milton K), 38 R Murray (Bedford & C), 46 J Walker (Oxford), 58 E Row (Bracknell), 81 M Shreeves (Bedford & C), 84 L Farrar (St. Albans), 94 R Walcott-Nolan (Luton), 97 B Fielden (Bedford & C),
3 Bedford & C, 14 St. Albans, 22 Windsor, 23 Shaftesbury,
Under 13 Girls: 6 B Hawtin (Oxford), 8 R Bourne (Windsor), 14 N Connor (Shaftesbury), 20 A Harris (Bedford & C), 30 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 34 E Hemmings (Bedford & C), 41 R Croft (Windsor), 43 C Lewis (Chiltern), 45 A Harris (Chiltern), 46 E Milbourn (Windsor), 63 N Shah (Shaftesbury), 72 T Pritchard (Bracknell), 76 E Still (Luton), 79 N Hodson (St. Albans), 89 J Franks (Chiltern), 92 K Ditton (Windsor),
3 Windsor, 4 Bedford & C, 9 Chiltern, 18 Shaftesbury,
Full results on
ECCA website

January 24th 2009 - Southern Cross Country at Hillingdon
Leading results for CL clubs:
Senior Men:
2 B Whitby (Windsor), 3 N Hall (Bedford & C), 6 M Janes (Bedford & C), 10 D Deed (Bedford & C), 14 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 16 J Parslow (Shaftesbury), 19 R Franzese (Harrow), 21 O Jones (Windsor), 30 S Kimber (Windsor), 32 A Bowden (Harrow), 33 B Warren (Harrow), 47 G Watts (Shaftesbury), 50 C Riley (Bedford & C), 51 J Trapmore (Shaftesbury), 59 A Inskip (Bedford & C), 60 D Nevins (Harrow), 82 N Miller (Bedford & C), 83 R Powell (Bedford & C), 86 J McMahon (Bedford & C), 89 J Cooper (Harrow), 97 I Turnbull (Bedford & C), 98 I May (Windsor),
3 Bedford & C, 6 Harrow, 11 Shaftesbury, 22 Windsor, 23 Headington,
Junior Men:
3 D Clorley (Luton), 6 D Easter (Shaftesbury), 10 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 11 T Best (Luton), 20 T Traynor (White Horse), 23 J Shelley (Shaftesbury), 33 R Heaney (Bedford & C), 34 T Bryant (Shaftesbury), 35 G Kemp (Bedford & C), 36 S Benaim (Shaftesbury), 41 A Bellow (Bedford & C),
3 Shaftesbury, 4 Bedford & C,
Under 17 Men:
3 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 4 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 13 J McDonnell (Luton), 22 E McKenzie (Shaftesbury), 23 C Gunning (Shaftesbury), 30 F Bailey (Shaftesbury), 31 D Woodgate (Luton), 37 N Ditton (Windsor),
3 Shaftesbury, 6 Luton, 11 Bedford & C,
Under 15 Boys:
3 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 19 T Atkins (Aylesbury), 23 S Byrne (Harrow), 30 J Bennington (Windsor), 35 A Wimbledon (Bracknell), 39 B Alcock (Bedford & C), 47 B Bradley (Windsor),
Teams: 6 Windsor, 7 Bedford & C, 14 Harrow, 21 Chiltern, 24 Shaftesbury,
Under 13 Boys:
2 T Johnson (Bracknell), 3 M Goddard (Chiltern), 8 K Wye (Windsor), 10 J Rowe (Windsor), 17 T Beiger (Banbury), 22 M Pearce (Shaftesbury), 23 M Seddon (Bracknell), 24 R Mudd (Shaftesbury), 25 A Stenning (Chiltern), 26 T Stead (Bedford & C), 29 G Baynham (Windsor), 31 J Tack (Oxford), 36 J Davies (Chiltern), 37 J Saunders (Bedford & C), 38 A Cockle (Windsor), 43 J Knight (M Milton K), 44 G Gathercole (Windsor), 47 J McCarthy (Chiltern), 50 T Wapsharw (Wycombe),
3 Windsor, 4 Chiltern, 5 Bracknell, 6 Bedford & C, 7 Shaftesbury,
Senior Ladies:
3 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 20 R Taylor (Windsor), 34 C Bassill (Luton), 49 L Bromilow (M Milton K), 50 C Scott (M Milton K), 63 P Auckett (Shaftesbury), 65 C Donald (Maidenhead), 71 T Neale (Burnham J), 73 P Fudge (Windsor), 75 S Cox (M Milton K), 88 L Kyte (Headington), 91 S Gibbens (M Milton K), 94 V Webster (Shaftesbury), 99 A Hopkins (Headington),
Teams: 9 M Milton K, 11 Windsor, 21 Shaftesbury, 26 Luton. 30 Burnham J,
Junior Ladies:
3 S Boast (Bedford & C), 19 R Stedman (Windsor), 21 L Rogers (Wycombe), 22 R Cave (Bedford & C), 26 L Lingley (Windsor), 28 S Proffitt (Shaftesbury), 31 S Caunt (Bedford & C), 32 F Smith (Windsor), 35 M Lloyd (Oxford), 40 S Ditton (Windsor), 49 H Kitchen (Watford),
2 Windsor,
Under 17 Ladies:
3 M Hawtin (Oxford), 4 P Woolven (Wycombe), 13 V Walker (Watford), 15 A Keane (Shaftesbury), 18 E Relton (Bedford & C), 21 A MacKinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 24 J Livesey (M Milton K), 28 S Spears (Windsor), 35 C McKenzie (Bedford & C), 39 E Boast (Bedford & C), 46 L Rayment (Bracknell),
3 Bedford & C, 7 Windsor,
Under 15 Girls:
3 M Wood (M Milton K), 11 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 13 R Berger-North (Bracknell), 15 B Swords (M Milton K), 20 R Murray (Bedford & C), 21 I Kempton (Oxford), 24 L Hawtin (Oxford), 26 M Haynes (Windsor), 27 E Roche (M Milton K), 35 C Stewart (Shaftesbury), 43 C McMillan (Banbury),
2 M Milton K, 6 Oxford, 8 Bedford & C, 12 Windsor, 18 Shaftesbury,
Under 13 Girls:
3 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 6 A Harris (Bedford & C), 7 C Lewis (Chiltern), 12 N Connor (Shaftesbury), 13 B Hawtin (Oxford), 27 M Angell (Bedford & C), 28 E Jones (Chiltern), 30 E Still (Luton), 37 A Harris (Chiltern), 41 S Lloyd (White Horse), 47 R Firth (Chiltern), 48 L Keighley (M Milton K), 49 E Milbourn (Windsor),
2 Bedford & C, 3 Chiltern, 6 Oxford, 9 Windsor, 12 Luton
Full results on
Athletics Daily web site

January 3rd 2009 - 50th Anniversary Match
Thanks to everybody who turned up to the "special" match today despite the cold weather. Special mention should be made of two competitors who finished today who competed in that first season in 1959. Bob Graham ran as a senior for Windsor in what was then Division "A", he finished 244th today (9th over 60). Tony Bush ran in 1959 as a youth (equivalent of an under 18 race today) for the old Ruislip & Northwood club (now part of Hillingdon AC), he finished 284th today (24th over 60).
Also, Dave Wheeler of Oxford City who finished 221st today has competed in 160 Chiltern Leagues. Does anybody else know of anyone who has run in more than 150?

Thanks are due to Apex Sports who donated prizes for today's meeting.
The prize giving wasn't too well attended after a long cold day. A few awards were given out. I've listed the prize winners below. Vouchers will be posted to team managers next week. The other prizes of shoe bags can be collected from me at the next match.
1st under 11 girl Alice Wright (Aylesbury)
1st under 11 boy Bill Hughes (Chiltern)
1st under 13 girl Jasmine Finlay (Milton K)
1st under 13 boy Michael Goddard (Chiltern)
1st under 15 girl Melanie Wood (Milton K)
1st under 15 boy Zak Seddon (Bracknell)
1st under 20/17 lady Melissa Hawtin (Oxford)
1st under 17 man John McDonnell (Luton)
1st senior lady Nicola Sykes (Bedford & C)
1st senior man Adam Bowden (Harrow)
Shoe bags:
1st over 35 lady Jude Craft (Headington)
1st over 45 lady Catherine Davies (Dacorum)
1st over 55 lady Margaret Moody (Handy Cross)
1st over 40 man Julian Critchlow (Harrow)
1st over 50 man Paul Gregory (Aylesbury)
1st over 60 man Bruce Hendrie (Banbury)
There were also six spot prizes of shoe bags selected at random by the computer - winners were:
Alex Brown (St. Albans) under 11 boys
Graham Linnell (Silson) senior men
Chris Larsen (Bracknell) under 17 men
Grace Keane (Luton) under 15 girls
Rebecca Riches (Windsor) under 13 girls
Mandy Rice (Aylesbury) senior ladies

December 12th 2008 - 50th Anniversary Match updated
The 4th round at Wing on January 3rd will be a special match to mark our 50th season. All finishers will receive medals. There will also be prizes donated by Apex Sports for the winners of each race (mob match only, not separate divisions), the first veterans in categories M40, M50, M60, F35, F45, F55 plus some spot prizes. We would like to welcome back any former members of the league either to compete or spectate either at this match or the final round on February 14th. This includes those who are with clubs no longer in the league. A list of former clubs is at the bottom of the
League History index page. For athletes who are members of clubs who are not in the league we charge 1 and they should pay and collect a number from me on the day.

December 6th 2008 - English Schools Cup Final at Shepshed
Bracknell's Zac Seddon won the Inter Boys race at this event today. Several Chiltern Harriers runners helped Dr. Challoners to team victory in the junior girls event. Results on
English Schools web site.
Additional from Robert Lands: Pleased to see that Bracknell and Chiltern had some youngsters at the English Schools. Bedford and County had several to Running for Robert Bloomfield and Lincroft in the junior boys and girls and Sharnbrook in the inter boys and girls – thus our reduced numbers at Slough. Robert Bloomfield Junior girls were 4th with Molly Mckenzie 6th. Others with high placings were Alice Burgin 6th inter girls(Sharnbrook), Tom Stead 5th junior boys (Lincroft).

November 13th 2008 - Another note after round 2
I've sometimes had to comment on discipline in the finish funnel in previous years especially in the youngest age categories. This last match I heard that an athlete in the under 13 boys race was obstructed by another boy who blocked him trying to overtake then stamped on the athlete's foot.
Fortunately it is only the odd athlete we get a problem with but team managers and coaches should make athletes aware of how to behave or not behave at an event.
If incidents like this happen the team manager should inform the race referee as soon as possible and certainly on the day of the race so that the matter can be dealt with.

November 10th 2008 - Notes after round 2
Saturday's turnout was the third best for a second round match with 976 finishers. Previous round 2 bests were 1045 finishers also at RAF Halton in 2005 and 1010 finishers at Luton in 2006. The second round of the English Schools Cup took away several athletes who performed well. For results click
here. At Lincroft, Tom Stead (Bedford) won the junior boys, Will Gurton (Aylesbury) the inter boys, Molly McKenzie (Bedford) the junior girls and Beth Swords (Milton K) the inter girls. A few other league athletes also competed in the round at Copthall.
Back to RAF Halton and we only just managed not to overrun the car parking facilities which emphasises again the pressure we have on venues. Also on Saturday there was an unfortunate incident where an athlete's new black rain suit and trousers were taken. If anyone has information about this please
email me.
The league web site had its largest number of hits in one day on Saturday with a count of 1287.
If you haven't already done so, can team managers please let me have updated lists of their veterans' dates of birth.

November 1st 2008 - National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield
Leading results for CL clubs:
Senior Men:
1 Bedford & C, 15 Harrow, 16 Shaftesbury, 75 Bedford "B",
3 A Bowden (Harrow), 4 N Hall (Bedford),
Junior Men: 11 Luton, 12 Bedford & C, 18 Shaftesbury, 23 Bedford "B", 30 Windsor,
Fastest: 6 A Tovey (Windsor), 10 D Clorley (Luton),
Under 17 Men: 6 Shaftesbury, 7 Windsor, 9 Luton, 11 Bedford & C, 30 Bedford "B", 35 Luton "B", 38 Chiltern,
Fastest: 4 J McDonnell (Luton), 9 N Fleming (Shaftesbury), 10 R Goodman (Shaftesbury),
Under 15 Boys:
3 Windsor, 7 Bedford, 10 Vale of Aylesbury, 33 Shaftesbury, 45 Windsor,
Fastest: 5 J Burton (Bedford),
Under 13 Boys:
3 Chiltern, 10 Bedford & C, 11 Windsor, 25 Windsor, 29 Harrow, 43 Chiltern "B",
1 M Goddard (Chiltern), 10 T Stead (Bedford),
Senior Ladies: 6 Windsor, 10 Bedford & C, 34 Milton K,
2 S Morris (Windsor), 8 K Wootton (Bedford),
Junior Ladies: 10 Bedford & C, 18 Bedford "B", 20 Shaftesbury,
Under 17 Ladies: 8 Bedford & C, 28 Windsor,
Fastest: 7 A Mackinnon-Austin (Bedford),
Under 15 Girls:
3 Milton K, 4 Bedford & C, 18 Shaftesbury, 32 Shaftesbury "B", 33 Windsor, 35 Bedford "B", 45 Milton K "B",
2 M Wood (Milton K), 3 E Wallbank (Bedford),
Under 13 Girls: 5 Windsor, 6 Bedford & C, 9 Chiltern, 13 Shaftesbury, 17 Chiltern "B", 28 Windsor, 29 Harrow,
Fastest: 4 R Bourne (Windsor), 5 A Harris (Bedford), 7 S Draper (Harrow), 9 N Connor (Shaftesbury),
Full results on
ECCA web site

October 18th/19th 2008 - National Road Relays at Sutton Park
Leading results for CL clubs:
Senior Men: 9 Bedford & C, 17 Shaftesbury, 23 Windsor, 27 Harrow, 44 Bedford "B",
Fastest: 9 N Hall (Bedford),
Under 17 Men:
3 Luton, 14 Bedford & C, 24 Windsor, 26 Luton "B", 34 Shaftesbury,
Fastest: 8= N Fleming (Shaftesbury)
Under 15 Boys: 5 Vale of Aylesbury, 12 Bedford & C, 13 Windsor, 29 Shaftesbury, 32 Windsor "B", 50 Harrow,
Under 13 Boys: 4 Bedford & C, 12 Shaftesbury, 18 Banbury, 27 Windsor "B",
2= T Biegel (Banbury), 10 T Stead (Bedford),
Senior Ladies: 6 Bedford & C, 11 Windsor, 45 Bedford "B", 50 Shaftesbury,
Fastest: 7 S Morris (Windsor), 10= J Wilkinson (Bedford),
Under 17 Ladies: 10 Bedford & C, 16 Windsor, 36 Luton,
Under 15 Girls:
2 Bedford & C, 26 Bracknell, 34 Windsor, 36 Shaftesbury, 39 Shaftesbury "B", 43 Bedford "B",
3 E Wallbank (Bedford),
Under 13 Girls:
2 Bedford & C, 4 Windsor, 11 Shaftesbury, 19 Harrow, 24 Luton, 32 Bedford "B", 36 Banbury, 40 Windsor "B", 47 Luton "B",
1 S Draper (Harrow), 2= A Harris (Bedford), 5 N Connor (Shaftesbury), 8 R Bourne (Windsor), 9 M McKenzie (Bedford),
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

October 6th 2008 - British Masters XC Relays Champs at Mansfield
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs:
Over 40 Men: 10 Bedford, 11 Oxford,
Over 50 Men:
1 Oxford, 8 Bedford,
2 C Sykes (Oxford), 3 T Dixon (Oxford), 4 B Green (Oxford),
Over 60 Men: 5 Oxford,
no CL ladies clubs competed.
Full results on
Athletics Data web site

September 30th 2008 - RAF Halton Fixture
A few points about the RAF Halton fixture on November 8th that we want clubs and athletes to be aware of. Further details to follow.
Car parking must be in accordance with the Vale of Aylesbury stewards' instructions. In absolutely no circumstances are people to park in Chestnut Avenue, in any of the private RAF housing estates or in the vicinity of the Costlett Stand/Playing Fields.
Provided that the usual field for car parking is not waterlogged we do not envisage a problem but in the event of wet weather leading up to the event, the League must reduce the number of cars by requesting people to car share, hire mini buses or park well away from RAF Halton.
With regard to security, every car must display the owner's name, address and telephone number and forms will be distributed by the car parking stewards.
We would like to formally thank the Commanding Officer of RAF Halton for granting permission to use the venue.

September 27th/28th 2008 - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior Men: 7 Harrow, 9 Bedford, 11 Shaftesbury, 19 Windsor, 20 Bedford "B", 32 Harrow "B", 44 Bracknell, 48 Luton,
Fastest: 5 N Hall (Bedford & C), 8= A Bowden (Harrow),
Over 40 Men:
3 Bedford & C, 4 Oxford, 7 Harrow, 16 Oxford "B",
2 S Male (Oxford), 5 J McMahon (Bedford & C), 6= S Herring (Bedford & C),
Over 50 Men:
1 Oxford, 3 Vale of Aylesbury,
1 P Gregory (Aylesbury), 3 C Sykes (Oxford), 6 T Dixon (Oxford),
Over 60 Men:
1 Oxford, 5 Burnham Joggers, 9 Oxford "B",
1 R Treadwell (Oxford), 2 G Jones (Oxford), 5 D Parsons (Oxford), 6 A Matthews (Oxford),
Under 17 Men:
2 Luton, 5 Shaftesbury, 7 Milton K, 10 Bedford, 14 Luton "B", 15 Windsor, 16 Chiltern, 28 Bracknell, 30 Shaftesbury "B",
2 J McDonnell (Luton), 4 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 8 P Benedickter (Luton), 9 J. Goodwin (Bedford), 10 N Fleming (Shaftesbury),
Under 15 Boys:
2 Vale of Aylesbury, 5 Windsor, 6 Bedford, 13 Shaftesbury, 19 Shaftesbury "B", 21 Windsor "B", 24 St Albans, 25 Chiltern, 27 Bedford "B",
Fastest: 5 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 8= J Burton (Bedford), 10 W Gurton (Aylesbury),
Under 13 Boys:
3 Windsor, 5 Shaftesbury, 8 Chiltern, 9 Bedford, 11 Bracknell, 14 Harrow, 15 Windsor "B",
2= M Goddard (Chiltern), 9 M Seddon (Bracknell),
Senior Ladies:
2 Bedford, 10 Windsor, 15 Bedford "B", 23 Vale of Aylesbury, 27 Headington,
Fastest: 5 J Wilkinson (Bedford),
Veteran Ladies: no CL clubs competed,
Under 17 Ladies: 4 Bedford, 6 Shaftesbury, 11 Windsor, 13 Milton K, 14 Bracknell,
3 M Hawtin (Oxford), 7= S Connor (Shaftesbury),
Under 15 Girls:
2 Bedford, 4 Milton K, 9 Oxford, 12 Windsor, 13 Bracknell, 21 Shaftesbury, 22 Oxford "B", 24 St Albans, 27 Bedford "B",
2 E Wallbank (Bedford), 7 M Wood (Milton K),
Under 13 Girls:
2 Bedford, 4 Windsor, 5 Shaftesbury, 8 Oxford, 11 Chiltern, 12 Luton, 13 Milton K, 17 Windsor "B", 18 Chiltern "B", 23 Bedford "B", 24 Windsor "C", 29 Harrow,
1 S Draper (Harrow), 3 R Bourne (Windsor), 4= N Connor (Shaftesbury), 8= J Finlay (Milton K),
Full results on
Aldershot web site

September 10th 2008 - Chiltern League Results from the 1960's
Former league competitor and AW reporter Martin Duff has kindly provided many missing Chiltern League Results from 1960-1971. I have posted these in PDF format in the
League History section. There are an odd few results we are still missing either because they did not appear in AW or we don't have hard copies. So if anyone out there has any of these I would like to hear from you.
Later: Martin has also given me additional senior placings for some Div 1 races from the early 1980's plus results for 15/01/1983 which we didn't have.

August 26th - Fixtures 2008/2009 Update
The current position with the November 8th fixture is that it is still to be confirmed and we may need to wait two or three weeks to obtain final confirmation as the RAF contact is away. The December 6th will almost certainly be at Slough. At the moment Windsor are trying to resolve problems with the football bookings at the park which may mean that the car park there may not be available.

August 17th - Fixtures 2008/2009 Update
Vale of Aylesbury have been able to obtain RAF Halton for the November 8th fixture. I am awaiting confirmation as to whether we can use Slough for December 6th otherwise Culham will be available that weekend.

July 29th 2008 - Fixtures 2008/2009 Update
I am currently chasing possible venues for the December 6th fixture. However, at the moment I have been unable to obtain a venue for the November 8th match. The two possible venues for December are unlikely to be able to do the November date. It may be that we have to revert to plan "B" which would be for seniors and young athletes to compete at separate venues if we can obtains ones which can accommodate the smaller fields. If you can help please
email me as a matter of urgency.

June 12th 2008 - Notes from AGM
The dates and current venues are on the
Fixture Details and Results page. The timing of the final fixture was difficult due to the number of championships but on balance it was felt that the lack of non championship competition after Xmas made it undesirable to either move the fixture later or earlier or to drop the fifth match. On the question of the need for more venues, Milton Keynes were investigating a course at Woburn. For the 50th anniversary fixture, it was agreed to nominate match four on Jan 3rd. Medals (or some other item) would be given to all finishers.
For those interested, the clubs who were in the league in season one (1959/1960) were:
Ealing (joined with Southall below, now part of Ealing, Southall & Middx)
Feltham (later renamed Hounslow, now part of Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow)
Hayes & Harlington (defunct, not the current club of the same name)
Ruislip & Northwood (now part of Hillingdon)
Southall (joined with Ealing above, now part of Ealing, Southall & Middx)
Vale of Aylesbury
Uxbridge (defunct)
Wycombe Phoenix

May 17th 2008 - BMAF Road Relays at Sutton Park
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
M40: 7 Bedford & C, 11 Oxford City, 20 Reading RR,
2 Oxford City,
2 Oxford City, 22 Bedford & C,
F35: 14 Reading RR,
1 Reading RR,
Fastest laps not given
Full results on
Joe Lee's Results web site

May 16th 2008 - Roger Beedell
I'm sorry to have to report that Roger Beedell of Chiltern Harriers passed away recently. He had competed in the Chiltern League for some 20 years. See
link on Chiltern Harriers web site for obituary.

April 26th 2008 - National 12/6 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 13th Bedford & C, 18th Harrow, 20th Shaftesbury,
Fastest short stages:
1 A Baddeley (Harrow), 5 A Bowden (Harrow),
Senior ladies: no CL clubs finished
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

April 13th 2008 - London Marathon and Mini Marathon
Results for Chiltern League athletes (let me know if I've missed anyone):
Senior men: 36 O Edwards (Shaftesbury) 2.26.48, 44 K Robertson (Shaftesbury) 2.29.03, 62 B Whitby (Windsor) 2.30.15, 118 D Brown (Chiltern) 2.36.06, 138 A Jackson (Shaftesbury) 2.37.24, 315 C Steptoe (Aylesbury) 2.45.10 1st v55,
Senior ladies:
9 L Yelling (Bedford & C - 1st GB) 2.28.33, 26 L Hartney (Reading RR) 2.49.24, 32 S Gee (Reading RR) 2.51.16, 51 D Steer (St Albans) 2.58.38,
Mini Marathon Counties:
Under 18 men: 10 D Clorley (Luton), 16 R Parker (Bedford & C), 19 J McDonnell (Luton), 23 D Williamson (Bedford & C), 30 P Benedickter (Luton), 46 R Glastonbury (Radley),
Under 15 boys: 7 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 18 S Still (Luton), 24 K Mason (Bedford & C), 27 S Byrne (Harrow),
Under 13 boys: 5 M Goddard (Chiltern), 16 T Stead (Biggleswade),
Under 18 ladies: 8 H Walker (Dacorum), 11 L Lattimore (Harrow), 16 A Mackinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 42 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury), 46 C MacKenzie (Biggleswade), 50 A Wright (Bedford & C),
Under 15 girls:
3 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 6 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 30 R Murray (Bedford & C), 48 I Thompson (St. Albans),
Under 13 girls: 6 K Mimms (Shaftesbury), 9 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 14 A Harris (Bedford & C), 18 M Steer (St. Albans), 46 A Tribbeck (Bedford & C), 50 E Hudson (Luton),
Mini Marathon London Boroughs:
Under 18 men:
1 J Shelley (Shaftesbury), 2 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 10 T Bryant (Shaftesbury), 12 C Scott (Harrow), 29 M Warwick (Harrow),
Under 15 boys: 5 M Lewis (Harrow), 36 J Rajkumar (Harrow),
Under 13 boys: none in top 50
Under 18 ladies: 12 S Proffitt (Shaftesbury), 19 S Brown (Harrow), 50 K Brady (Harrow),
Under 15 girls: 13 S Antoine (Harrow), 27 E Bermingham (Harrow),
Under 13 girls:
1 S Draper (Harrow), 10 C Wolf (Harrow), 44 T Dissanyaka (Harrow),
Full results on
London Marathon web site

April 6th 2008 - Southern 12/6 Stage Road Relays at Aldershot
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 5th Harrow, 11th Windsor (disq?), 13th Bedford & C, 26th Oxford,
Fastest long laps: 4 A Bowden (Harrow),
Senior ladies: 1st Shaftesbury, 4th Windsor, 11th Windsor "B" (disq?), 14 Milton K,
Fastest laps: 1 S Morris (Windsor), 2 J Ankier (Shaftesbury), 4 S Waldron (Shaftesbury),
Full results on
Aldershot web site

April 3rd 2008 - League AGM
Due to another commitment I am having to schedule the League AGM one week earlier than usual, it will be on Thursday June 12th. If you have any items for the agenda please
email them to me by May 23rd.

March 15th 2008 - Inter Counties Champs at Nottingham
Leading results for Chiltern League athletes (top 100 seniors, top 50 others) let me know if I've missed anybody - athletes are more difficult to spot without club names!
Senior men: 57 S Kimber (Oxford), 79 O Jones (Windsor),
Junior men: 17 T Best (Luton), 41 A Tovey (Windsor),
Uner 17 men: 5 D Clorley (Luton), 39 J McDonnell (Luton), 41 P Benedickter (Luton), 47 R Parker (Bedford & C),
Under 15 boys: 5 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 6 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 30 G Miller (Radley), 44 J Burton (Bedford & C),
Under 13 boys: 11 K Mason (Bedford & C), 22 M Goddard (Chiltern), 24 J Dutton (Chiltern), 25 J Deane (Lincroft MS), 38 C Uduwawala (Shaftesbury), 42 J McMurray (St. Albans), 46 M Seddon (Bracknell), 49 K Wye (Windsor),
Senior ladies: 23 V Webster (Shaftesbury), 49 C Willer (Watford), 76 P Prescott (Bedford & C),
Junior ladies: 34 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury), 37 T Taylor (Milton K),
Under 17 ladies: 5 L Lattimore (Harrow), 8 H Walker (Dacorum),
Under 15 girls:
3 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 10 M Wood (Milton K), 12 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 13 M Hawtin (Oxford), 25 A MacKinnon-Austin (Bedford & C),
Under 13 girls: 6 K Mimms (Shaftesbury), 13 S Draper (Harrow), 25 C McMillan (Banbury), 29 B Turton (Bracknell),
Full results on
UK Athletics web site

March 8th 2008 - English Schools at Liverpool
Leading results for Chiltern League athletes finishing in the top 100 (let me know if I've missed anyone)
Senior boys: 12 D Clorley (Luton), 31 A Tovey (Windsor), 37 R Parker (Bedford & C), 58 R Glastonbury (Radley),
Inter boys: 18 J McDonnell (Luton), 19 D Woodgate (Luton), 22 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 32 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 43 E MacKenzie (Shaftesbury), 48 P Benedickter (Luton),
Junior boys: 5 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 8 D Murphy (Milton K), 18 J Burton (Bedford & C), 28 J Bennington (Windsor), 71 K Mason (Bedford & C),
Senior girls: 8 L Lattimore (Harrow), 19 H Walker (Dacorum), 38 S Boast (Bedford & C), 39 T Taylor (Milton K), 50 L Lingley (Windsor), 79 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury),
Inter girls: 11 M Hawtin (Oxford), 23 P Woolven (Wycombe), 47 A MacKinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 81 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 87 B Myers (Windsor), 94 V Walker (Watford),
Junior girls: 4 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 11 M Wood (Milton K), 20 K Mimms (Shaftesbury), 30 B Swords (Oxford), 36 E Roche (Milton K), 59 E Walton (Bracknell), 65 B Turton (Bracknell), 71 E Jacques (Oxford), 76 C McMillan (Banbury), 87 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 88 L Hawtin (Oxford),
Full results on
English Schools website

February 23rd 2008 - National CC Champs at Alton Towers
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs (Top 150 seniors, top 100 others)
Senior men: 12 D Deed (Bedford & C), 37 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 54 G Watts (Shaftesbury), 62 M Janes (Bedford & C), 67 O Matthews (Bedford & C), 76 J Trapmore (Shaftesbury), 83 N Miller (Bedford & C), 95 W Levett (Bedford & C), 98 D Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 104 K Robertson (Shaftesbury), 108 O Jones (Windsor), 110 S Body (Bedford & C), 133 P Norris (Harrow), 140 G Harris (Headington), 144 J Elworthy (Bedford & C), 150 M Coffey (Oxford),
Teams: 6 Bedford & C, 15 Shaftesbury, 23 Harrow, 41 Milton K, 47 Headington,
Junior men: 40 T Best (Luton), 64 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 66 J Ashton (Bracknell), 69 R Larsen (Bracknell), 81 M Bennett (Chiltern), 84 B Corfield (Leighton B), 90 A Tovey (Windsor), 98 J Parslow (Shaftesbury),
Teams: 11 Bracknell,
Under 17 men:
1 D Clorley (Luton), 9 R Parker (Bedford & C), 18 J McDonnell (Luton), 29 M Salt (Dacorum), 38 D Williamson (Bedford & C), 64 J Shelley (Shaftesbury), 65 P Benedickter (Luton), 67 A Bellow (Bedford & C), 77 M Goodwin (Bedford & C), 79 E McKenzie (Shaftesbury), 82 J Fleming (Shaftesbury), 98 B Collins (Shaftesbury),
3 Bedford & C, 6 Luton, 8 Shaftesbury,
Under 15 boys: 5 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 9 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 14 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 15 P Devaney (Bedford & C), 19 F Baily (Shaftesbury), 22 A Brace (Wycombe), 29 J Burton (Bedford & C), 43 T Mead (Luton), 61 D Murphy (Milton K), 78 P Stewart (Bedford & C), 83 S Still (Luton),
1 Bedford & C, 5 Shaftesbury,
Under 13 boys: 6 K Mason (Bedford & C), 18 A Wimbledon (Bracknell), 19 J McMurray (St. Albans), 21 J Dutton (Chiltern), 23 C Uduwawala (Shaftesbury), 27 M Goddard (Chiltern), 39 D Barraclough (Chiltern), 40 S Proctor (Bedford & C), 68 J Steel (Bedford & C), 74 M McLoughlin (Shaftesbury), 83 O Poulain (St. Albans), 89 M Seddon (Bracknell), 96 A Stenning (Chiltern), 97 B Alcock (Bedford & C),
3 Chiltern, 5 Bedford & C, 16 Shaftesbury,
Senior ladies:
1 L Yelling (Bedford & C), 4 J Wilkinson (Bedford & C), 6 A Whitcombe (Harrow), 14 J Ankier (Shaftesbury), 16 R Felton (Shaftesbury), 37 V Webster (Shaftesbury), 79 C Scott (Milton K), 90 C Dickie (Windsor), 94 P Auckett (Shaftesbury), 95 E Ferenczi (Shaftesbury), 100 E Caborn (Bedford & C), 103 S Cox (Milton K), 128 C Moss (Bedford & C), 144 M Cooper (Shaftesbury),
Teams: 6 Shaftesbury, 8 Bedford & C,
Junior ladies: 5 S Waldrow (Shaftesbury), 48 T Taylor (Milton K), 50 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury), 51 S Boast (Bedford & C), 58 C Miles (Shaftesbury), 77 R Cave (Bedford & C), 85 L Rogers (Wycombe), 86 C Bazzonni (Shaftesbury), 93 H Shelley (Shaftesbury), 97 S Snyman (Bedford & C),
Teams: 7 Shaftesbury, 10 Bedford & C,
Under 17 ladies: 14 H Walker (Dacorum), 61 A Keane (Shaftesbury), 65 S Cutler (Bedford & C),
Teams: no CL teams closed
Under 15 girls: 5 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 6 M Hawtin (Oxford), 15 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 19 A MacKinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 40 E Roche (Milton K), 57 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 61 R Flory (Bedford & C), 98 C MacKenzie (Bedford & C),
2 Bedford & C, 10 Shaftesbury,
Under 13 girls: 7 K Mimms (Shaftesbury), 9 S Draper (Harrow), 15 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 34 R Murray (Bedford & C), 40 Y Smart (Shaftesbury), 41 R Nolan (Luton), 48 L Hawtin (Oxford), 49 M Shreeves (Bedford & C), 61 F Lenton (Shaftesbury), 63 A Harris (Bedford & C), 85 I Thompson (St. Albans), 92 H Bryen (Oxford), 97 M Angell (Bedford & C), 100 E Kemming (Bedford & C),
3 Bedford & C, 7 Shaftesbury, 19 St Albans, 21 Milton K,
Full results on
ECCA web site.

February 17th 2008 - Notes after final round
Our final match at Wing was blessed with fine weather and we had our second best turnout for a fifth round match. This was despite some schools being on half term and an inter counties school match that affected one club at least. I hope to have the final trophies which were not collected at Wing mailed in the next few days.
Overall we had our third best ever season based on total finishers. Unlike the last two winters, we didn't break the magic 1000 for any individual round.
My thanks to all the clubs who hosted this winter. I am already thinking about next season and venues. I hope to have a draft calendar for 2008/2009 shortly. Unfortunately I have found out that two more possible venues are unlikely to be usable. RAF Halton have placed a number of security restrictions which would make a match there very difficult and Stowe is likely to become too expensive. Which leaves us with only six possible venues, the five from this winter plus Culham. This puts a lot of pressure on us and I will be mailing clubs about this shortly.
As mentioned earlier, 2008/2009 will be the league's 50th season. Interest has been expressed in having a "special match" of some sort. Perhaps clubs could give more thought to this? I have recently had some dialogue with the Met League over a joint match but I suspect the logistics (especially the potential number of competitors) will make this too difficult.

February 4th 2008 - New York Marathon Places
Youth charity Weston Spirit has obtained 70 guaranteed places at the world’s most exhilarating road race – the ING New York City Marathon, which takes place on Sunday 2nd November 2008.

Established by Simon Weston to help provide support and training for disadvantaged young people, Weston Spirit has had over 220 runners over the past 10 years, but 2008 promises to be its best year yet – with your help!

The charity is offering places on a first come, first served basis. All you have to do is raise a minimum amount of sponsorship that covers your race entry, flights, transfers – as well as first class accommodation in the luxurious 5* Marriott Hotel overlooking Times Square.

The minimum levels of sponsorship are 2300 for a 3-night stay, 2450 for 4 nights. If you want to organise your own flights, the prices drop to 1800 for 3 nights and 1950 for 4 nights. Closing date for entries is 1st June 2008.

Places for 2007 were taken up very quickly, so to reserve a place, contact Weston Spirit’s Events Team on 0151 258 2604 or email

January 26th 2008 - Southern CC Champs at Parliament Hill
Results do not seem to be on the web yet but Martin Duff has emailed a set to me which I have converted to PDF format for you - click
here (about 1.5MB!!).
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs (top 100 seniors, top 50 young athletes):
Senior men: 4 H Lobb (Bedford & C), 5 D Deed (Bedford & C), 13 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 14 W Levett (Bedford & C), 20 G Watts (Shaftesbury), 21 D Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 27 O Matthews (Bedford & C), 29 S Kimber (Windsor), 38 N Miller (Bedford & C), 42 J Trapmore (Shaftesbury), 45 C Dettmarr (Headington), 48 K Robertson (Shaftesbury), 50 A Inskip (Bedford & C), 64 J Elworthy (Bedford & C), 76 S Herring (Bedford & C), 80 P Norris (Harrow), 94 M Rahim (Harrow),
1st Bedford & C, 7th Shaftesbury, 8th Bedford "B", 24th Headington,
Junior men: 9 N White (Windsor), 26 J Ashton (Bracknell), 31 R Heaney (Bedford & C), 33 I May (Windsor), 39 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 42 J Parslow (Shaftesbury),
Teams: 6th Bracknell, 8th Shaftesbury,
Under 17 men:
2 D Clorley (Luton), 3 R Parker (Bedford & C), 17 T Bryant (Shaftesbury), 19 J McDonnell (Luton), 25 A Moore (Bracknell), 30 E MacKenzie (Shaftesbury), 32 J Shelley (Shaftesbury), 35 D Woodgate (Luton), 37 M Goodwin (Bedford & C), 41 D Williamson (Bedford & C), 45 P Benedickter (Luton),
3rd Luton, 6th Bedford & C, 9th Shaftesbury,
Under 15 boys:
3 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 9 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 13 R Goodman (Shaftesbury), 14 J Burton (Bedford & C), 26 P Devaney (Bedford & C), 30 S Still (Luton), 31 D Murphy (Milton K), 39 F Bailey (Shaftesbury), 50 T Mead (Luton),
Teams: 3
rd Bedford & C, 6th Shaftesbury,
Under 13 boys:
1 K Mason (Bedford & C), 6 J McMurray (St. Albans), 9 C Uduinawala (Shaftesbury), 11 M Goddard (Chiltern), 12 J Dutton (Chiltern), 18 D Barraclough (Chiltern), 23 S Proctor (Bedford & C), 25 M Seddon (Bracknell), 26 A Wimbledon (Bracknell), 33 A Stenning (Chiltern), 35 O Poulain (St. Albans), 39 J Steel (Bedford & C), 41 S Redding (Milton K),
1st Chiltern, 2nd Bedford & C, 11th Shaftesbury, 15th Chiltern "B",
Senior ladies:
3 R Felton (Shaftesbury), 13 V Webster (Shaftesbury), 29 C Dickie (Windsor), 34 P Aukett (Shaftesbury), 41 S Cox (Milton K), 45 C Scott (Milton K), 48 L Butt (Chiltern), 50 E Ferenczi (Shaftesbury), 54 C Moss (Bedford & C), 56 T Neale (Burnham), 59 L Bromilow (Milton K), 61 V Samson (Dacorum), 63 E Caborn (Bedford & C), 71 C Bassill (Luton), 82 L Barker (Headington), 95 F Burge (Headington),
3rd Shaftesbury, 7th Milton K, 16th Headington,
Junior ladies: 12 N Peters (Bedford & C), 15 S Boast (Bedford & C), 21 C Miles (Shaftesbury), 27 S French (Milton K), 34 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury), 37 P Ryan (Shaftesbury), 41 A Edwards (Headington),
Under 17 ladies: 6 H Walker (Dacorum), 26 R Stedman (Windsor), 31 A Kean (Shaftesbury), 37 F Smith (Windsor), 42 L Lingley (Windsor),
3rd Windsor, 6th Shaftesbury,
Under 15 girls:
2 M Hawtin (Oxford), 3 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 8 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 12 A Austin (Bedford & C), 20 S Antoine (Harrow), 22 V Walker (Watford), 35 B Myers (Windsor), 37 E Jacques (Oxford), 45 E Roche (Milton K), 46 R Flory (Bedford & C), 49 A Burgin (Bedford & C),
2nd Bedford & C, 13th Shaftesbury,
Under 13 girls: 5 I Kempton (Oxford), 7 E Walton (Bracknell), 8 B Turton (Bracknell), 10 S Draper (Harrow), 12 K Mimms (Shaftesbury), 17 L Hawtin (Oxford), 22 Y Smart (Shaftesbury), 23 R Murray (Bedford & C), 27 E Croft (Windsor), 31 R Bryen (Oxford), 35 M McKenzie (Bedford & C), 36 I Vanzyl (Oxford), 39 M Angell (Bedford & C), 40 B Berger-North (Bracknell),
2nd Oxford, 4th Bracknell, 5th Bedford & C, 7th Shaftesbury, 13th Luton, 17th Milton K.

January 8th 2008 - UK Cross Challenge
News of Chiltern League athletes performing well in the above after 3 rounds. Luton's Daniel Clorley is currently second in the under 17 men's category, Windsor's Hayley Yelling is leading the ladies and Shaftesbury's Sarah Waldron is 4th in the junior ladies.

December 7th 2007 - Keith Dearing
I am sorry to have to announce the sudden death of Keith Dearing long time member of Watford Harriers and starter at their home Chiltern Leagues - see
Watford Harriers web site for more details.

December 6th 2007 - Notes after round 3
I hope you have all dried out after last Saturday! I think our thanks are due to Luton's officials who kept the event going when the weather took a turn for the worst and indeed I have had a few messages of appreciation. There were a few recording problems with the last four races due to wet sheets. Most of these seem to be resolved but I still don't know who finished last in the junior ladies race, the number appears to be 382 but the athlete who was declared with that number appears in 16th place.
In the English Schools Cup held at St. Albans on Saturday, league members Lincroft Middle won the junior boys event and their James Deane finished 3rd. Lincroft's junior girls team finished 7th.

November 12th 2007- Chiltern League 50th Anniversary
The 2008/2009 season will be the 50th for the league and I am looking for suggestions for ways to mark this. The league's first season was 1959/1960 and the first matches on October 17th 1959. At that time there were "A" and "B" divisions. Some early results are on the
League History page.
There are two alternatives on dates, either have some sort of special match in the 50th season 2008/2009 or around October 2009 which would be the anniversary. An obvious idea would be to have a special match on one of the league dates with separate awards. The match may or may not contribute to the season league score. If the latter were the case then the season results would be on four matches for that year and individual placings based on the best three out of the remaining four fixtures. The special match would perhaps be open to all including former league club members. It may have to have an extra fee to cover the cost of the extra awards.
I know that there has been talk of a joint match with the Met League. Several former Chiltern League clubs left to join the Met League when it started in the mid sixties. This may be an option for an anniversary match. It has been brought up as the basis for a round of the UK Cross Challenge but the idea was dropped when the series was cut back this year and the league was never formally approached. There would be some logistical problems to this idea. First the number of senior men would probably be 500 plus which would need a suitable course and finish to accommodate. The knock on of this would be that a large amount of parking space would be needed. The other problem is that the Met League run under 15 boys with under 17 men and under 13 girls with under 15 girls with joint team scoring. If the match was part of their series this would foul up their league scoring. If we were to approach the Met League we would have to do this before February as they have their AGM at or soon after the final match.
If you have any comments or ideas then please
email me.

November 12th 2007 - Notes after Round 2
We did have some problems with declarations this time round. Some sent in advance didn't arrive in my inbox until after the match. Also, some people didn't seem to know where I was located on the day. I did make some assumptions that some clubs used the same numbers as round 1 so please check the results; I have had some corrections already. I know there are some issues of ISP's not communicating well with MSN so perhaps if you are sending declarations in advance try copying them to also. Use the address as well and use the latter for other communications. At Luton I should be located in the room overlooking the track above the tea rooms so please hand in declarations there.
The number of finishers dropped by nearly 100 over round 1. The seniors remained steady but the youngsters dipped especially the under 13 girls and boys for some reason. I know there was the second round of the English Schools Cup but this is mainly for the older age groups.
Veterans declarations. Can team managers let me have dates of birth for any veterans who have competed so far this season and also anyone who will become a veteran this winter? I already had about 10 veterans who were entered in the wrong category on the declaration forms which my results software picked up and corrected from dates of birth. I sent a list of athletes and dates of birth already on my database in the pre season mailing.

November 4th - National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men:
3rd Bedford & C, 12th Harrow, 13th Shaftesbury, 23rd Bedford "B", 35th Shaftesbury "B", 39th Windsor, 47th Harrow "B",
Fastest laps: 7 A Baddeley (Harrow), 8 A Bowden (Harrow),
Junior men: 11th Windsor, 17th Shaftesbury,
Under 17 men:
3rd Luton, 4th Bedford & C, 9th Shaftesbury, 28th Shaftesbury "B", 44th M Milton Keynes, 46th Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
2 D Clorley (Luton), 8 R Parker (Bedford & C),
Under 15 boys:
2nd Bedford & C, 20th Shaftesbury, 30th Luton, 36th Bedford "B", 49th Dacorum,
Fastest laps: 10 D Goodman (Shaftesbury),
Under 13 boys:
2nd Shaftesbury, 4th Chiltern H, 8th Bedford & C, 29th Bedford "B", 45th Shaftesbury "B",
Fastest laps: 4 C Uduwawala (Shaftesbury), 9 K Mason (Bedford & C),
Senior ladies: 14th Bedford & C, 23rd M Milton Keynes, 48th M Milton K "B",
Fastest laps:
3 K Wootton (Bedford & C),
Junior ladies: 9th Shaftesbury, 11th Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 5 S Waldron (Shaftesbury),
Under 17 ladies: 21st Shaftesbury, 31st Bedford & C,
Under 15 girls:
2nd Bedford & C, 9th M Milton Keynes, 12th Shaftesbury, 33rd Bedford & C, 50th Dacorum,
Fastest laps:
3 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 7 M Wood (M Milton K),
Under 13 girls: 9th Bedford & C, 17th Shaftesbury, 25th Luton, 35th Dacorum, 36th M Milton Keynes, 46th Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: 4 K Mimms (Shaftesbury),
Full results on
ECCA web site

October 21st 2007 - National YA Road Relays at Sutton Park
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Under 17 men: 4th Luton, 5th Bedford & C, 6th Shaftesbury, 29th Shaftesbury "B", 31st Luton "B", 48th Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
1 D Clorey (Luton), 4 R Parker (Bedford & C),
Under 15 boys:
3rd Bedford & C, 17th Shaftesbury, 26th Bedford "B", 30th Luton, 41st Bedford "C", 48th Shaftesbury "B",
Fastest laps: 7= J Goodwin (Bedford & C),
Under 13 boys:
3rd Bedford & C, 8th Banbury, 16th Shaftesbury, 17th Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: 7 K Mason (Bedford & C),
Under 17 ladies: 14th Shaftesbury, 22nd Bedford & C,
UInder 15 girls: 8th Bedford & C, 25th Bracknell, 33rd Bedford "B", 37th Shaftesbury,
Fastest laps 10th A McKinnon (Bedford & C),
Under 13 girls: 8th Bracknell, 12th Shaftesbury, 18th Bedford & C, 25th Luton, 26th Bedford "B", 34th Banbury,
Fastest laps:
1 E Walton (Bracknell), 2= C McMillan (Banbury), 5 K Mimms (Shaftesbury),
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

October 20th 2007 - National Road Relays at Sutton Park
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 7th Bedford & C, 10th Shaftesbury, 36th Harrow,
Fastest laps: 11= A Bowden (Harrow),
Senior ladies: 4th Bedford & C, 15th Windsor, 33rd Shaftesbury, 50th Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
2 S Morris (Windsor), 3 H Yelling (Windsor), 13 K Wootton (Bedford),
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

October 20th 2007 - Results in PDF Format
I have now added results to the site in PDF format which some may prefer to the HTML and MS Word formats. The web site management suite allows me to see how many people are viewing which pages and currently the number of people viewing in HTML outnumbers those viewing in MS Word by about 8 to 1. The MS Word format is useful as, for example, team managers can save and edit copies highlighting their own athletes. I will keep a check on how many are viewing to see which formats to keep. You will need to download Abode reader to view the PDF files from their

October 15th 2007 - Notes after round 1
A thanks from Watford to the clubs who helped out on Saturday. They had a set of house keys handed in plus a blue track suit bottom. Contact
Vaughan Tayler.
The number of finishers didn't quite reach 1000 this time but the total of 969 was our fifth highest ever. The under 13 girls race had a record field. Interestingly enough, the under 15 and under 13 girls races both had more competitors than the under 15 and under 13 boys.
I had a request from Athletics Weekly a few days before the match that we give them first names in the results. This involved a few changes to the results software so that I could key in this information. Some of the results pages on the web will therefore have the full name and some not. It did involve me with having to virtually re-key the names of all athletes on the day of the match so some names may be misspelt and some age categories may be wrong. Please check the results and
email me with any corrections. I hope to have the software fully amended in time for the next match but I suspect the results is MS Word format may have to remain with initials only otherwise any printed copies I send out will require more pages and therefore exceed the weight limit on normal postage.
Advance entries. Thanks to those clubs who did send in advance entries even though the race numbers had not been issued - it helped a great deal. I did have a couple arrive after the match due to problems communicating between some email providers and mine but please do try. If team managers can try and send entries by Friday evening it does help to get results displayed in reasonable time at the venue. I can usually get all but the senior men's result displayed before athletes leave.

September 30th 2007 - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Day 2 results:
Senior ladies:
3rd Bedford & C, 6th Windsor, 13th Shaftesbury, 15th M Milton Keynes, 22nd Windsor "B",
Fastest laps:
2 S Morris (Windsor),
Veteran ladies:
1st Reading Roadrunners,
Fastest laps:
1 L. Hartney (Reading RR), 2 S Gee (Reading RR), 4 M Stedman (Reading RR),
Under 17 men:
1st Bedford & C, 3rd Luton, 6th Shaftesbury, 9th Harrow, 20th Luton "B", 23rd Windsor,
Fastest laps:
1 D Clorley (Luton), 3 R Parker (Bedford), 9 D Williamson (Bedford), 10 M Goodwin (Bedford),
Under 15 boys:
2nd Bedford & C, 10th Shaftesbury, 13th Vale of Aylesbury, 18th Bedford "B", 19th Wycombe, 21st Luton, 22nd Harrow, 23rd Bracknell,
Fastest laps: 6 P Devaney (Bedford & C), 7 K Chirurga (Bedford & C), 10 R Goodman (Shaftesbury),
Under 13 boys:
2nd Bedford & C, 8th Windsor, 10th Shaftesbury, 11th Luton, 12th Bedford "B", 15th Bracknell, 22nd Harrow, 25th Windsor "B",
Fastest laps: 6 C Uduinala (Shaftesbury), 7 W Johnson (Bedford), 9 A Wimbledon (Bracknell), 10 M Seddon (Bracknell),
Under 17 ladies: 7th Shaftesbury, 12th Bedford & C, 15th Windsor, 17th Bracknell, 21st Harrow,
Fastest laps: 10 L Lattimore (Harrow),
Under 15 girls:
2nd Oxford, 11th Bedford & C, 14th M Milton Keynes, 19th Windsor, 20th Bracknell, 22nd Shaftesbury, 24th Wycombe,
Fastest laps:
2 M Hawtin (Oxford), 3 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 7 M Wood (MMK),
Under 13 girls:
1st Oxford, 3rd Bracknell, 6th Shaftesbury, 7th Oxford "B", 8th M Milton Keynes, 10th Harrow, 11th Bedford & C, 14th Vale of Aylesbury, 15th Windsor, 18th Luton, 19th M Milton Keynes "B", 21st Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
2 S Draper (Harrow), 5 L Hawtin (Oxford), 6= R Byren (Oxford), 8 B Turton (Bracknell), 9 I Van Zyl (Oxford), 10th I Kempton (Oxford).
Full results on
Aldershot web site

September 29th 2007 - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men:
3rd Bedford & C, 7th Shaftesbury, 12th Harrow, 34th Windsor, 43rd Harrow "B", 45th Reading Roadrunners,
Fastest laps:
2= A Bowden (Harrow), 5 D Deed (Bedford),
Over 40 men:
2nd Bedford & C, 3rd Oxford, 9th Harrow, 15th Reading Roadrunners, 22nd Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
3 S Male (Oxford), 4 R Powell (Bedford), 7 S Overton (Oxford), 8 S Herring (Bedford), 9 A Turnbull (Bedford),
Over 50 men:
2nd Oxford, 12th Banbury,
Fastest laps:
3 B Green (Oxford), 6 R Grant (Oxford), 9 K McLellan (Luton),
Over 60 men:
1st Oxford, 2nd Oxford "B", 4th Burnham Joggers,
Fastest laps:
1 G Jones (Oxford), 2 M Welland (Oxford), 3 R Treadwell (Oxford), 4 D Parsons (Oxford).
Full results on
Aldershot web site

September 24th 2007 - UKA Review on the Future of Competition
These documents have been posted on the UKA web site -
click here to go to the page. Most of the review is concerned with track and field but I would draw league clubs attention to the proposed changes to age groups which would be relevant to cross country. See "Appendix 3 - Age Groups" for particulars. There is an email address on the web page for you to send comments.

September 19th 2007 - Pre Season Mailing
This has now been mailed to team managers. Omitted from the address list were the promotions/demotions from last season. Handy Cross and Silson are now in Division 1, Leighton Buzzard and Bearbrook are now in Division 2.

August 1st 2007 - League Venues
I will be announcing the venues for matches 2, 3 and 4 next winter shortly. However, it has become apparent that, whilst we are not exactly struggling for venues, a small number of clubs are taking on much of the work. Coupled with this is the problem that the league has grown by about 25% in the last few years which means that we can no longer use some venues due to the amount of traffic generated. We will be looking at a number of ways to overcome this. Some of the options are:
a) Have two or more clubs jointly hosting a match,
b) Request that clubs bring along at least one official to each match,
c) For at least one match have the seniors at one venue and young athletes at another so that we can use venues like Woburn Sands or Banbury again.
The Chiltern area has a lot of potential for new venues which can help keep the league "fresh" and hopefully these strategies might lead to more interesting courses.
If you have any comments please
email me.

June 22nd 2007 - League AGM Notes
The main item of discussion concerned the implications of some of our member clubs joining the Association of Running Clubs. Various diverse views were expressed to me in advance and at the meeting. This is an issue that is not going to be resolved in the short term and something that we must cope with some how. But nobody had any direct proposals to put to the AGM. The likely situation is that host clubs will apply for SEAA permits for each meeting (England Athletics permits aren't being issued yet) and, in theory, athletes who are not affiliated and are over 17 would have to pay the unattached levy. As this is unusual in a league (or any event) where the team pays a fee I will correspond with the SEAA about the situation.
Fixture dates are:
Oct 13th at Watford
Nov 10th
December 1st
January 12th
February 9th at Wing
I have had no offers yet for the middle three fixtures and would like to hear from any club willing to host.
Minutes will be mailed to team contacts shortly.

May 17th 2007 - AGM Reminder
A reminder that the League AGM will be held on Thursday June 21st. I will be sending out agendas and other documents to league contacts in a couple of weeks time. If anyone has any items they wish placed on the agenda can they (via their league contact or other officer of their club) let me know as soon as possible.

April 22nd 2007 - London Marathon and Mini Marathon Results
Leading results for Chiltern League athletes:
Senior men: 98 A Jackson (Shaftesbury) 2.37.41, 137 M Hollands (Maidenhead) 2.40.26, 161 C Steptoe (Aylesbury) 2.41.41, 201 D Brown (Chiltern) 2.43.56, 213 R Burton (Chiltern) 2.44.19, 245 P Stainer (Shaftesbury) 2.45.44, 281 S Williamson (Tring) 2.47.20, 328 C Finill (Harrow) 2.49.04, 349 R Ashe (Harrow) 2.49.27,
Senior ladies:
6 M Yamauchi (Harrow - 1st UK) 2.25.41, 8 L Yelling (Bedford & C - 2nd UK), 2.30.44, 58 M Lennon (Harrow) 3.00.17, 65 D Smale (Windsor) 3.01.07, 72 C Pusey (Burnham) 3.02.37, 95 S Amend (Handy Cross) 3.07.01, 106 J Preen (M Milton K) 3.07.52,
Mini Marathon Counties:
Under 18 men: 10 R Parker (Bedford & C), 24 D Williamson (Bedford & C),
Under 15 boys: 22 J Goodwin (Bedford & C),
Under 13 boys: 16 S Proctor (Lincroft MS),
Under 15 girls: 4 E Wallbank (Bedford & C),
Under 13 girls: 21 M Fielden (Bedford & C), 22 A Bergin (Lincroft MS),
Mini Marathon London Boroughs:
Under 18 men:
2 C Scott (Harrow),
Under 15 boys: 4 M Lewis (Harrow),
Under 13 boys: 21 J Rajkumar (Harrow),
Under 18 ladies:
1 M Bennington (WIndsor), 3 L Lattimore (Harrow), 11 S Brown (Harrow), 22 A Concannon (Harrow), 23 P Lowe (Harrow), 25 C Osborne (Harrow),
Under 15 girls: 24 K Brady (Harrow),
Under 13 girls:
1 S Draper (Harrow),
Full results on
London Marathon site.

April 19th 2007 - Fixtures for Winter 2007/2008
I have now spoken to a member of the Cross Country Commission about the recommended league dates for next winter. It seems that the date I was given for match 1 was incorrect and it will be October 13th. The recommended dates for matches 4 and 5 are still one week before the Southern and National Champs respectively. As it happens, Leighton Buzzard have had to book Wing for February 9th to secure the venue so will not be using the recommended date for match 5 instead leaving a two week gap before the National. I am recommending to clubs that we use January 12th for match 4 to leave a two week gap before the Southern.
The dates I am therefore proposing for next winter are:
October 13th, November 10th, December 1st, January 12th and February 9th.

April 14th 2007 - National 12/6 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 10th Shaftesbury, 15th Bedford & C, 26th disq Windsor,
Senior ladies: 8th Windsor, 11th Bedford & C,
Fastest laps:
2 S Morris (Windsor), 3 H Yelling (Windsor),
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

April 1st 2007 - Southern 12/6 Stage Road Relays at Milton Keynes
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men:
1st Shaftesbury, 7th Bedford & C, 17th Windsor, 23rd Oxford City, 30th Marshall Milton K,
Fastest long stages:
3rd K Kyereme (Shftesbury), 5th M Draper (Windsor),
Senior ladies:
1st Bedford & C, 3rd Shaftesbury, 9th Windsor, 13th Marshall Milton K,
Fastest laps:
1st J Wilkinson (Bedford & C), 2nd S Morris (Windsor), 5th V Webster (Shaftesbury), 6th J Ankier (Shaftesbury)
Full results on
Milton Keynes web site

March 24th 2007 - English Schools Champs at Leeds
Results for Chiltern League club athletes finishing in top 100. Let me know if I've missed anybody.
Senior boys: 10 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 69 I May (Windsor), 88 A Tovey (Windsor),
Inter boys: 7 C Scott (Harrow), 8 R Parker (Bedford & C), 36 D Williamson (Bedford & C), 49 J McDonnell (Leighton B), 51 R Glastonbury (Radley), 79 A Moore (Bracknell), 86 T Gillespie (Watford),
Junior boys: 18 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 20 K Chirunga (Bedford & C), 49 M Lewis (Harrow), 69 A Watson (Chiltern), 71 E Poulain (St. Albans), 73 G Miller (Radley), 76 T Mead (Luton),
Senior girls:
3 N Peters (Bedford & C), 57 S Boast (Bedford & C), 70 T Taylor (Milton K), 75 A Fox (Windsor), 81 R Cave (Bedford & C), 84 A Concannon (Harrow),
Inter girls: 25 L Lattimore (Harrow), 32 H Walker (Dacorum), 45 J Mansell (Stevenage), 48 A Heap (Wycombe), 75 S Wilkins (Milton K), 87 A McGurk (Bedford & C), 91 L Nyman (Harrow), 100 V Little (Stevenage),
Junior girls: 6 M Hawtin (Oxford), 12 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 18 A MacKinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 28 M Wood (Milton K), 33 B Swords (Oxford), 48 E Relton (Bedford & C), 51 P Woolven (Wycombe), 53 H Dewhurst (Stevenage), 63 V Walker (Watford), 66 D Anderson (Oxford), 81 C Stewart (Shaftesbury), 85 A Burgin (Bedford & C), 92 J Hedges (Bracknell),
Full results on
English Schools website

March 10th 2007 - National CC at Sunderland
Leading results for Chiltern League club athletes:
Senior men:
2 H Lobb (Bedford & C), 4 D Bannister (Shaftesbury), 9 D Deed (Bedford & C), 15 R Williams (Bedford & C), 20 O Jones (Bedford & C), 24 M Janes (Bedford & C), 42 N Hall (Bedford & C), 56 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 63 O Matthews (Bedford & C), 86 N Miller (Bedford & C), 95 C Riley (Bedford & C), 102 S Body (Bedford & C), 104 K Robertson (Shaftesbury), 113 J Trapmore (Shaftesbury), 117 W Grant (Shaftesbury), 124 D Nevins (Harrow), 130 D Lewis (Shaftesbury), 142 A Cross (Bedford & C),
2 Bedford & C, 6 Shaftesbury,
Junior men: 33 J Tuttle (Bedford & C), 68 A Inskip (Bedford & C), 89 B Corfield (Leighton B),
Under 17 men: 4 D Easter (Shaftesbury), 10 R Parker (Bedford & C), 22 B Collins (Shaftesbury), 34 S Benaim (Shaftesbury), 42 D Williamson (Bedford & C), 68 A Bellow (Bedford & C), 76 T Bryant (Shaftesbury), 97 M Willmott (Milton K),
3 Shaftesbury, 6 Bedford & C,
Under 15 boys: 9 Z Randall (Wycombe P), 17 N Fleming (Shaftesbury), 19 J McDonnell (Leighton B), 29 P Benedickter (Luton), 32 D Woodgate (Luton), 48 J Goodwin (Bedford & C),
Teams: 8 Luton, 15 Shaftesbury, 19 Bedford & C,
Under 13 boys: 26 G Sugars (Bedford & C), 27 J Williams (Bedford & C), 42 C Thornley (Bedford & C), 50 L Angel (Bedford & C), 51 K Mason (Bedford & C), 84 B Alcock (Bedford & C), 95 W Johnson (Bedford & C),
3 Bedford & C,
Senior ladies:
1 L Yelling (Bedford & C), 2 H Yelling (Windsor), 4 J Wilkinson (Bedford & C), 8 V Webster (Shaftesbury), 17 R Felton (Shaftesbury), 36 C Dickie (Windsor), 45 M Ellis (Shaftesbury), 95 E Ferenczi (Shaftesbury), 124 H Frizzell (Bedford & C),
Teams: 4 Shaftesbury, 12 Bedford & C,
Junior ladies: 23 S Bailey (Stevenage), 26 N Peters (Bedford & C), 48 L Goldsmith (Shaftesbury),
Under 17 ladies: 13 L Lattimore (Harrow), 36 T Taylor (Milton K), 37 A McGurk (Bedford & C), 39 S Boast (Bedford & C), 54 R Gardiner (Shaftesbury), 71 S Wilkins (Milton K), 72 L Rogers (Wycombe), 81 S Proffitt (Shaftesbury), 98 S Caunt (Bedford & C),
Teams: 8 Bedford & C,
Under 15 girls: 11 A MacKinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 33 E Relton (Bedford & C), 42 E Blackwell (Bedford & C), 50 V Walker (Watford), 98 S Culter (Bedford & C),
2 Bedford & C, 17 Shaftesbury,
Under 13 girls: 5 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 60 G Stewart (Shaftesbury), 99 B Fielden (Bedford & C),
Teams: 10 Bedford & C
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

March 4th 2007 - England Athletics and Association of Running Clubs Affiliation
I have already had several contacts from members clubs as to whether they would still be eligible to compete in the Chiltern League if they joined the ARC in preference to England Athletics. It is fairly obvious that a large number of clubs in the UK are looking at ARC as a serious option.
Ultimately, it is up to the member clubs whether the League accepts clubs irrespective of affiliation and no doubt it will be discussed at the League AGM scheduled for June 21st. The league is not constitutionally bound to any organisation. We were asked to send in a "registration" to the SEAA a few years ago but we have had no formal correspondence with that body since. Permits for matches are obtained from the SEAA on a match by match basis by host clubs.
A serious issue here is the question of permits and therefore insurance. UK Athletics intend to introduce new rules requiring more race officials to be qualified. Part of the reason ARC is being formed is because these rules would make it more difficult to organise events. I would ask Chiltern League clubs who host fixtures to look at these rules and let me know if they think they will be able to comply. If clubs find that they would be struggling to host matches then the League will be in trouble.
I am not going to go into arguments for and against affiliation to either body; that is up to individual clubs to weigh up the issues and decide for themselves.
If I am going to say anything as League Secretary it would be that I am very disappointed that UK Athletics have allowed their relationship with members' deteriorate to the point where clubs and whole sections of the sport (Fell Running or Road Running) are seriously considering splitting away. Even amongst clubs that are likely to stay with UK Athletics there is a large degree of discontent with the way the sport is being administered. The sheer volume of people speaking out makes it extremely difficult for UK Athletics to govern and develop the sport. I would hope that they urgently address this problem.
The Chiltern League has, over the years, developed pretty much as the ideal environment in which clubs and athletes can develop. We can cater for clubs ranging from some of the best in the country to small clubs in the area, and we can cater for athletes covering the full age and ability range who are likely to compete in cross country. We are able to provide good and numerically viable races in all age groups. I noticed recently that the Surrey League ran the few under 17 men, under 15 and under 13 boys run together all in one race! Several clubs have "grown up" in the league starting out as jogging clubs in the wake of the 1980's running boom and gradually developed young athletes sections with the help of the League's division structure. It would be a shame to undo all this good work for the sake of politics.
If you have any comments please
email me.

Februayr 28th 2007 - Problems with Winter Fixtures 2007/2008
I have now received an updated list of fixtures for next winter. Unfortunately, three of the recommended league dates have moved. Round 1 is now October 27th on the weekend between the National Road Relays and English Cross Country Relays. Round 4 is now January 19th instead of the 12th which puts it the week before the Southern Champs and Round 5 had moved from February 9th to the 16th the week before the National. I will enter into correspondence with the Cross Country Commission over these dates. It seems to me that clubs would prefer the original dates as they conflict less with the championships and indeed would provide a better warm up for them with longer gaps between dates. It also seems to me that more leagues were ignoring the recommended dates last winter which undermines the system of trying to place leagues all on the same weekend. If you have any comments please
email me.

February 24th 2007 - Results from Inter Counties Champs
Results for Chiltern League club athletes, let me know if I've missed anybody:
Senior men:
3 D Bannister (Shaftesbury), 68 O Jones (Windsor), 70 S Kimber (Windsor), 79 D Merckel (Oxford), 82 C Riley (Bedford & C), 92 N Miller (Bedford & C),
Junior men: 39 S Tuttle (Bedford & C),
Under 17 men: 25 R Parker (Bedford & C), 49 A Tovey (Windsor),
Under 15 boys: 9 J McDonnell (Leighton B), 20 Z Randall (Wycombe), 26 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 48 M Salt (Dacorum),
Under 13 boys:
3 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 21 G Sugars (Bedford & C), 27 J Williams (Bedford & C), 34 D Murphy (Milton K), 50 J McMurray (St. Albans),
Senior ladies:
1 H Yelling (Windsor), 12 S Morris ???? (Bedford & C), 35 S Bailey (Stevenage), 58 C Pusey (Burnham J), 59 E Leggate (Harrow), 60 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 77 C Willer (Watford), 96 C Scott (Milton K), 100 J Craft (Headington),
Junior ladies: 48 R Cave (Bedford & C),
Under 17 ladies: 11 H Walker (Dacorum), 17 L Lattimore (Harrow), 42 T Taylor (Milton K),
Under 15 girls:
2 M Hawtin (Oxford), 48 L Wye (Windsor),
Under 13 girls: 5 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 8 B Swords (Oxford), 11 C McMillan (Banbury), 23 M Wood (Milton K), 28 H Dewhurst (Stevenage),
Full results on
UK Athletics web site

February 19th 2007 - Notes after Round 5
Saturday's turnout was the second best ever for a round 5 match and probably would have been better if it wasn't for the Inter Counties next week. A watch was found on Saturday, contact Peter Wilkins 01280 816461 for details.
Many thanks for all the clubs who hosted this season. I am already looking around for clubs to host for next winter, please get in touch if you want to hold a fixture. I am always on the look out for new venues. Who hosted the Bucks, Berks and Oxon at Maidenhead this winter?
I've found out provisional dates for next winter, see the
Winter Calendar page.
The league AGM will be on the third Thursday in June which would be June 21st. If you have any motions to put before the AGM please
contact me by 31st May.

February 16th 2007 - Testing Times Ahead
As the season draws to a close storm clouds loom on the horizon. As most of you know the new England Athletics body takes on some of the responsibility for athletics governance in April. This will involve clubs in affiliating to this new body at an amount based on their club's membership and they are expected to register all their members with this body. At the same time a new organisation the Association of Running Clubs has started up in response to this offering an alternative club membership scheme and event permitting.
I know that some member clubs of the Chiltern League have widely differing views on this. Some of this is based on what may become expensive membership fees to register individuals with England Athletics when current funding runs out. And some of it is due to the increasing bureaucracy EA and UKA is introducing.
The Chiltern League's position is that the only affiliation it has was a "registration" we were asked to provide to the SEAA about five years ago. Permits for individual rounds of the league are obtained by hosting clubs direct to the SEAA and this provides event insurance.
It may be early and your club may not have made final decisions. But I would like to hear your views on this and I would like to know what clubs are likely to do about affiliation to one or both of these bodies. Please
email me.

January 27th 2007 Southern CC Champs at Holkham Hall, Norfolk
The senior men's race looked like a rerun of match at Slough! Leading results for Chiltern League athletes:
Senior men:
2 H Lobb (Bedford & C), 3 D Bannister (Shaftesbury), 4 D Deed (Bedford & C), 5 O Jones (Windsor), 8 W Levett (Bedford & C), 9 N Hall (Bedford & C), 10 R Williams (Shaftesbury), 14 D Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 17 N Addison (Shaftesbury), 27 O Edwards (Shaftesbury), 30 J Trapmore (Shaftesbury), 31 N Miller (Bedford & C), 37 C Riley (Bedford & C), 39 T Burke (Bedford & C), 43 S Herring (Bedford & C), 47 K Robertson (Shaftesbury), 48 S Kimber (Windsor), 54 T Jackson (Shaftesbury), 59 D Nevins (Harrow), 83 J Bignall (Harrow), 90 G Harris (Headington), 91 D Lewis (Shaftesbury),
1 Bedford & C, 3 Shaftesbury, 14 Headington,
Junior men: 4 M Grant (Shaftesbury), 8 J Drinkwater (Bedford & C), 14 T Best (Luton), 19 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 21 S Ellerby (Chiltern), 25 J Parslow (Shaftesbury), 26 J Hughes (Bracknell), 29 R Henderson (Bedford & C), 30 A Inskip (Bedford & C), 32 C Drinkwater (Bedford & C), 34 N McKetchnie (Stevenage), 42 D Poulton (Stevenage),
Teams: 4 Bedford & C,
Under 17 men:
2 D Easter (Shaftesbury), 4 R Parker (Bedford & C), 14 S Benaim (Shaftesbury), 18 N White (Windsor), 19 A. Tovey (Windsor), 30 M Willmott (M Milton K), 33 B Collins (Shaftesbury), 35 D Williamson (Bedford & C), 36 A Moore (Bracknell), 38 S Wallbank (Bedford & C), 43 A Bellew (Bedford & C), 45 T Bryant (Shaftesbury),
1 Shaftesbury, 4 Bedford & C,
Under 15 boys: 12 Z Randall (Wycombe), 13 J McDonnell (Leighton B), 22 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 29 N Fleming (Shaftesbury),33 P Benedickter (Luton), 36 P Devaney (Bedford & C), 40 S Sivia (Wycombe), 45 D Bianchi (Luton),
Teams: 5 Luton, 6 Bedford & C, 7 Wycombe, 12 Shaftesbury,
Under 13 boys:
1 Z Seddon (Bracknell), 3 J Oxenham (Bedford & C), 13 G Sugars (Bedford & C), 17 J Williams (Bedford & C), 27 L Angel (Bedford & C), 28 K Mason (Bedford & C), 38 C Thornley (Bedford & C), 39 B Shelley (Shaftesbury), 41 W Johnson (Bedford & C), 43 B Alcock (Bedford & C),
3 Bedford & C, 11 Shaftesbury,
Senior ladies:
3 V Webster (Shaftesbury), 16 C Willer (Watford), 22 J Clark (Windsor), 27 C Scott (M Milton K), 28 J Craft (Headington), 42 L Burton (Headington), 54 L Butt (Chiltern), 56 L Bromilow (M Milton K), 75 C Moss (Bedford & C), 86 N Chandler (Aylesbury),
Teams: 11 Headington,
Junior ladies: 5 N Peters (Bedford & C), 6 S Bailey (Bedford & C), 21 L Hurley (Shaftesbury), 23 L Cunningham (Stevenage),
Teams: only 2 teams finished
Under 17 ladies: 8 L Lattimore (Harrow), 10 J Mansell (Stevenage), 11 T Taylor (M Milton K), 12 A McGurk (Bedford & C), 17 S Wilkins (M Milton K), 23 R Stedman (Windsor), 28 L Rogers (Wycombe), 32 S Brown (Harrow), 33 R Gardner (Shaftesbury), 39 E Layton (Shaftesbury), 42 R Card (Aylesbury),
Teams: 7 Shaftesbury, 8 Bedford & C,
Under 15 girls: 8 S Connor (Shaftesbury), 17 E Relton (Bedford & C), 21 A Mackinnon-Austin (Bedford & C), 25 V Walker (Watford), 28 E Blackwell (Bedford & C), 34 A Wright (Bedford & C), 39 S Cutler (Bedford & C), 41 H Goodwin (Bedford & C),
2 Bedford & C, 9 Shaftesbury,
Under 13 girls: 6 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 15 S Antoine (Harrow), 24 S Draper (Harrow), 34 C Stewart (Shaftesbury), 36 D Annenburg (Harrow), 44 B Fielden (Bedford & C), 45 A Dalton (Bedford & C), 48 L Gilbert (Bedford & C),
3 Bedford & C, 5 Harrow, 12 Shaftesbury
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

January 13th 2007 Roger Kraushaar Obituary
It is with sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of former league Chairman and Secretary Roger Kraushaar on January 10th. As you may know he had been ill for some time.
After graduating from Cambridge University, a year at teacher training college then a short spell at Ilford Grammar, Roger settled at St. Nicholas Grammar (later to become Haydon) in Northwood where he taught French and Spanish. Whilst there he organised several inter schools cross country events for Hillingdon borough, Middlesex and the school's own promotions which took in schools from all over the South East. He was a former chairman of Old Gaytonians (now Harrow) AC and a team manager.
He was league secretary for nearly 20 years and took on the role of chairman on the passing of Frank Barber. His period as secretary covered the early 1980's when the running boom was taking off and numbers in the league almost doubled.
Although his athletics achievement was modest it was a unfailing servant to the sport for which he will be remembered.

December 4th 2006 Notes after Round 3
The number of finishers was down after the first two rounds. This usually happens at this time of year but there were again clashes with schools competitions around last week and next week and some athletes were saving themselves for the Southern Inter Counties next weekend. However, those that did run were treated to a new testing course at Culham. Hosts Headington would be interested in any comments you have on the course so
email them to me and I'll pass them on.

Note from the organiser:
We at Headington hope the new course was well received. We would welcome any comments from other clubs, whether about the venue, the site, the course or anything else that comes to mind. These can be taken into consideration should the venue be used again.
Please mail to
John Griffiths Race Director

November 17th 2006 Notes after Round 2
We again had more than 1000 finishers and if it had not been for a clash with round 2 of the English Schools Cup we would have been closer to the record. As some may recall, I did complain to the Cross Country Commission about this clash which was a result of the English CC Relays moving a week forward. I pointed out that this left only a two week gap between these relays and the YA Road Relays at Sutton Coldfield. The entry for the CC Relays was not affected but the number of finishers for the road relays was about 100 teams less than the previous time the event was held. Probably this was also due to the change of dates and the long gap since the previous edition.
We did have some recording problems in the senior men's race at Luton which have hopefully now been resolved. When you are finishing and the number takers are positioned by the funnel don't rush past them! There is still one unidentified runner in the under 13 boys race.
Information for round 3 should be available shortly. This is as the new venue near Culham. The venue is also being used for the Oxford Mail League the following day and there are some photos of the course on their
web site. Note however that the courses on the map on their web site will differ from the ones the Chiltern League will use.

November 4th National CC Relays at Mansfield
Results now appeared! Leading results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 6th Bedford & C, 13th Windsor, 19th Shaftesbury, 21st Bedford "B", 31st Harrow,
Junior men: 21st Bedford & C, 22nd Shaftesbury, 25th Harrow,
Under 17 men: 6th Shaftesbury, 11th Bedford & C, 12th Windsor,
Fastest: 5th R. Parker (Bedford & C),
Under 15 boys: 15th Chiltern H, 17th Bedford & C, 37th Dacorum & T,
Under 13 boys: 9th Bedford & C, 10th Bedford "B", 11th Dacorum & T, 14th Vale of Aylesbury, 28th Bedford "C", 33rd Dacorum "B",
Senior ladies:
3rd Bedford & C, 4th Shaftesbury, 32nd Milton Keynes, (Windsor finished 1st but H Yelling ran twice)
1st H. Yelling (Windsor), 2nd L. Yelling (Bedford & C),
Junior ladies: 10th Bedford & C,
Under 17 ladies: 20th Bedford & C, 28th Shaftesbury, 32nd Dacorum & T,
Under 15 girls: 4th Shaftesbury, 5th Bedford & C, 23rd Bedford "B",
2nd S. Connor (Shaftesbury),
Under 13 girls:
3rd Bedford & C, 28th Bedford "B",
Full results on
UK Athletics web site.

October 21st/22nd National Road Relays at Sutton Park
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs
Senior men: 7th Bedford & C, 23rd Shaftesbury, 40th Harrow,
Fastest: 4th A. Bowden (Harrow),
Under 17 men: 5th Bedford & C, 6th Shaftesbury, 30th Bedford "B",
Fatest: 6th R. Parker (Bedford),
Under 15 boys: 8th Bedford & C, 28th Shaftesbury, 36th Bedford "B",
Under 13 boys: 23rd Bedford & C,
Senior ladies: 9th Bedford & C, 14th Shaftesbury,
Fatest: 4th= J. Wilkinson (Bedford & C),
Under 17 ladies: 15th Shaftesbury,
Under 15 girls:
1st Shaftesbury, 3rd Bedford & C, 14th Bedford "B", 21st Windsor, 30th Shaftesbury "B",
2nd S. Connor (Shaftesbury),
Under 13 girls: 12th Harrow, 13th Bedford & C, 26th Bedford "B", 44th Shaftesbury,
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

October 16th 2006 - Notes after Match 1
The number of finishers exceeded 1000 for the third time although it was not a record, 1044 compared with 1078 this time last year. The under 11 girls and under 20/17 ladies races had record fields. The under 15 boys had 80 finishers; the previous best I have found was 78.
The web site had to be moved last week for technical reasons, fortunately I was able to access the old site to put a link to the new site. I think I have now transferred everything but if you spot anything missing let me know.

October 6th 2006 - Paul Dimmock
It is with great sadness that I report the passing of regular Chiltern League competitor Paul Dimmock of Leighton Buzzard. He collapsed and died later in hospital, immediately following a run with Leighton Fun Runners on Tuesday.
Paul was well loved and greatly respected within both clubs and indeed the wider running community. His unflagging enthusiasm for racing, supporting and encouraging running was a great inspiration to all around him.
He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. A message board for Paul has been set up on the
Leighton Buzzard web site.

September 23rd/24th 2006 - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 6th Bedford & C, 13th Windsor, 23rd Harrow, 47th Bracknell, 48th Harrow "B",
Fastest laps: 9th A. Bowden (Harrow),
Male Over 40: No CL clubs finished,
Male Over 50:
3rd Oxford City, 12th Banbury, 15th Luton,
Fastest laps: 7th R. Grant (Oxford), 8th J. Exley (Oxford),
Male Over 60:
1st Oxford City,
Fastest laps:
1st G. Jones (Oxford), 5th C. Rutland (Oxford),
Under 17 men:
3rd Bedford & C, 8th Windsor, 9th Harrow, 12th Wycombe, 19th Vale of Aylesbury,
Fastest laps:
2nd R. Parker (Bedford), 5th= N. White (Windsor),
Under 15 boys: 9th Bedford & C, 10th Wycombe, 11th Chiltern H, 12th Luton, 24th Bracknell, 25th Harrow,
Fastest laps:
2nd Z. Randall (Wycombe),
Under 13 boys:
2nd Bedford & C, 4th Chiltern H, 8th Vale of Aylesbury, 10th Bracknell, 11th Windsor,
Fastest laps:
1st Z. Seddon (Bracknell), 4th G. Sugars (Bedford), 6th J. Bennington (Windsor),
Senior ladies: 4th Bedford & C, 19th Milton Keynes, 34th Windsor,
Fastest laps: 4th J. Wilkinson (Bedford),
Veteran ladies:
2nd Windsor,
Under 17 ladies: 4th Milton Keynes, 9th Bedford & C, 12th Windsor,
Under 15 girls:
2nd Oxford City, 3rd Bedford & C, 6th Windsor, 13th Bedford "B", 19th Bracknell, 21st Wycombe, 29th Vale of Aylesbury, 33rd Windsor "B", 35th Bracknell "B", 38th Watford,
Fastest laps:
1st M. Hawtin (Oxford), 5th H. McGurk (Bedford),
Under 13 girls:
2nd Bedford & C, 5th Milton Keynes, 6th Windsor, 10th Bracknell, 13th Oxford City, 15th Harrow, 16th Bracknell, 18th Wycombe, 22nd Vale of Aylesbury,Fastest laps: 3rd M. Wood (Milton K), 6th E. Meekins (Bedford),
Full results on
Aldershots web site

September 5th 2006 - Pre Season Mailing
The pre season mailing will be sent to club contacts in the next couple of weeks. Can you let me know of any changes to contact details (name, address, phone number, email address). If you can download
declaration sheets and results from the web site please let me know as this will save on postage. Email me.

July 28th 2006 - Apex Sports Change of Address
Our sponsors, Apex Sports, will be moving to the following address from August 2nd:
1 Prospect Court, Beaconsfield Road, Farnham Common, Bucks, SL2 3QQ.
No change to phone/fax/email. They will be holding a re-launch weekend 4th/5th August.

July 12th 2006 - North of the Thames Championships
Further to my comments earlier in the year, there was an AGM of the Association this week. The idea of an inter League competition or a filler meeting in March to plug the gap in the fixture programme hasn't been acted up due to insufficient interest. Next season there will be just one NotTh race on January 20th provisionally at Kingsbury. There will be races for senior/junior men, senior/junior ladies, under 17 men, under 15 boys. If there is interest there may be under 17 ladies and under 15 girls races. The Association is keen to attract entries from clubs who formerly competed and this covers virtually all the Chiltern League clubs north of the river Thames. For more information
email Laurie Kelly.
On the subject of an inter league race, this is still a possibility for a 50th anniversary Chiltern League meeting. Some of the current Met League clubs and their predecessors competed in the Chiltern League before the Met League was formed. I have already had one enquiry from an athlete who competed in the League in the early days as to what we might be doing to celebrate the 50th season which is a couple of years away. Something for you to think about!

June 16th 2006 - Notes from League AGM
It was reported that this had been our most successful season in terms of participation. Young athletes race distances, it was decided that we should use the National CC Champs as a guideline as these would be the distances the youngsters should be aiming for - see
League Information for revised distances.
Fixtures - it was felt that, although the recommended league date of the final fixture (Feb 17th) was one week before the Inter Counties, there were likely to be some county schools champs in the week before Feb 10th so the later date would be the lesser of two evils. The fixtures are therefore:
Oct 14th (Watford), Nov 11th (Luton), Dec 2nd (Culham-Thames new venue provided by Headington), Jan 13th (venue tbc), Feb 17th (Wing).
It was agreed that we would ask clubs to indicate lady vets over 55 to see if it was worthwhile making awards in this category. They will still quality for the over 45 age group if we decide not to make awards for over 55's.

April 23rd 2006 - League AGM
This will be as usual on the third Thursday in June, Thursday June 15th. Motions for the agenda should be submitted via club secretaries or league contacts to be with me by May 27th. We will bring up the subject of race distances at the AGM, my recommendation is that we will use the maximum distances being used in the Southern and National CC Champs for the young athletes age groups with an allowance that they can be up to 500m under distance. If you have any comments please
email me.

April 23rd 2006 - London Marathon and Mini Marathon
Results for Chiltern League clubs
Men: 15 H Lobb (Bedford & C) 2.15.38, 688 C Riley (Bedford & C) 2.34.39
Ladies: 6 M Yamauchi (Harrow) 2.25.13, 13 A Braham (Harrow) 2.40.38, 17 I Thornburgh (Milton K) 2.48.43, 44 J Preen (Milton K) 2.56.06,
Results by 5 year veterans categories not yet available
Mini Marathon Counties:
Boys 15-17: 11 R Parker,
Boys 13-14: 21 J McDonnell, 22 D Woodgate,
Boys 11-12:
1 J Goodwin, 23 J Oxenham, 25 J Williams,
Girls 15-17: 18 N Peters, 23 S Simpson,
Girls 13-14: 8 H McGurk,
Girls 11-12: 3 E Wallbank, 18 E Meekins, 23 C Lewis,
Mini Marathon London Boroughs:
Boys 15-17: 6 C Scott, 18 M Judson, 26 I May,
Boys 13-14: 13 T Paterson,
Boys 11-12: 15 M Lewis,
Girls 15-17: 6 M Bennington, 8 L Lattimore, 18 E Hennessy, 19 S Brown,
Girls 13-14: 20 T Daniels-Moss,
Girls 11-12: 11 D Annenberg, 29 N Foster,
Full results on
London Marathon site.

April 8th 2006 - National 12/6 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 33rd Harrow, 36th Bedford & C, 46th Oxford City,
Senior ladies: 16th Bedford & C,
Full results on
Sportsoft web site

March 26th 2006 - Southern 12/6 Stage Relays at Milton Keynes
Leading results for Chiltern League clubs
Senior men:
2nd Bedford & C, 18th Oxford City, 20th Harrow,
Fastest long: 5th E Ernest-Jones (Bedford & C), 6th D Deed (Bedford & C),
Fastest short: no CL runners in top 6
Senior ladies:
2nd Bedford & C, 4th Marshall Milton Keynes,
3rd M Lee (Milton K), 5th R Gibbs (Bedford & C), 6th N Sykes (Bedford & C).
Full results on
Marshall Milton Keynes web site

March 25th 2006 - English Schools at Mansfield
Leading Chiltern League athletes (let me know if I've missed anyone):
Senior boys: 26 T Best,
Inter boys:
2 R Parker, 10 C Scott, 35 N White, 39 P Howarth,
Junior boys: 38 P Benedickter,
Senior girls: 22 C Gaspar, 24 S Bailey, 28 T Muir, 50 N Peters,
Inter girls: 12 T Taylor,
Junior girls: 5 M Hawtin, 7 B Swords, 10 H McGurk,
Full results on
English Schools website

March 11th 2006 - Inter Counties Champs at Nottingham
Results have now (eventually) appeaed - leading results for Chiltern League athletes, let me know if I've missed anybody.
Senior men: 12th D Deed, 35th D Dalmedo, 58th O Jones, 89th D Hamblin, 90th R Lee, 93rd S Kimber,
Senior men 4km: 28th O Matthews,
Under 20 men: 43rd R Larsen,
Under 17 men: 46th I May,
Under 15 boys:
2nd R Parker, 6th D Clorley,
Under 13 boys: 24th P Devaney, 45th Z Seddon, 50th J Goodwin,
Senior ladies: 36th R. Gibbs, 73rd C Boosey, 76th P Prescott, 97th P Fudge,
Under 20 ladies: 8th N Sykes, 19th S Bailey, 31st C Gaspar, 36th T Muir,
Under 17 ladies: 22nd T Taylor, 31st N Peters, 33rd S Simpson,
Under 15 girls: 8th B Swords, 15th H McGurk, 49th S Tyers,
Under 13 girls:
3rd M Hawtin, 16th E Wallbank, 36th D Anderson, 39th B Myers, 48th M Wood.
Full results on
UK Athletics web site

February 25th 2006 - National CC Champs at Parliament Hill
Leading results for Chiltern League athletes:
Senior men: 14 D Deed (Bedford & C), 54 W Levett (Bedford & C), 59 S Body (Bedford & C), 78 S Kimber (Windsor), 82 O Matthews (Bedford & C), 89 L Cadman (Bedford & C), 93 N Miller (Bedford & C), 95 R Lee (Windsor), 103 D Hamblin (Vale of Aylesbury), 108 D Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 128 A Wray (Harrow), 131 D Nevins (Harrow),
Teams: 5 Bedford & C,
Junior men: 21 R Franzese (Harrow), 26 A Whetstone (Milton K), 34 A Inskip (Bedford & C), 46 R Taylor (Vale of Aylesbury), 53 C Drinkwater (Bedford & C), 62 S Ellerby (Chiltern), 65 T Beedell (Chiltern),
Under 17 men: 10 D Griffiths (Radley), 21 I May (Windsor), 23 T Best (Luton), 27 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 30 N Quigley (Luton), 31 A Tovey (Windsor), 54 N White (Windsor),
Teams: 5 Windsor, 13 Luton, 22 Bedford & C,
Under 15 boys: 4 D Clorley (Luton), 6 R Parker (Bedford & C), 32 A Bellew (Bedford & C), 69 D Woodgate (Luton),
Teams: 9 Bedford & C, 10 Luton,
Under 13 boys: 5 P Devaney (Bedford & C), 21 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 36 C Esdon (Leighton B), 39 J Oxenham (Bedford & C), 61 L Keeble (Stevenage), 66 D Murphy (Milton K), 71 A Watson (Chiltern),
2 Bedford & C, 11 Chiltern,
Senior ladies: 16 R Taylor (Windsor), 63 P Prescott (Bedford & C), 91 L Butt (Chiltern), 127 C Donald (Maidenhead), 137 S James (Maidenhead), 139 A Brownhill (Maidenhead),
Junior ladies: 4 N Sykes (Bedford & C), 16 R Gibbs (Bedford & C), 28 T Muir (Bedford & C), 31 S Bailey (Stevenage), 47 L Licietis (Milton K),
1 Bedford & C, 4 Dacorum,
Under 17 ladies: 31 N Peters (Bedford & C), 42 T Taylor (Milton K), 46 R Cave (Bedford & C), 55 S Simpson (Luton), 60 E Hennessy (Harrow), 72 P Hattam (Dacorum),
Under 15 girls:
2 B Swords (Oxford), 13 H McGurk (Bedford & C), 21 E Blackwell (Bedford & C), 37 J Mansell (Stevenage), 38 A Heap (Wycombe), 48 A McGurk (Bedford & C), 49 A Wright (Bedford & C), 50 F Giddins (Milton K), 63 H Giddons (Milton K),
2 Bedford & C, 24 Dacorum,
Under 13 girls:
1 M Hawtin (Oxford), 14 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 16 B Myers (Chiltern), 34 D Anderson (Oxford), 56 P Woolven (Wycombe), 57 E Meekins (Bedford & C), 64 J Livesey (Milton K), 73 L Burke (Windsor),
Teams: 9 Bedford & C, 11 Milton Keynes, 24 Harrow, 25 Watford
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

February 13th 2006 - Notes after round 5
We had the best ever turnout for a final round match at Wing beating the previous best by more than 100. Thanks for everyone who contrbuted this season which turned out to be our best ever. Twice the number of finishers exceed 1000. Trophies not collected will be posted on in the next couple of week.
The league AGM will be on Thursday June 15th. Motions for the agenda should be submitted via club secretaries or league contacts to be with me by May 27th.

Saturday January 28th 2006 - Southern CC Champs at Exmouth
Leading results for Chiltern League runners:
Senior men:
2 W Levett (Bedford & C), 4 D Deed (Bedford & C), 8 D Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 16 J Adam (Leighton B), 20 O Matthews (Bedford & C), 63 S Phillips (Bedford & C), 67 D Nevins (Harrow), 68 S Herring (Bedford & C), 71 J McMahon (Bedford & C),
1 Bedford & C,
Junior men: 11 R Franzese (Harrow), 23 R Taylor (Aylesbury), 28 J Drinkwater (Bedford & C), 35 C Drinkwater (Bedford & C), 36 R Larsen (Bracknell), 49 B Corfield (Leighton B),
Under 17 men: 11 A Tovey (Windsor), 18 S Tuttle (Bedford & C), 21 N White (Windsor), 30 J Hughes (Bracknell),
Teams: 6 Windsor,
Under 15 boys:
1 R Parker (Bedford & C), 16 A Moore (Bracknell), 25 A Bellow (Bedford & C), 41 M Goodwin (Bedford & C)
Teams: 5 Bedford & C,
Under 13 boys: 8 J Goodwin (Bedford & C), 13 P Devaney (Bedford & C), 45 J Oxenham (Bedford & C),
Teams: 4 Bedford & C
Senior ladies: 9 C Boosey (Aylesbury), 21 R Taylor (Windsor), 25 C Dickie (Windsor), 33 P Prescott (Bedford & C), 37 B Hopewell (Bedford & C), 45 J Clark (Windsor), 58 M Edwards (Windsor),
Teams: 5 Windsor,
Junior ladies: 7 R Gibbs (Bedford & C), 16 S Bailey (Stevenage), 21 E Gibbs (Bedford & C),
Under 17 ladies: 12 T Taylor (M Milton K), 13 L Cara (Aylesbury), 31 R Gardiner (Watford),
Under 15 girls: 6 H McGurk (Bedford & C), 12 E Blackwell (Bedford & C), 14 A McGurk (Bedford & C), 16 S Cutler (Bedford & C), 17 S Wilkins (M Milton K), 41 R Cara (Aylesbury), 42 C Miller (Bracknell),
2 Bedford & C,
Under 13 girls: 7 E Wallbank (Bedford & C), 19 M Wood (M Milton K).
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Monday January 9th 2006 - Notes after round 4
We didn't have another record turnout on Saturday (round 4 last season was a record which was later exceeded in round 1 this season) but it was the second best ever turnout for a round 4 match.
Don't forget that round 5 will be run to a special timetable with the senior men's race early to facilitate results production in time for the end of season presentations.
Thanks for your replies concerning race distances. We will bring up the subject at the AGM but it is likely that we will use the maximum distances being used in the Southern and National CC Champs for the young athletes age groups.

Wedneaday December 21st 2005 - North of the Thames Championships
I have been involved in some discussions concerning the above with a view to revitalising the competition for the 2006/2007 season. Those of you old enough to remember will recall that it used to have entries and venues stretching from Oxford across to Ipswich. In recent years it has mainly just involved clubs from the north London area.
One option is to fill a large gap that has emerged in the fixture calendar in March. If you are not involved in the National, Inter Counties or English Schools there is very little inter club competition left at this time of year and probably too long a gap between winter and summer seasons. Even more so as the National Young Athletes Road Relays are moving to October.
The idea I have floated is to use the sixth recommended league date which we currently don’t use and extend the idea of a Chiltern League versus Met League fixture and have the North of the Thames as a kind of inter league match. In the spirit of the North of the Thames tradition where there were numerous barring clauses, the competition would be for athletes not involved in the major championships. Formal barring clauses might be impractical so “barring” may have to be on trust, that is to say clubs would be sensible enough not to allow athletes (especially young athletes) to compete if they were involved in the other major races.
If you have any comments then please
email me.

Wednesday December 7th 2005 - Race Distances
Comment has been made upon the race distances we are running in the young athletes age groups. I must admit it is not something I have been paying much attention to as I am usually totally occupied processing the results on race day. A couple of years ago the "equal opportunities" question was raised as to whether girls should be able to run the same distances as boys. It seems that quite a number of events including championships are having boys and girls running the same distances for the same age group. Recommended race distances are published on the league web site. However, the young athletes distances have never been a voting issue in the league. We have conformed to the UKA regulations. The issue is whether the girls should run the same or a lesser distance than the boys. There is a concern that a lesser distance will be easier and preferable for girls. The counter argument is that, if championships are being run at the same distance as the boys, then other races should do so too. If you have any comments please
email me.

Monday December 5th 2005 - Comments after Round 3
Once again thanks to those of you who sent in entries in advance. The number of finishers dipped below 900 this time after being over 1000 for the first two matches. But this was still the best ever turnout for a round 3 match.
One thing that could do with enhancement is the report for Athletics Weekly. As I am stuck in a room out of the way processing the results I don't get to see what is happening or to talk to team managers or athletes as much as I would like to. If any of your athletes finish in the top 3 in the senior races or under 20 ladies (the races that usually get commentary in AW) then any notes of interest or comment on how the race went for your athletes would be useful. I usually email the results to AW on Sunday afternoon so comments by Sunday morning would be appreciated.

Saturday December 3rd 2005 - Lincroft Middle win English Schools Cup
Congratulations to Lincroft Middle School who won the English Schools Cup at Leeds Grammar today. Tim Mitchell 2nd, Mat Bergin 13th, Sam Brown 18th, Will King 42nd, Josh Walker 55th, Bryn Stamp 77th. This gave them a score of 75 points. Second (by 1 point) were Ermysted school, Skipton 76 points, 3rd Allertonshire School, Northallerton 84 points. Hastingsbury School, Kempston, were placed 2nd in the Inter Girls.
For the first time ever, Thornton College, a small independent girls school, near Milton Keynes and Buckingham competed in the Cup Final at Leeds. They finished a very commendable 15th team in the Inter Girls with Sophie Wilkins of Milton Keynes leading the team home with a fine 8th place.

Monday November 28th 2005 - Geoff Robinson obituary
It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of Geoff Robinson of Banbury Harriers. Geoff was a great long time supporter of the League, always willing to let us use the course at Banbury, often as the end of season match for Division Two. His son Ian has provided a few words about his father:
After a 2 year battle with cancer, Geoff Robinson died peacefully on 3 November 2005. Geoff had been a member of Banbury Harriers over 25 years - as a committee member for most of that time and chairman for the last 5 years. As well as being a level 3 coach and a grade 3 field official, he was also a qualified sports masseur and Banbury Harriers team manager for the Chiltern League and Midland Men's T&F League for as long as anybody can remember. In addition, he played a major part in the organisation of all of Banbury Harrier's promotions - various Track & Field league and open meetings, Banbury 5, 10 and 15 mile road races and many cross-country events - including the popular Chiltern League fixture for many years. Athletics was his enduring passion, as all who met him and were inspired by him will agree. Geoff maintained his involvement right to the end, and his death is a huge loss to his club and to the sport.

Saturday November 12th 2005 - English Schools Cup
Lincroft Middle School's Junior Boys and Girls teams won the Regional round
of the English Schools Cup held at Cokethorpe School, Witney on Saturday.
They now go forward to the National Finals at Leeds Grammar School on the
3rd December.

Saturday November 12th 2005 - National CC Relay Results from Mansfield
Senior Men: 13th Bedford & C, 32nd Harrow, 54th Luton, 70th Bedford "B",
Fastest: 5th A. Bowden (Harrow),
Under 20 men: 4th Harrow, 19th Bedford & C,
Under 17 men: 9th Windsor, 20th Luton, 28th Bedford & C, 43rd Bedford "B",
Under 15 boys: 12th Luton,
1st R. Parker (Bedford team dnf), 2nd= D. Clorley (Luton),
Under 13 boys: 8th Bedford & C, 26th Bedford "B",
Senior Ladies: 4th Windsor, 29th Bedford & C, 36th Bedford "B",
2nd R. Ryan (Windsor),
Junior ladies:
1st Bedford & C, 17th Bedford "B", 24th Milton Keynes,
1st N. Sykes (Bedford), 2nd K. Wootton (Bedford), 4th H. England (Oxford/Birmingham Univ),
Under 17 ladies: 18th Bedford & C, 25th Bedford "B", 36th Luton,
Under 15 girls: 21st Bedford & C, 30th Dacorum,
Under 13 girls: 17th Bedford & C, 28th Dacorum, 38th Dacorum "B",
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Monday November 7th 2005 - Advance Declarations and other notes after match 2
A big thank you to everybody who helped out on Saturday. The number of finishers again exceeded 1000. As noted below, our numbers now exceed the Gwent League, previously the biggest league in the country. As a comparison with the various West Midlands Leagues, the Birmingham & District (senior men) on Saturday had 689 finishers and the Midland Womens 155 (numbers may be slightly out as some of the UK Challenge finishers were not clearly identified). The Birmingham & Dist has some 54 member clubs. The West Midlands YA League last week had 540 finishers compared with 633 in the Chiltern League at match 1.

Mentioning the UK CC Challenge, Oxford's Melissa Hawtin had a convincing win in the under 13 girls race there.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me their declarations in advance, either with the new software or otherwise. Some of you had difficulty downloading the software from the web site probably due to your PC's security settings. I can send the software on CD if you email me with your postal address. One CD per club please to save money, but more than one team manager can use it and send in declarations.

You can email your declarations anytime Friday evening. I will make a last "collection" about 9am Saturday morning before departing to the venue. However, some ISP's can be slow delivering so do not rely on emailing me at 8.45am!

I still had difficulty producing results on the day given the volume of entries; the senior mens results were not available before everybody disappeared. I am working on some improvements in the software to try and rectify this.

Lost property: two jackets were found at RAF Halton, they will be available for collection at Luton.

Saturday October 22nd 2005 - National Road Relay results from Sutton Park
Senior Men: 10th Bedford & C, 21st Harrow, 42nd Bedford "B",
Senior Ladies: 3rd Bedford & C, 7th Windsor, 33rd Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: 3rd L. Yelling (Bedford & C), 4th H. Yelling (Windsor).
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Saturday October 15th 2005 - Record League Turnout
The number of finishers topped 1000 at Watford today for the first time in the League's 46 year history. The (provisional) total of 1078 beat the previous best of 918 by a large margin. It is just as well that we decided to split the under 11 race as numbers doubled over this time last year.
I await the results of the Gwent League tomorrow (Sunday) to see if we are now the top league in the country. I should add that the comparison isn't 100% fair because some "combinations" of complementary leagues (e.g. in the West Midlands Mens/Ladies/YA's and Surrey Mens/Ladies) have a similarly large number of participants. I think we are probably higher now than the Surrey Leagues. Watch this space!
October 26th - Gwent League results finally all appeared on their web site - they had 903 finishers in total which is 150+ less than the Chiltern League.

Saturday September 24th/Sunday September 25th 2005 - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 4th Bedford & C, 5th Harrow, 15th Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
3rd A. Bowden (Harrow),
Vets over 40: 4th Oxford, 6th Harrow, 22nd Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 4th S. Male (Oxford), 5th J. McMahon (Bedford & C),
Vets over 50:
1st Oxford, 10th Oxford "B", 14th Banbury,
Fastest laps:
3rd R. Grant (Oxford),
Vets over 60:
1st Oxford,
Fastest laps: 5th C. Rutland (Oxford), 6th M. Welland (Oxford),
Senior ladies:
1st Windsor, 8th Bedford & C, 24th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps:
3rd L. Yelling (Bedford & C), 5th S. Morris (Windsor),
Vets over 40:
2nd Windsor,
Fastest laps: 6th P. Fudge (Windsor),
Under 17 men:
3rd Windsor, 4th Luton, 13th Harrow, 15th Windsor "B",
Fastest laps: 6th= N. White (Windsor),
Under 15 boys:
1st Bedford & C, 10th Harrow, 13th Wycombe P, 17th Chiltern H, 18th Bracknell,
Fastest laps:
1st R. Parker (Bedford & C),
Under 13 boys:
2nd Bedford & C, 9th Windsor, 10th Harrow, 11th Bedford "B",
Fastest laps:
1st= M. Bergin (Bedford & C),
Under 17 ladies: 7th Bedford & C, 15th Vale of Aylesbury, 19th Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: 5th N. Peters (Bedford & C),
Under 15 girls:
2nd Bedford & C, 6th Windsor, 10th Milton Keynes, 14th Bedford "B", 17th Bracknell, 18th Windsor "B",
Fastest laps: 4th H. McGurk (Bedford & C),
Under 13 girls:
1st Oxford City, 6th Bedford & C, 7th Milton Keynes, 12th Windsor, 14th Chiltern H,
Fastest laps:
1st M. Hawtin (Oxford C), 3rd= E. Wallbank (Bedford & C), 6th B. Myers (Chiltern).
Full results on
Aldershot web site

Wednesday September 21st 2005 - Athletics Discussion Forum
A new(ish) discussion forum is available on the Athletics Weekly web site. This is probably the best site for a forum after UK Athletics closed theirs probably due to comments made about an alleged drug offender. So if you want to air your views go to
Athletics Weekly web site.

Thursday June 16th 2005 - League AGM Notes
It was reported that we had our best ever season in terms of numbers competing. This was largely in the young athletes section, the numbers in the senior races have stayed steady over the past few years. The league had a surplus of 83.91 for the season and therefore subs will not need to rise. However, match expenses doubled this season over last year largely due to increased fees for first aid facilities. It was agreed that the sponsorship from Apex Sports would continue for another two seasons. The under 11 race will be split into separate boys and girls events due to increased numbers, the under 11 girls would start at 12.30, the under 11 boys at 12.45.
The league dates would be as recommended by the UK Cross Country Commission, namely:
October 15th (Watford), November 5th (RAF Halton), December 3rd (venue tba), January 7th (Stowe), February 11th (Wing),
The young athletes courses at Wing would be amended next season after comments made this year. Thanks were given to officials from visiting clubs who helped out his winter; it would be useful if officials could be available in future. We need to keep better track of the whereabouts of the league trophies, if anyone has possession of any which were not presented this year please can they
email the league secretary.

Saturday April 23rd 2005 - AAA 12/6 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 4th Bedford & C, 31st Harrow,
Fastest short laps:
2nd A. Bowden (Harrow),
Senior ladies: 7th Windsor, 15th Bedford & C.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Thursday April 21st 2005 - League AGM
The League AGM will take place on Thursday June 16th. If any clubs want to place an item on the agenda they should inform me by
email or post (12 Warden Avenue, Harrow, Middx, HA2 9LW) by Monday May 30th. Already on the agenda will be the question of splitting the under 11 event into separate girls and boys races.

Sunday April 17th 2005 - London Marathon and Mini Marathon
Results for Chiltern League clubs. Results were in 10 year age bands not 5 year.
Men: 13th H. Lobb (Bedford & C) 2.14.33, 60th N. Miller (Bedford & C) 2.29.49,
1st C. Steptoe (Aylesbury) 2.39.51,
1st P. Radcliffe (Bedford & C) 2.17.42, 10th M. Yamauchi (Harrow) 2.31.52, 14th L. Yelling (Bedford & C) 2.37.42, 19th S. Morris (Bedford & C) 2.40.18,
Under 18 men London:
1st G. Clancy, 13th I May,
Under 16 men London: 16th P. Royle,
Under 14 boys London: 5th M. Lewis,
Under 18 ladies London: 11th E. Hennessy,
Under 16 ladies London:
2nd L Lattimore,
Under 14 girls London: 14th T. Daniels-Moss, 15th L. Nyman,
Under 16 boys County: 15th D. Clorley,
Under 14 boys County: 7th P. Devaney, 9th J. Goodwin, 16th M. Bergin,
Under 18 ladies County: 4th N. Sykes,
Under 16 ladies County: 16th E. Blackwell,
Under 14 girls County:
1st H. McGurk, 10th A. Wright,
Full results on
London Marathon website

Saturday March 12th 2005- English Schools CC Champs at Norwich
Results for Chiltern League club athletes. If I've missed anyone in the top 50
email me.
Senior boys: 26th A. Inskip, 41st T. Comerford, 52nd R. Franzese, 54th J. Murray, 68th R. Taylor,
Inter boys: 34th I. May, 40th D. Griffiths, 42nd R. Heaney, 59th N. White,
Junior boys: 9th R. Parker, 16th M. Booth, 17th A. Moore, 19th W. Langley,
Senior girls:
3rd N. Sykes, 16th T. Muir, 19th H. England, 27th C. Plateau, 29th C. Gaspar, 61st L. Gibbs, 84th S. Bailey,
Inter girls: 10th T. Taylor, 30th S. Simpson, 44th A. Fox, 59th R. Cave, 66th E. Hennessy, 92nd C. Gaspar, 97th C. Hunt,
Junior girls: 14th S. Wilkins, 15th L. Lattimore, 16th H. McGurk, 20th B. Swords, 43rd H. Goodwin, 52nd S. Cutler, 69th J. Mansell, 72nd A. Heap, 73rd S. Tyers, 94th E. Blackwell,
Full results on the
English Schools website

Saturday March 5th - Inter Counties CC Champs at Nottingham
Results for Chiltern League clubs. If I've missed anyone in the top 100 (seniors long courses) or top 50 (other age groups)
email me.
Senior men: 21st D. Deed, 23rd G. Blackman, 42nd M. Janes, 55th P. Wicks, 63rd O. Matthews,
Senior men 4km: 33rd Adam Bowden,
Junior men: 14th R. Franzese, 15th T. Stanley, 39th A. Whetstone, 48th J. Drinkwater,
Under 17 men: 18th S. Goodwin, 25th T. Comerford,
Under 15 boys: 13th P. Howarth, 27th D. Clorley, 37th N. White,
Under 13 boys: 39th H. Mitchell, 42nd J. Goodwin, 43rd P. Manning,
Senior ladies:
1st H. Yelling, 5th M. Yamauchi, 17th S. Morris, 74th C. Boosey,
Senior ladies 4km:
3rd H. Dean, 12th L. Vaughan, 18th H. Beard, 20th K. Wootton,
Junior ladies: 6th N. Sykes, 19th H. England,
Under 17 ladies: 22nd T. Muir, 29th C. Gaspar, 32nd S. Bailey, 49th Y. Lala,
Under 15 girls:
2nd T. Taylor, 19th S. Simpson, 30th L. Lattimore, 41st S. Wilkins,
Under 13 girls:
1st H. McGurk, 3rd M. Hawtin, 13th B. Swords, 24th H. Goodwin, 34th E. Blackwell.
Full results see
UK Athletics web site

Saturday February 19th - National CC Champs at Birmingham
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 33rd W. Levett (Bedford & C), 49th M. Janes (Bedford & C), 58th Gary Blackman (Harrow), 112nd C. Riley (Bedford & C), 114th N. Miller (Bedford & C),
Teams: 9th Bedford & C,
Junior men: 26th L. Cadman (Bedford & C), 53rd T. Stanley (Bedford & C),
Teams: 7th Bedford & C,
Under 17 men: 45th T. Best (Luton), 47th J. Murray (Bedford & C), 58th R. Heaney (Bedford & C),
Teams: 10th Luton, 14th Bedford & C,
Under 15 boys: 20th D. Clorley (Luton), 27th N. White (Windsor), 53rd M. Booth (Wycombe), 58th W. Quick (Harrow),
Teams: 11th Harrow, 21st Bedford & C,
Under 13 boys:
3rd C. Lambert (Milton K), 20th S. Richards (Vale of Aylesbury), 43rd N. Lingley (Chiltern), 47th G. Brown (Harrow), 52nd P. Benedickter (Luton), 56th J. Goodwin (Bedford & C),
Senior ladies:
1st H. Yelling (Windsor), 3rd H. Dean (Radley), 11th S. Morris (Bedford & C), 41st G. Horne (Windsor), 42nd K. Waterson (Bedford & C), 86th C. Pusey (Burnham J), 93rd R. Taylor (Windsor), 97th C. Rooney (Milton K), 102nd K. Crickmore (Windsor), 111th C. McMahon (Luton), 117th V. Quincey (Dacorum), 126th L. Butt (Chiltern), 135th J. Benham (Milton K), 137th G. Duckworth (Leighton B), 148th S. Crispey (Bedford & C),
Teams: 6th Windsor, 10th Bedford & C,
Junior ladies: 4th H. Beard (Stevenage & NH), 27th C. Boosey (Vale of Aylesbury),
Teams: 7th Milton Keynes,
Under 17 ladies: 25th T. Muir (Bedford & C), 45th C. Gaspar (Milton K), 50th S. Bailey (Stevenage & NH), 57th R. Cave (Bedford & C), 64th N. Peters (Bedford & C), 76th E. Gibbs (Bedford & C),
Teams: 6th Bedford & C,
Under 15 girls:
3rd T. Taylor (Milton K), 9th S. Simpson (Luton), 27th S. Wilkins (Milton K), 28th L. Lattimore (Harrow), 56th A. McGurk (Bedford & C), 60th E. Hennessy (Harrow), 65th F. Giddins (Milton K), 68th L. Rogers (Wycombe), 72nd D. Samuels (Stevenage & NH),
Teams: 6th Milton Keynes,
Under 13 girls:
3rd H. McGurk (Bedford & C), 15th H. Goodwin (Bedford & C), 21st E. Blackwell (Bedford & C), 42nd K. Trewhella (Windsor), 48th L. Nyman (Harrow), 52nd S. Cutler (Bedford & C), 69th B. Myers (Chiltern), 75th R. Wood (Milton K),
1st Bedford & County.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Saturday Janaury 29th - Southern CC Champs at Parliament Hill
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 1st H. Lobb (Bedford & C), 3rd D. Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 8th D. Deed (Bedford & C), 14th P. Wicks (Windsor), 27th N. Miller (Bedford & C), 29th M. Janes (Bedford & C), 31st S. Herring (Bedford & C), 50th G. Blackman (Harrow), 60th R. Leb (?) (Windsor), 72nd T. Burke (Bedford & C), 88th C. Riley (Bedford & C), 91st G. Smith (Windsor),
Teams: 1st Bedford & C, 25th Watford,
Junior men: 6th L. Cadman (Bedford & C), 9th A. Whetstone (Milton K), 11th T. Stanley (Bedford & C), 14th R. Franzese (Harrow), 16th A. Inskip (Bedford & C), 23rd G. Wilcox (Milton K),
Teams: 2nd Bedford & C,
Under 17 men: 24th T. Best (Luton), 26th I. May (Windsor), 32nd J. Murray (Bedford & C), 37th S. Tuttle (Bedford & C), 41st R. Henderson (Bedford & C),
Teams: 4th Bedford & C, 8th Luton,
Under 15 boys: 6th P. Howarth (Luton), 11th W. Quick (Harrow), 13th N. White (Windsor), 22nd M. Booth (Wycombe), 26th T. Barbour (Windsor), 34th D. Chorley (Luton), 46th S. Rynn (Harrow), 49th J. Rooney (Milton K),
Teams: 4th Harrow, 15th Milton Keynes,
Under 13 boys: 3rd C. Lambert (Milton K), 25th P. Benedickter (Luton), 28th J. Goodwin (Bedford & C), 30th A. Shelley (Chiltern), 31st C. Mitchell (Bracknell), 37th O. Campbell (Chiltern), 38th G. Brown (Harrow), 40th M. Lewis (Harrow), 50th S. Clark (Bedford & C),
Teams: 6th Chiltern H, 8th Harrow, 10th Milton Keynes, 15th Bedford & C,
Senior ladies: 7th L. Tanner (Bedford & C), 17th G. Horne (Windsor), 22nd K. Waterson (Bedford & C), 41st C. Rooney (Milton K), 67th C. Hume (Windsor), 79th L. Pringle (Windsor), 86th L. Bromilow (Milton K),
Teams: 9th Bedford & C, 11th Windsor,
Junior ladies: 1st N. Sykes (Bedford & C), 2nd H. Beard (Stevenage), 7th R. Gibbs (Bedford & C), 24th L. Licietis (Milton K),
Teams: only Aldershot closed
Under 17 ladies: 7th T. Muir (Bedford & C), 14th C. Gaspar (Milton K), 21st S. Bailey (Stevenage), 30th E. Gibbs (Bedford & C), 36th R. Cave (Bedford & C), 39th Y. Lala (Windsor), 50th N. Peters (Bedford & C),
Under 15 girls: 2nd T. Taylor (Milton K), 9th S. Simpson (Luton), 11th L. Lattimore (Harrow), 16th S. Wilkins (Milton K), 20th L. Card (Aylesbury), 21st A. McGurk (Bedford & C), 23rd F. Giddins (Milton K), 25th L. Bowers (Bracknell), 30th C. Gaspar (Milton K), 40th A. Fox (Windsor), 44th R. Card (Aylesbury), 45th R. Stedman (Windsor), 46th A. Smith (Milton K), 48th S. Boast (Bedford & C), 49th A. Concannon (Harrow),
Teams: 2nd Milton Keynes, 4th Harrow, 6th Windsor, 12th Vale of Aylesbury,
Under 13 girls: 2nd H. McGurk (Bedford & C), 7th H. Goodwin (Bedford & C), 10th K. Trewhella (Windsor), 11th E. Blackwell (Bedford & C), 12th L. Millett (Milton K), 17th A. Wright (Bedford & C), 18th R. McClay (Bracknell), 21st L. Nyman (Harrow), 22nd H. Giddins (Milton K), 28th C. Millar (Bracknell), 30th J. Livesey (Milton K), 32nd S. Cutler (Bedford & C), 35th H. Spencer (Windsor), 44th R. Griffiths (Chiltern),
Teams: 1st Bedford & C, 3rd Milton Keynes, 4th Windsor, 11th Harrow.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Monday January 10th - Under 11 races
The under 11 races have increased in popularity this year with 100 or more finishers. This is becoming more of a problem for the recorders and especially timekeepers with so many competing over such a short course. We will probably have to consider, for next season, splitting the races into separate male and female events. If you have any comments please
email me.

Sunday January 9th - Record Leage Turnout Again
Surprisingly for the fourth fixture in the season, yesterday's turnout at Watford was another record. There were 918 finishers compared with 896 at RAF Halton in match one this winter. I guess there were a lot of Christmas puddings that needed running off!

Saturday December 4th 2004 - English Schools Cup at Oswestry
Lincroft Middle School finished 4th in the junior boys race. Chiltern's Alex Shelley was 16th and Oliver Campbell 18th representing Dr. Challoners. Lincroft's leading runner was Sam Brown in 19th. Bedford & County's Hannah Goodwin and Holly McGurk finish 1st and 2nd in the junior girls race representing Robert Bruce Middle. Windsor's Andrea Fox was 5th in the intermediate girls and Vale of Aylesbury's Lou Card 19th.

Wednesday November 17th - Triathlon
Just to let you know, I competed in the Ironman Florida on November 6th and finished in a time of 15hours58mins23secs. 4th GB Lady Finisher. The event consisted of a 3.8km Sea Swim/112 Mile Bike/Marathon run to Finish.
Debbie Knott, Biggleswade AC

Saturday November 13th - ESAA CC Cup Semi Finals
Roger Edwards reports: Lincroft School's Junior Boys team won the Regional round of the English Schools Cup held at Huntingdon on Saturday.  They now go forward to the National Finals at Oswestry on the 4th December. Unfortunately, their girls team finished in 4th place so have not qualified. The junior girls race was a very high standard, the Beds & county runners H.Goodwin and H.McGurk finishing 1st and 2nd in the race.

Saturday November 6th - English CC Relays at Mansfield
Results for Chiltern League clubs (1 team win, one second place, one third place, 3 fastest or equal fastest laps):
Senior men: 13th Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 6th= A. Bowden (Harrow - team dnf after leading on leg 3),
Junior men: 7th Bedford & C, 16th Bedford "B", 19th Milton Keynes, 31st Harrow,
Under 17 men: 26th Luton, 27th Bedford & C,
Under 15 boys: 10th Luton,
Under 13 boys: 7th Chiltern H, 16th Bedford & C,
Senior ladies: 3rd Bedford & C, 25th Bedford "B",
Fastest laps: 1st= L. Yelling (Bedford),
Junior ladies: 1st Bedford & C, 15th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps: 1st K. Wootton (Bedford), 6th N. Sykes (Bedford),
Under 17 ladies: 10th Bedford & C, 27th Milton Keynes, 28th Bedford "B",
Under 15 girls: 6th Milton Keynes, 26th Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 1st= T. Taylor (Milton Keynes),
Under 13 girls: 2nd Bedford & C, 24th Bedford "B", 30th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps: 2nd H. McGurk (Bedford),
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Sunday October 31st - Lost Property
A pair of Adidas size 6 spikes belonging to an under 13 boy was taken from the venue. If anyone knows of their whereabouts please contact P Manning 01235 847449.
I have some items of lost property from RAF Halton, if anyone want to claim them then
email me.

Saturday October 23rd - AAA Road Relays
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 12th Bedford & C, 29th Windsor,
Senior ladies: 2nd Windsor, 5th Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 2nd H. Yelling (Windsor), 7th M. Yamauchi (Harrow),
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Saturday October 9th - Record turnout in Chiltern League
The turnout for the first round of the league today was again another record, there were 896 finishers compared with 859 for match 1 this time last year. The increase was in the young athletes races which had 56 more finishers than last year, the senior races were down by 19. Turnouts figures are given on the
League Development page.
Many thanks to all the officials who turned out today and made the meeting such a success. Apart from those from the host club, Vale of Aylesbury, several came from visiting clubs.
Some of you have spotted the deliberate mistake on the pre season mailing, match 4 is on Saturday January 8th not the 18th!

Sunday September 26th - Southern Road Relays
3 team titles for Chiltern League clubs and fastest 3 laps in under 13 girls event.
Leading Chiltern League club results:
Senior men: 4th Bedford & C, 6th Harrow, 14th Windsor, 29th Milton Keynes, 34th Headington, 38th Harrow "B", 39th Luton,
Fastest laps: 6th M. Smart (Harrow),
Over 40: 15th Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 2nd J. McMahon (Bedford & C),
Over 50: 2nd Oxford City,
Fastest laps: 3rd R. Grant (Oxford City),
Over 60: 7th Burnham Joggers,
Fastest laps: 3rd K. Scudamore (Burnham J),
Under 17: 7th Bedford & C, 8th Windsor, 13th Bracknell, 15th Harrow,
Fastest laps: 6th J. Murray (Bedford & C),
Under 15: 1st Windsor, 16th Milton Keynes, 17th Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 2nd= N. White (Windsor),
Under 13: 9th Milton Keynes, 11th Bedford & C, 16th Harrow, 19th Bracknell,
Senior ladies: 1st Bedford & C, 4th Headington, 6th Windsor, 19th Headington "B",
Fastest laps: 4th S. Morris (Bedford & C), 5th S. Morris (Windsor),
Under 17: 9th Bedford & C, 17th Windsor,
Under 15: 11th Windsor, 15th Bedford & C, 18th Windsor, 20th Vale of Aylesbury,
Fastest laps: 5th T. Taylor (Milton K),
Under 13: 1st Bedford & C, 2nd Oxford City, 4th Milton Keynes, 6th Bedford "B", 10th Windsor, 18th Milton K "B", 20th Harrow,
Fastest laps: 1st H. Goodwin (Bedford), 2nd M. Hawtin (Oxford), 3rd H. McGurk (Bedford), 6th L. Millett (Milton K),
Full results on
Aldershot's web site

Wednesday September 1st - New league members for 2004/2005
We welcome two new members to the league for next season. Stevenage & North Herts have moved to us from the Icknield League and Lincroft Middle School, who attended some of last winter's fixtures as guests, have now joined as members. Both will help boost the young athletes races. The pre season mailing will be sent to team managers in the next 7 to 10 days. If your contact details are changing for the new season please
email me as soon as possible.

Wednesday September 1st - December fixtures
Some of you will have noticed that the latest SEAA newsletter lists the Southern Inter Counties as being on December 4th which would have clashed with the third round of the league. We have been contact with the SEAA and this is in fact a mistake, the Inter Counties will take place on December 11th as December 4th was listed as a recommended league weekend this year.

Friday June 18th - Notes from League AGM
A review was made of the under 11 event after the first year - everybody agreed that the age group had been a success and it would continue in the same format.
Fixture dates would be October 9th, October 30th, December 4th, January 8th, February 12th. We would not use the recommended league date for the January fixture as it was on the weekend between the County Champs and the Southern. The League Secretary would write to the Cross Country Commission expressing a desire for leagues to not be on a weekend before a major championship. Venues: Oct 9th RAF Halton, Oct 30th Oxford Horspath (tbc), Dec 4th Luton Stockwood Park (tbc), Jan 8th Watford (tbc), Feb 12th Wing. After the problems securing venues over the last two seasons a number of clubs had stepped forward with offers and we are nearly in the position of being able to use each once every two seasons. However, due to the increasing costs of using these venues and a more "professional" approach from the St. Johns Ambulance we would have to put up the subs by 20. We could have left it for a year but we would be cutting too deeply into our reserves.
Mention was made of the Foster report and the likely imposition of a Membership Scheme. It had not been possible to determine how this would affect the league but Richard Inchley thought the onus would be on clubs to ensure athletes competing were registered.
Full minutes will be sent to league contacts in the next few days.

Friday June 4th - League AGM notices
AGM notices are now on their way to club contacts. If you don't get one or if your contact name is changing please
email me.

Tuesday May 4th - League AGM
The League AGM will be held on Thursday June 17th 7.30pm at Bannister Stadium, Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Harrow. If clubs have any motions or rule changes they wish placed on the agenda please inform be by
email or letter by May 28th. AGM notices will be sent to club contacts the first week in June.

Saturday April 24th - AAA 12 Stage and 6 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park
Mens teams: 4th Bedford & County
Ladies teams: no CL clubs competed
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Sunday April 18th - London Marathon
Results provisional:
Senior men: 19th H. Lobb (Bedford & C) 2.15.49, 51st J. Lawler (Bedford & C) 2.24.46,
Over 50: 3rd C. Steptoe (Vale of Aylesbury) 2.41.50,
Over 60: 2nd C. Rees (Tring) 3.02.40,
Senior ladies: 13th J. Lodge (Windsor) 2.34.49, 14th M. Lee (Milton K) 2.35.51, 17th M. Yamauchi (Harrow) 2.39.16,
Mini Marathons - London Boroughs
Under 18 men: 4th M. Carey (Harrow), 20th I. May (Windsor),
Under 15 boys: 11th J. Cotton (Windsor), 14th C. Scott (Harrow),
Under 13 boys: 13th M. Goodman (Harrow),
Under 18 ladies: 6th L. Fairweather (Harrow), 13th L. Torok (Windsor),
Under 15 girls: 7th M. Bennington (Windsor),
Under 13 girls: 7th L. Nyman (Harrow),
Full results on
London Marathon website.

Sunday April 4th - League dates for 2004/05 season
The SEAA have now moved their Inter Counties match to the weekend of December 11th in view of the fact that the weekend of Dec 4th is a recommended league weekend. Dec 4th now looks clearer than it did before. I am getting feedback that people have a preference for Jan 8th rather than Jan 22nd for round 4 so that the league is not sandwiched between the County Champs and Southern Champs. As the weekend of Jan 8th had been county weekend last year it should be pretty well clear. If you have any more comments then please
email me.

Sunday April 4th - Southern 12 Stage and 6 Stage Road Relays at Milton Keynes
Leading Chiltern League club results
Men: 2nd Bedford & County, 8th Windsor, 14th Bedford "B", 20th Luton, 21st Milton Keynes, 30th Harrow,
Fastest long stages: 4th S. Body (Bedford), 5th M. Janes (Bedford), 11th H. Lobb (Bedford), 15th W. Levett (Bedford), 19th S. Overall (Windsor),
Fastest short stages: 7th L. Cadman (Bedford), 9th N. Miller (Bedford), 16th D. Castle (Milton K),
Ladies: 1st Bedford & County, 5th Headington, 6th Windsor, 10th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps: 1st L. Yelling (Bedford), 4th K. Wootton (Bedford), 5th M. Lee (Milton K), 10th L. Tanner (Bedford), 11th A. Hirst (Headington), 14th J. Craft (Headington), 18th S. Morris (Bedford), 20th T. Galbraith (Headington).
Full results on
Milton Keynes web site

Sunday April 4th - AAA Young Athletes Road Relays at Sutton Park
Leading Chiltern League club results
Under 17 men: 3rd Bedford & County, 19th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps: 6th T. Stanley (Bedford),
Under 15 boys: 14th Windsor, 19th Bedford & County,
Under 13 boys: 12th Harrow, 14th Milton Keynes, 18th Bedford & County, 27th Windsor,
Fastest laps: 5th C. Scott (Harrow),
Under 17 ladies: 13th Bedford & County,
Fastest laps: 6th= C. Gaspar (Milton K - team dnf),
Under 15 girls: 8th Bedford & County, 29th Windsor,
Under 13 girls: 2nd Bedford & County, 15th Bedford "B", 18th Windsor, 20th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps: 4th H. McGurk (Bedford).
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Monday March 29th - League dates for 2004/05 season
It now appears that the SEAA Inter Counties match will be on the weekend of December 4th, i.e. the same weekend as the recommended date for leagues(!) It could well be that, with fixture clashes, the date we may need to have round 3 of the Chiltern League is December 11th. If you have any comments then please
email me.

Friday March 19th - League dates for 2004/05 season
I announced a few weeks ago the likely recommended league dates for next season, these were October 9th, October 30th, December 4th, January 22nd and February 12th.
Problems with the third and fourth fixtures have been pointed out to me. The December 4th date clashed at least with the English Schools Cup and this was also the weekend the SEAA Inter Counties match was on last year, although I have not seen a date for this year's match. The January 22nd date falls between the recommended County championships weekend and the Southern Championships while January 8th is pretty well free.
Normally we would stick to the recommended league weekends as the area we cover is quite large and not using them could cause some clubs problems. However, the dates mentioned above don't seem to have been well thought out.
I know that the Met League at least will be using November 27th and January 8th for their third and fourth round matches. I would therefore like clubs to consider the position and
email me with any comments they may have on the fixture dates.

Saturday March 13th - English Schools at Maidstone
Results for Chiltern League athletes - if I've missed anyone who finished in the top 100
email me.
Senior boys: 5th A. Whetstone, 33rd L. Smyth, 47th R. Franzese, 82nd C. May,
Inter boys: 20th J. Murray, 24th R. Larsen, 32nd T. Comerford, 51st M. Sutton, 65th C. Drinkwater, 91st R. Henderson, 98th I. May,
Junior boys: 2nd P. Howarth, 53rd S. Rynn, 84th N. Gilbert, 95th T. Barbour, 98th D. Chorley, 99th J. Lyman,
Senior girls: 5th N. Sykes, 19th G. Turtle, 93rd L. Licietis,
Inter girls: 24th S. Waldron, 43rd A. Wilde, 47th E. Wright, 79th S. Bailey, 82nd C. Gaspar,
Junior girls: 5th T. Taylor, 27th A. McGurk, 28th S. Simpson, 38th L. Bowers, 60th L. Card, 65th D. Watts, 82nd M. Lloyd, 84th S. Wilkins, 85th A. Fox, 87th S. Boast, 97th J. Kafke,
Full results on the
English Schools website

Saturday March 6th - Inter Counties CC Champs at Nottingham
Results for Chiltern League club athletes:
If I've missed anyone in the top 100 (seniors long courses) or top 50 (other age groups)
email me.
Senior men long: 48th Adam Bowden, 49th M. Janes, 67th Alex Bowden, 72nd S. Body, 80th M. Beerling,
Senior men short: 2nd A. Baddeley, 8th S. Haughian, 12th G. Blackman, 22nd M. Draper, 37th C. Bannon,
Junior men: 23rd A. Whetstone, 34th G. Taylor, 40th M. Smart,
Under 17 men: 6th T. Stanley, 11th A. Inskip, 32nd J. Murray, 48th R. Franzese
Under 15 boys: 38th P. Howarth, 48th R. Heaney,
Under 13 boys: 10th C. Scott, 14th D. Chorley, 16th N. Gilbert, 24th G. Scott, 37th G. Tilley,
Senior ladies long: 1st K. Butler, 3rd H. Yelling, 6th J. Lodge, 8th M Yamauchi, 35th J. Craft, 39th A. Hirst, 43rd L. Tanner, 62nd C. McMahon, 89th C. Boosey, 96th G. Horne, 99th R. Kett, 100th E. Leggate,
Senior ladies short: 13th R. Iannone, 15th L. Vaughan,
Junior ladies: 2nd K. Wootton, 10th G. Turtle, 36th R. Gibbs,
Under 17 ladies: 16th N. Sykes, 28th C. Gaspar, 30th E. Wright, 47th L. Fairweather,
Under 15 girls: 13th T. Taylor, 21st S. Simpson,
Under 13 girls: 2nd M. Hawtin, 4th H. Goodwin, 5th A. McGurk, 9th H. McGurk, 19th B. Swords, 50th A. Wright.
Full results see
UK Athletics web site

Saturday February 21st - National CC Champs at Leeds
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 17th H. Lobb (Bedford & C), 23rd W. Levett (Bedford & C), 30th D. Deed (Bedford & C), 42nd M. Janes (Bedford & C), 90th D. Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 93rd N. Miller (Bedford & C), 96th R. Lee (Windsor), 98th P. Farmer (Luton), 103rd D. Branfoot (Harrow), 110th S. Herring (Bedford & C), 132nd A. Bowden (Harrow),
Teams: 4th Bedford & C,
Junior men: 19th P. Wicks (Windsor), 44th S. Phillips (Bedford & C),
Teams: 10th Bedford & C,
Under 17 men: 7th A. Inskip (Bedford & C), 23rd T. Stanley (Bedford & C),
Teams: 7th Bedford & C,
Under 15 boys: 15th P. Howarth (Luton),
Teams: 20th Luton,
Under 13 boys: 18th G. Tilley (Milton K), 21st J. Lyman (Milton K),
Senior ladies: 25th J. Wilkinson (Bedford & C), 34th A. Hirst (Headington), 50th C. McMahon (Luton), 56th G. Horne (Windsor),
Junior ladies: 23rd C. Boosey (Aylesbury), 29th R. Gibbs (Bedford & C),
Under 17 ladies: 9th H. England (Oxford C), 21st C. Gaspar (Milton K),
Teams: 6th Milton Keynes,
Under 15 girls: 15th S. Simpson (Luton), 18th T. Taylor (Milton K), 39th D. Watts (Bedford & C),
Teams: 14th Bedford & C,
Under 13 girls: 6th H. Goodwin (Bedford & C), 14th H. McGurk (Bedford & C), 16th A. McGurk (Bedford & C), 23rd S. Wilkins (Milton K), 28th A. Smith (Milton K), 48th L. Lingley (Chiltern),
Teams: 3rd Bedford & C.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Wednesday February 18th - Provisional Fixtures for 2004/2005 Season Announced
The provisional fixtures for next season have been announced. The recommended league dates are October 9th, October 30th, December 4th, January 22nd and February 12th. So the middle three will be on different weekends to this season. The January date is "interesting" as it has been put between the County and Area Championships leaving the weekend of the 8th relatively blank. As usual, there is a sixth recommended date in March which the Chiltern League (and most others) do not use.
I will be chasing for venues in the not too distant future to ensure we don't have the problems we had this season. Anyone who wants to volunteer a venue or make comment on the fixture programme please
email me.
Please note that dates given referred to "the weekends of" so some may actually be on the Sunday of the weekend. Full list on the
Winter Calendar page.

Sunday February 15th - Comparison of UK Cross Country Leagues
After some people raised questions as to whether we are one of the country's largest leagues, I have had a trawl through Athletics Weekly and various web sites to see how many participate in other leagues and what age groups each provide for.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any results for the Surrey Men's and Women's Leagues, our "rivals" in the South East, but I found data on most of the other major leagues. Below is a link to a page giving, in rough geographic order, a list of the leagues. The number of finishers in round 1 for each this season are given where known. If I have no results I have put a tick in columns where I know age groups are provided for. An arrow in a column indicates and age group included in the next age group up.
Not surprisingly, the various Midland leagues in combination (Birmingham & District, Midlands Women's and West Midlands YA) have the highest level of participation. Next comes the Gwent League, but they include a number of schools and colleges which boosts their number. So out of the rest where I have results, we would rank 3rd. Any other data or web site links would be useful so I can make this list more inclusive. AW doesn't report on under 11 results so I don't know how many leagues provide for it where I haven't found results.
The other interesting fact I have come across is that we are the only league, other than the Surrey men's, that has divisional competition for young athletes. In the case of the Surrey League it has been a matter of debate as to whether they should have combined division races for the youngsters, at the moment under 15 boys have to compete with under 17 men due to low numbers. Where other leagues have divisions they only apply to the senior age groups. Of leagues with divisions, only the Birmingham and District and the Surrey Men's now have races at separate venues (in the case of Surrey Divs. 3 and 4 are at the same venue).
Later: Martin Duff informs me that the Surrey Men's League has about 140 senior men per division. The YA races are "appalling in numbers", about 30 over all age groups in Div. 1. The Surrey Women's League has between 250 and 280 seniors per match and a "better" number of young athletes. So in total there would be over 900 per match over the Men's and Women's Leagues, about 100 more than the Chiltern League but heavily biased towards the seniors.
CC League Comparison

Saturday January 24th - Southern CC Champs at Parliament Hill
Results for Chiltern League Clubs
Senior men: 1st H. Lobb (Bedford & C), 6th W. Levett (Bedford & C), 8th M. Normington (Watford), 31st M. Janes (Bedford & C), 33rd A. Bowden (Harrow), 43rd D. Dalmedo (Bedford & C), 49th R. Lee (Windsor), 53rd J. Lawler (Bedford & C), 56th A. Gardiner (Windsor), 68th N. Miller (Bedford & C), 72nd T. Hyde (Windsor),
Teams: 4th Bedford & C, 11th Harrow, 17th Windsor,
Junior men: 4th L. Cadman (Bedford & C), 12th P. Wicks (Windsor), 14th G. Taylor (Windsor), 21st M. Smart (Harrow), 25th S. Phillips (Bedford & C), 29th A. Whetstone (Milton K), 40th T. Beedell (Chiltern), 46th D. Chambers (Watford), 47th P. Harrison (Harrow), 49th L. Smyth (Bedford & C),
Teams: 4th Windsor, 5th Harrow,
Under 17 men: 7th T. Stanley (Bedford & C), 9th A. Inskip (Bedford & C), 10th J. Murray (Bedford & C), 20th R. Larson (Bracknell), 23rd T. Comerford (Milton K), 30th R. Franzese (Harrow), 39th G. Wilcox (Milton K), 41st C. Drinkwater (Luton),
Teams: 3rd Bedford & C, 6th Milton Keynes, 11th Harrow, 14th Bracknell,
Under 15 boys: 8th I. May (Windsor), 10th W. Lambourne (Milton K), 15th G. Stokes (Windsor), 21st R. Henderson (Bedford & C), 23rd J. Williams (Bedford & C), 30th G. Martin (Windsor), 33rd D. Goodman (Harrow), 36th J. Hughes (Bracknell), 37th J. Paterson (Harrow), 47th T. Guest (Luton),
Teams: 3rd Windsor, 6th Harrow, 12th Milton Keynes, 13th Bedford & C,
Under 13 boys: 9th C. Scott (Harrow), 15th D. Chorley (Luton), 16th G. Tilley (Milton K), 20th S. Winters (Milton K), 43rd J. Lyman (Milton K), 45th G. Nolan (Milton K), 49th G. Brown (Harrow), 50th G. Scott (Milton K),
Teams: 4th Milton Keynes, 6th Harrow, 12th Chiltern H,
Senior ladies: 4th L. Tanner (Bedford & C), 14th A. Hirst (Headington), 15th C. McMahon (Luton), 24th C. Lathwell (Luton), 29th L. Stone (Windsor), 47th C. Donald (Maidenhead), 52nd K. Wright (Windsor), 67th C. Pusey (Burnham J), 69th S. Reynolds (Chiltern), 70th L. Butt (Chiltern), 75th C. Willer (Watford), 83rd C. Rooney (Milton K), 98th L. Bromilow (Milton K), 100th H. Bennewith (Aylesbury),
Teams: 24th Windsor, 25th Maidenhead, 26th Chiltern H, 27th Headington, 28th Watford (good packing!)
Junior ladies: 5th K. Wootton (Bedford & C), 10th R. Gibbs (Bedford & C), 22nd C. Moss (Bedford & C),
Under 17 ladies: 2nd N. Sykes (Leighton B), 28th E. Wright (Bedford & C), 32nd E. Gibbs (Bedford & C), 35th K. Berryman (Milton K), 40th L. Licietis (Milton K), 47th H. Graham (Chiltern H),
Teams: 6th Bedford & C,
Under 15 girls: 6th S. Simpson (Luton), 13th A. Wilde (Bedford & C), 14th T. Taylor (Milton K), 29th L. Cara (Aylesbury), 37th N. Howell (Bedford & C), 39th H. Barsby (Harrow), 47th A. Concannon (Harrow),
Teams: 3rd Bedford & C, 6th Harrow, 12th Windsor, 14th Milton Keynes,
Under 13 girls: 6th K. Trewhella (Bracknell), 7th H. Goodwin (Bedford & C), 8th H. McGurk (Bedford & C), 19th A. Wright (Bedford & C), 20th S. Wilkins (Milton K), 21st R. Stedman (Windsor), 27th D. Jupp (Bedford & C), 30th R. Card (Aylesbury), 49th A. Smith (Milton K), 50th L. Lingley (Chiltern H),
Teams: 2nd Bedford & C, 6th Milton Keynes, 7th Windsor, 18th Vale of Aylesbury.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Saturday November 8th 2003 - ECCA Relays at Mansfield
Results for Chiltern League clubs
Senior men: 6th Bedford & County 1.01.30,
Junior men: 7th Bedford & County 27.42,
Fastest laps: 1st= M. Draper (Windsor - team dnf) 8.44,
Under 17 men: 2nd Bedford & County 27.47, 4th Windsor SE&H 28.07, 20th Milton Keynes 29.18,
Fastest laps: 6th J. McCulloch (Windsor) 9.10, 7th= A. Inskip & T. Stanley (Bedford) 9.11,
Under 15 boys: 7th Luton 19.57,
Fastest laps: 7th P. Howarth (Luton) 6.18,
Under 13 boys: no CL clubs contested,
Senior ladies: 1st Windsor SE&H 29.16, 4th Bedford & County 30.27, 14th Milton Keynes 32.30, 22nd Windsor "B" 33.48,
Fastest laps: 1st H. Yelling (Windsor) 9.35, 3rd R. Ryan (Windsor) 9.40,
Junior women: 4th Bedford & County 27.06, 18th Milton Keynes 31.45,
Fastest laps: 1st K. Wootton (Bedford) 8.25,
Under 17 women: 10th Milton Keynes 29.20, 16th Bedford & County 29.46,
Under 15 girls: 11th Milton Keynes 22.45, 14th Bedford & County 22.52, 16th Luton 22.56, 21st Dacorum & Tring 23.42,
Under 13 girls: 21st Milton Keynes 24.29, 25th Bedford & County 24.35,
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Saturday October 25th - National Road Relays at Sutton Park
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Men: 3rd Bedford & County 1.47.21, 7th Windsor 1.48.21, 20th Harrow 1.52.17,
Fastest laps: 3rd G. Van Hest (Bedford) 17.01.
Ladies: 8th Bedford & County 1.01.33, 13th Windsor 1.02.44, 18th Headington 1.04.21,
Fastest laps: 1st= H. Yelling (Windsor) 14.07.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Tuesday October 21st - Venues for 2004/2005
Many thanks to those of you who have responded to my appeal for more venues where we can hold the league. I now have three possibilities which I will be discussing further with potential hosts. This will help take the pressure off the venues we already have, spread the fixtures around our "territory" better and give athletes the opportunity to run at new venues.

Sunday October 12th - Athletics Weekly under 11 results policy
I have been informed by Martin Duff, who usually does the Chiltern League report for Athletics Weekly, that their policy is to not print under 11 results as it is not a UKA recognised age group. So do not be surprised if they do not appear.

Saturday October 11th - First Fixture at Watford
We had another record turnout today. 839 athletes finished the race today (excluding non scorers) compared with 788 for round one last year. Of these 49 were in the new under 11 race but deducting these leaves 790 which still beats last year's total finishers. Added to the 839 scorers were a handful of non scorers plus 26 finishers from Lincroft Middle School from Bedfordshire who ran as guests.

Friday October 3rd - November 29th Fixture
Luton have very kindly stepped in and offered to host the November 29th fixture as well as November 1st.
The problems we have had securing enough venues this season does highlight some issues that need to be addressed. We have "lost" two venues, Woburn Sands and Banbury in the last two years due to traffic/parking problems. This is nothing to do with having joint division matches, it would be a problem for a division one only match at these venues. At both venues this was due to complaints from local residents. In the case of Woburn Sands it is the case that, if we could get everyone to park in the village at the school a mile away and walk to the course, we could use it. But trying to "police" this and stop people driving up the hill to the course, especially on a wet day, would be very difficult.
The issues which need to be addressed are:
1. Whether we have four fixtures instead of five. Due to changes in championship dates, late January into early March is very congested. We agreed to put the final fixture the week before the National as it was felt that not so many clubs would travel to Leeds this year. Whether clubs still that feel that way when the event moves further south and the championship dates stay the same may raise the question as to whether to drop the final match. Historic note - the league used to have only four rounds and a final round mob match which didn't score towards the league but was later added as a final fifth round.
2. There are perhaps at least two other venues I have identified that it may be possible to use in future seasons. However, it may be that the hosting clubs may need help with officiating. In the past, we have relied upon host clubs providing most of or inviting officials. Some leagues, such as the Met League, have the same team of start and finishing officials at each match with the host club providing course marshalls. We may need to consider asking clubs to provide officials on a regular basis rather than relying on hosts. As we have a large number of clubs in the league, it would hopefully not be a great problem.
Once the season gets under way, I will be discussing with potential host clubs to see what can be done to get their venues "up and running".
I would welcome any comments from other clubs on the issue -
email me.

Sunday September 28th - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Leading Chiltern League club results:
Under 17 men: 4th Windsor 50.42, 5th Bedford & County 50.48, 9th Luton 52.18, 12th Milton Keynes 52.57, 13th Vale of Aylesbury 53.01, 17th Dacorum & Tring 54.29, 18th Milton Keynes "B" 54.59.
Fastest laps: 4th J. McCulloch (Windsor) 12.05.
Under 15 boys: 1st Windsor 40.20, 4th Bedford & County 40.42, 14th Luton 43.19, 16th Harrow 43.39, 18th Windsor "B" 44.15.
Fastest laps: 3rd I. May (Windsor) 9.37.
Under 13 boys: 5th Bedford & County 44.46, 14th Harrow 47.26, 15th Windsor 47.43.
Fastest laps: 2nd C. Scott (Harrow) 10.36.
Senior ladies: 4th Bedford & County 55.48, 7th Windsor 57.00, 21st Milton Keynes 59.59, 22nd Harrow 60.29, 25th Luton 60.47.
Fastest laps: 4th H. Yelling (Windsor) 12.46.
Veteran ladies: no CL clubs competed
Under 17 ladies: 6th Bedford & County 35.09, 9th Windsor 35.24, 17th Milton Keynes 37.28, 19th Luton 38.22.
Fastest laps: 3rd S. Wilson (Windsor) 10.37.
Under 15 girls: 4th Bedford & County 34.38, 5th Milton Keynes 34.51, 7th Luton 35.05, 17th Windsor 36.22.
Fastest laps: 9th S. Simpson (Luton) 11.07.
Under 13 girls: 2nd Bedford & County 26.21, 3rd Milton Keynes 26.28, 9th Bedford "B" 27.25, 11th Windsor 27.33, 14th Bedford "C" 27.34, 16th Oxford City 27.45.
Fastest laps: 1st A. McGurk (Bedford) 8.18.
For full results see
Aldershot's website.

Saturday September 27th - Southern Road Relays at Aldershot
Leading Chiltern League club results:
Senior men: 2nd Bedford & C 1.50.27, 8th Windsor 1.54.12, 11th Bedford "B" 1.55.01, 17th Harrow 1.57.49, 24th Milton Keynes 1.59.19.
Fastest laps: 2nd Greg Van Hest (Bedford) 17.27, 8th Adam Bowden (Harrow) 18.06.
Vets over 40: 9th Milton Keynes 1.23.55, 12th Harrow 1.25.35.
Fastest laps: 2nd Jim McMahon (Bedford) 19.21.
Vets over 50: 3rd Oxford City 1.26.32, 15th Oxford "B" 1.34.18, 19th Luton 1.36.57, 20th Banbury 1.37.15.
Fastest laps: 2nd Richard Grant (Oxford) 20.24.
Vets over 60: 9th Burnham Joggers 1.53.34.
Fastest laps: 1st Keith Scudamore (Burnham) 23.05.
For full results see
Aldershot's website.

Tuesday September 23rd - New clubs for 2003/2004 season
We welcome two new clubs for the 2003/2004 season, Buckingham & Stowe and Brunel Juniors. The latter is a young athletes club attached to Brunel University. Also, Luton United and Vauxhall have merged to become Luton Athletic Club.

Friday September 12th - Pre season mailing and November 29th fixture
The pre season mailing is now on its way to team managers. We are still without a venue for the November 29th fixture. Could all clubs consider whether or not they would be willing to host either a full mob match, a division only match. An alternative would be to have the seniors at one venue and the young athletes at another. If you are able to help please
email as soon as possible.

Thursday August 14th - Fixture on November 1st
Luton will now definitely do the fixture on November 1st instead of November 29th to give any clubs prepared to take on the latter date more time. I have had one provisional offer but this is dependant on facilities being available. I know that this is a bad month to ask but if anyone else is prepared to offer please
email as soon as possible.

Thursday August 7th - Fixture on November 1st
Luton have offered to move their November 29th fixture to November 1st if someone else can host on November 29th. This would give a club more time to prepare if they can take the fixture on.

Friday August 1st - Fixture on November 1st
Unfortunately, Oxford are not now able to host the match on November 1st (or probably at all this winter) due to the pitches next to the track being booked.
Anyone else who can host please
email as soon as possible. It may be that we have to have the two divisions at separate venues if we cannot find a host for a mob match. An alternative is to have the young athletes and possibly the ladies at one venue and the senior men (with or without ladies) at another.

Thursday June 19th - League AGM News
Bill O'Connor was elected as League Chairman in recognition of his services to the League. He replaces Roger Kraushaar who has been ill for a number of years.
It was agreed to hold an under 11 event next winter. The race would be boys and girls mixed together but with male and female individual and team awards as with other age groups. The team event would be three to score but the under 11's will not contribute to overall scoring as it is not a UKA recognised age group. The format will be subject to review at next year's AGM.
After discussion of the disparities in the current scoring, it was decided that no change will be made to the scoring system for the time being although an experiment with a weighted system will be tried out sometime this winter.
League dates will be October 11th (Watford), November 1st, November 29th, January 10th, February 14th (Wing tbc). The last date was discussed as we could also have used January 31st which is being used by some other leagues but, on balance, club representatives decided that Feb 14th would fit in better with the championships and their athletes' likely competitions.
Later (20/6) - Oxford will host the Nov 1st fixture subject to booking facilities.

Tuesday June 3rd - AGM Details
Notices have now been send out to all team managers. The AGM will take place at Bannister Stadium, Uxbridge Road, Harrow on Thursday June 19th at 19.30 hours.
Items being discussed are the possibility of holding some sort of non scoring under 11 event with the league. Also a revision to the score system to give a bit more equality between the male and female sections and also between the seniors and young athletes sections. Instead of the current reverse scoring system the first athlete home in the senior races would receive 200 points, second place 199 downwards (if there are more than 200 athletes then anyone after 200th place would receive 1 point). In the young athletes races the winner would receive 100 points, second place 99 points downwards. This new system would more equity in the contribution of athletes in the different age groups to the overall score.
If you have any comments to make prior to the AGM it would help the discussion so please
email me.

Saturday April 26th - National 12 and 6 Stage Road Relays
Results for Chiltern League Clubs:
Mens: 11th Bedford & County,
Ladies: 2nd Windsor, 5th Headington,
Fastest: 1st H. Yelling (Windsor).
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results.

Friday April 18th - Under 11's in Chiltern League
I've been asked to "float" the idea of having an under 11 event in the Chiltern League. In the past races have been occasionally run on a "fun run" type basis for both sexes in a mixed event. If anyone has an interest in this age group competing please
email me.

Sunday April 13th - London Marathon and Mini Marathons
Leading Chiltern League results:
Senior men: 19th H. Lobb (Bedford & C) 2.18.30, 55th M. Adcock (Watford) 2.30.54, 116th M. Gainsborough (Headington) 2.37.56,
Senior ladies: 1st P. Radcliffe (Bedford & C) 2.15.25 (world best), 18th M. Lee (Milton K) 2.43.41, 27th N. Aitken (Windsor) 2.54.01, 44th J. Dering (Radley) 3.00.58,
Male over 50: 2nd C. Steptoe (Aylesbury) 2.43.35,
Ladies over 55: 1st R. Muston (Milton K) 3.32.02,
Male over 60: 3rd R. Brett (Vauxhall) 3.04.59,
Mini marathons:
County boys 15-17: 28th S. Blake (Windsor) 13.35,
London boys 11-12: 5th C. Scott (Harrow) 15.27,
London boys 13-14: 1st R. Rice (Harrow) 13.55, 3rd I. May (Windsor) 13.58, 14th D. Goodman (Harrow) 14.54, 24th J. Paterson (Harrow) 15.09,
London boys 15-17: 10th T. Haughian (Windsor) 13.38,
London girls 15-17: 21st L. Fox (Windsor) 17.35,
Full results on
London Marathon website.

Sunday April 6th - Southern Road Relay at Milton Keynes
Leading Chiltern League club results:
Senior men: 3rd Bedford & County, 12th Milton Keynes, 14th Windsor SE&H, 18th Harrow,
Fastest long laps: 7th R. Nifah (Milton Keynes) 24.22,
Fastest short laps: 3rd H. Lobb (Bedford & C) 16.15,
Senior ladies: 3rd Bedford & County, 4th Windsor SE&H, 5th Headington, 8th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps: 4th L. Wood (Bedford & C) 19.09, 5th T. Galbraith (Headington) 19.10, 6th M. Lee (Milton K) 19.11, 7th J. Craft (Headington) 19.12.
Full results on
Milton Keynes website.

Sunday April 6th - Young Athletes Road Relays at Sutton Park
Leading Chiltern League club results:
Under 17 men: 12th Vale of Aylesbury, 13th Bedford & C, 23rd Milton Keynes,
Under 15 boys: 20th Windsor,
Under 13 boys: 5th Windsor, 21st Milton Keynes,
Under 15 girls: 10th Milton Keynes,
Under 13 girls: 16th Milton Keynes.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results.

Thursday March 27th - Next Winter's Fixtures
Some information available although the final programme is by no means finalised. It seems that the Inter Counties will now be at the beginning of March, two weeks after the National and one week before the English Schools (!). This would likely have a knock on effect with County Championships as there would now be a spare weekend in February. It is also likely that Margate will not be a Reebok Challenge event which would mean no Reebok event in the South of England. This may or may not have an effect on League dates. Watch this space.

Saturday March 8th - English Schools at Brighton
Leading results from Chiltern League athletes -
email me if I have missed anybody.
Senior boys: 42nd A. Whetstone, 64th G. Taylor, 79th T. Beedell.
Inter boys: 39th T. Stanley, 40th R. Taylor, 41st R. Inskip, 82nd P. Macey.
Junior boys: 21st C. Pusey, 41st C. Boyle, 47th R. Rice, 64th D. Green, 67th A. Carter, 71st J. Williams, 75th A. O'Neill, 99th R. Heany.
Senior girls: 24th R. Gibbs, 32nd G. Turtle, 47th K. Docherty, 68th C. Moss.
Inter girls: 1st N. Sykes, 12th H. England, 13th C. Gaspar, 39th C. Plateau, 76th A. Roskilly, 82nd S. Waldron.
Junior girls: 11th S. Simpson, 59th N. Howell, 65th T. Taylor, 77th A. Fox, 96th J. Kafke.
Full results on the
English Schools website

Saturday February 22nd - National CC Championships at Parliament Hill
Results for Chiltern League athletes and clubs:
Senior men: 3rd H. Lobb (Bedford & C), 55th N. Miller (Bedford & C), 58th M. Yelling (Bedford & C), 77th R. Lee (Windsor), 80th A. Bowden (Harrow), 82nd M. Janes (Bedford & C), 87th D. Branfoot (Harrow), 91st D. Hamblin (Aylesbury), 96th M. Bryant (Harrow).
Teams: 5th Bedford & C, 17th Harrow.
Junior men: 1st M. Farah (Windsor), 30th P. Wicks (Windsor).
Teams: 8th Harrow.
Under 17 men: 9th A. Whetstone (Milton K), 19th J. Horsman (Bedford & C), 41st B. Webster (Bedford & C), 43rd A. Inskip (Bedford & C).
Teams: 9th Bedford & C, 14th Milton Keynes.
Under 15 boys: 27th C. Watkins (Luton), 33rd A. Hendry (Windsor), 48th K. Blackstone (Harrow).
Teams: 22nd Harrow.
Under 13 boys: 23rd G. Martin (Windsor), 31st G. Tillsy (Milton K).
Teams: 7th Milton Keynes.
Senior women: 1st H. Yelling (Windsor), 15th L. Wood (Bedford & C), 20th C. Dickie (Windsor), 36th A. Berrill (Bedford & C), 39th N. Ashe (Windsor), 50th C. McMahon (Luton), 60th I. Robertson (Headington), 73rd G. Duckworth (Leighton B), 78th B. Hopewell (Bedford & C), 82nd K. Anderson (Headington), 97th C. Lathwell (Luton).
Teams: 6th Windsor, 10th Bedford & C.
Junior women: 17th K. Waterson (Bedford & C), 31st C. Bassill (Luton).
Under 17 women: 31st C. Moss (Bedford & C), 43rd E. Ault (Harrow).
Under 15 girls: 20th C. Gaspar (Milton K), 28th A. Roskilly (Milton K).
Teams: 7th Milton Keynes.
Under 13 girls: 1st S. Simpson (Luton), 7th N. Howell (Bedford & C), 13th P. Duffy (Bedford & C), 32nd T. Taylor (Milton K), 36th F. Roberts (Dacorum), 47th L. Millett (Milton K).
Teams: 2nd Bedford & C, 4th Milton Keynes.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Saturday February 8th - Inter Counties at Nottingham
Results for Chiltern League athletes:
If I've missed anyone in the top 100 (seniors) or top 50 (other age groups)
email me.
Senior men: 28th D. Leggate, 51st N. Miller, 71st R. Lee, 75th J. Critchlow, 77th S. Overall, 88th A. Bowden.
Under 20 men: 2nd M. Draper, 5th L. Cadman, 6th L. Beevor, 39th S. Ames.
Under 17 men: 18th A. Whetstone, 26th T. Stanley.
Under 13 boys: 26th A. Carter, 44th T. Nightingale, 50th N. White.
Senior ladies: 1st H. Yelling, 2nd L. Yelling, 4th A. Whitcombe, 7th S. Morris, 23rd J. Craft, 26th L. Wood, 34th R. Taylor, 44th A. Hirst, 48th E. Leggate, 65th P. Fudge, 95th C. McMahon.
Under 20 ladies: 3rd K. Wootton, 42nd C. Boosey.
Under 17 ladies: 3rd N. Sykes, 28th R. Gibbs, 30th H. England.
Under 15 girls: 31st S. Waldron, 43rd E. Wright.
Under 13 girls: 1st S. Simpson, 25th P. Duffy, 29th A. Fox, 42nd E. Wilkins, 50th T. Taylor.
Full senior results see
UK Athletics web site

Saturday January 25th - Southern Cross Country Championships at Exmouth
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 17th H. Lobb (Bedford & C), 25th N. Miller (Bedford & C), 27th A. Bowden (Harrow), 28th D. Leggate (Harrow), 36th D. Branfoot (Harrow), 38th S. Herring (Bedford & C), 39th R. Lee (Windsor), 62nd D. Hamblin (Aylesbury), 73rd T. Hyde (Windsor), 74th C. Riley (Bedford & C).
Teams: 5th Bedford & County, 9th Harrow.
Junior men: 1st M. Farah (Windsor), 6th L. Cadman (Bedford & C), 15th S. Overall (Windsor), 18th S. Ames (Bedford & C), 24th P. Wright (Milton K).
Under 17 men: 5th A. Whetstone (Milton K), 11th G. Taylor (Windsor), 25th T. Stanley (Bedford & C), 26th P. Macey (Milton K).
Teams: 4th Milton Keynes, 10th Vale of Aylesbury, 11th Windsor.
Under 15 boys: 19th S. Goodwin (Milton K).
Under 13 boys: 10th G. Martin (Windsor), 12th T. Nightingale (Milton K), 14th N. White (Windsor), 16th C. Lambert (Milton K), 18th G. Tilley (Milton K), 23rd D. Taylor (Milton K), 28th R. Docherty (Milton K).
Teams: 2nd Milton Keynes, 5th Windsor.
Senior ladies: 1st S. Morris (Bedford & C), 6th L. Wood (Bedford & C), 8th R. Taylor (Windsor), 16th C. Dickie (Windsor), 18th M. Lee (Milton K), 19th N. Ashe (Windsor), 21st N. Dover (Windsor), 22nd A. Hirst (Headington), 27th A. Berrill (Bedford & C), 28th L. Scott (Milton K), 35th I. Robertson (Headington), 39th R. Iannou (Aylesbury), 40th C. McMahon (Luton), 45th K. Waterson (Bedford & C).
Teams: 1st Windsor, 2nd Bedford & County, 6th Milton Keynes, 7th Headington.
Junior women: 12th C. Bassill (Luton), 16th C. Boosey (Aylesbury).
Under 17 ladies: 1st N. Sykes (Leighton B), 2nd H. England (Oxford), 18th C. Moss (Bedford & C).
Under 15 girls: 4th C. Gaspar (Milton K), 13th A. Roskilly (Milton K), 27th E. Wright (Bedford & C), 30th K. Berryman (Milton K).
Teams: 6th Bedford & County.
Under 13 girls: 1st S. Simpson (Luton), 12th T. Taylor (Milton K), 22nd N. Howell (Bedford & C), 26th J. Sweet (Milton K).
Teams: 3rd Milton Keynes, 10th Vale of Aylesbury.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Saturday December 21st 2002 - Round 5 Match - Latest News
It looks likely that the final match will be a mob match taking place at Luton again. Luton think that the senior men's races may be combined this time. Watch this space for more info.

Friday December 13th - Final Chiltern League at Banbury
Unfortunately we have problems with hosting the final match at Banbury. Last weekend the Southern Inter Counties match was held there and there were severe parking problems causing friction with neighbouring residents. Banbury would be happy to host a Division 1 only match which would mean we would have to have Division 2 at a separate venue. Watch this space for more info. Anyone who could help host please contact the League Secretary ASAP.

Sunday December 8th - European Cross Country Championships in Croatia
Results for Chiltern League athletes:
Senior ladies: 14th HayleyYelling (Windsor), 20th Liz Yelling (Bedford), 41st Sharon Morris (Bedford). GB Team 3rd.
Junior men: 19th Luke Beevor (Vauxhall).
Junior ladies: 26th Katrina Wooton (Bedford). GB Team 1st.

Saturday November 9th - ECCA Cross Country Relays Results
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 21st Bedford & C, 27th Milton Keynes, 28th Windsor,
Junior men: 1st Windsor, 10th Bedford & C, 14th Vauxhall,
Fastest laps: 2nd L. Beevor (Vauxhall),
Under 17 men: 9th Vale of Aylesbury, 14th Windsor, 16th Milton Keynes, 17th Bedford & C,
Under 15 boys: 28th Vauxhall,
Under 13 boys: 5th Milton Keynes, 10th Windsor, 21st Bedford & C,
Senior ladies: 7th Headington, 14th Bedford & C, 27th Milton Keynes,
Under 17 ladies: 1st Bedford & C, 11th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps: 1st K. Wootton (Bedford & C),
Under 15 girls: 5th Milton Keynes, 9th Bedford & C,
Under 13 girls: 2nd Bedford & C, 5th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps: 5th D. Watts (Bedford & C).
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Saturday October 26th - AAA Road Relay Results
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 10th Bedford & C, 18th Harrow.
Senior ladies: 1st Windsor, 5th Bedford & C, 28th Windsor "B",
Fastest laps: 1st Hayley Yelling (Windsor) 14.15, 9th Jo Lodge (Windsor) 14.45.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results

Wednesday October 16th - Some kind of record?
Last Saturday's senior men's race was the largest since the Frank Barber Memorial race on 8th October 1988. On that occasion there were 386 finishers, on Saturday there were 337 excluding non scorers. It is possible that last Saturday was also the largest turnout for both Divisions. The match on 8/10/88 had 744 finishers, the Watford match this time last year had 759 but last Saturday we had 788 finishers over all the races.

Friday October 11th - Fixture on November 2nd at Luton
As we will have to run two senior mens races, this match will be run to a special timetable:
12.00 under 13 girls,
12.15 under 13 boys,
12.30 under 15 girls,
12.45 under 15 boys,
13.00 under 20/17 ladies,
13.15 under 17 men,
13.30 senior ladies,
14.00 senior men division 1
15.00 senior men division 2

Saturday September 29th - SEAA Road Relays at Aldershot
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 5th Windsor, 7th Bedford & County, 8th Harrow.
Fastest laps: 2nd= Mo Farah (Windsor) 17.49.
Veterans over 40: 4th Watford, 7th Vale of Aylesbury, 10th Oxford, 20th Bedford & County.
Fastest laps: 1st Julian Critchlow (Watford) 18.41.
Under 17 men: 3rd Aylesbury, 5th Bedford & County, 7th Harrow, 14th Windsor.
Fastest laps: 2nd Michael Smart (Harrow), 4th James Horsman (Bedford).
Under 15 boys: 6th Windsor, 7th Bedford & County, 14th Milton Keynes.
Under 13 boys: 2nd Windsor, 5th Milton Keynes, 8th Bedford & County, 14th Aylesbury.
Fastest laps: 2nd Nathan White (Windsor), 4th Duncan Taylor (Milton Keynes).
Senior ladies: 1st Bedford & County, 3rd Headington, 4th Windsor, 7th Bedford "B", 14th Windsor "B".
Fastest laps: 1st Hayley Yelling (Windsor), 2nd Sharon Morris (Bedford), 3rd= Jude Craft (Headington).
Under 17 ladies: 3rd Bedford & County, 9th Windsor, 11th Bracknell.
Fastest laps: 1st Katrina Wootton (Bedford).
Under 15 girls: 5th Milton Keynes, 12th Bedford & County, 15th Windsor.
Under 13 girls: 2nd Milton Keynes, 3rd Bedford & County, 5th Windsor, 6th Bedford "B", 9th Bracknell.
Fastest laps: 4th Tanya Taylor (Milton Keynes).
Full results on
Aldershot's web site.

Wednesday September 25th - November 2nd Fixture
Luton are currently investigating the feasibility of holding this match as a mob match. They already have an initial agreement from the council and are checking out the course. If we are to have a mob match here, however, we will have to hold two senior men's races as the venue will not accommodate a large field. In this case, the event programme will have to start one hour earlier at 12 noon.

Tuesday September 24th - November 2nd Fixture
It turns out that the Kingsbury venue is not available on the above date. I am trying to see what we can work out for Division 2. Watch this space.

Saturday September 14th - UK Women's League
Congratulations to Milton Keynes and Radley Ladies who both qualified for the UK Women's League for next season. That brings the total of British League/UK Women's League clubs in the Chiltern League to 4 and 3 respectively. That is the same numbers which are in the Met League, the only other cross country league in the UK I can find with such a large number of BAL/UKWL clubs.

Monday September 9th - November 2nd Fixture
Unfortunately we have not been able to secure a venue for a mob match on Nov 2nd. Instead we will hold the Division 1 match at Luton (Stockwood Park) and I am waiting for Queens Park to confirm that they can host Division 2. Has we had more time we could have probably found a venue for a mob match but, with the need to secure premises as well as completing the new permits within the SEAA deadline, we had to go with venues which we knew were available. Next season, if we decide to continue with a system of mob matches wherever possible, we should be able to have sufficient venues for all matches to be joint divisions.

Friday June 21st 2002 - League AGM
After some correspondence from and between clubs and after discussion at the AGM it was decided not to go ahead with the proposals for a split Division 1 nor change the rules for promotion/demotion. The main problem of concern to clubs that needed to be addressed was the provision of young athletes competition in Division 2. It was decided that this coming season, where possible, to have all fixtures as mob matches. This also covers any problems that will probably arise with new health and safety issues as well as the expense of better medical provision.
The question of whether two senior men's races at mob matches was also discussed. It may be possible to experiment with this but it will depend of the willingness of a host club to extend the timetable to cater for the extra race. Other issues on future league structure and scoring will be deferred while we see how this winter works out.
The new registration form covering Health and Safety has now been made available to the League. The secretary will contact likely host clubs concerning how best to handle this.
The subscriptions will be raised to 60 (40 single sex clubs) to build a contingency fund to cover medical arrangements and for increasing facilities hire at matches.
Some fixture venues have yet to be confirmed, details available so far are on the
Fixture Details and Results page.
Minutes will be sent to clubs in the next few days.

Friday June 21st 2002 - UKA middle distance questionaire
A questionaire for middle distance runners concerning fixtures has been issued by UKA. Anyone wishing to view this or reply go to the
UK Athletics web site.

Monday May 13th 2002 - League AGM
The League AGM will take place on Thursday June 20th. At the moment I am unsure of the venue due to rebuilding work scheduled to place at Bannister Stadium but I will know by the time I send out the AGM notices to club secretaries early in June.
Items for discussion include the possible splitting of Division One into two - see
League Development. Also promotion/demotion issues and Heath and Safety requirements.

Saturday April 20th 2002- UK Fixtures Conference
here for a brief report.

Sunday April 14th 2002- London Marathon and Mini Marathons
Men - 25th H. Lobb (Bedford & C) 2.21.16, 73rd M. Adcock (Watford) 2.33.31,
M40 - 2nd D. Brown (Chiltern) 2.29.00,
M50 - 2nd C. Steptoe (Aylesbury) 2.40.36,
M55 - 11th C. Rees (Tring) 3.01.14,
M60 - 5th R. Brett (Vauxhall) 3.07.27,
M65 - 1st C. Roome (Metros) 3.14.06,
Ladies - 1st P. Radcliffe (Bedford & C) 2.18.56, 12th J. Lodge (Windsor) 2.38.24, 16th S. Dixon (Parkside) 2.45.03, 31st J. Dering (Windsor) 2.55.33,
F40 - 8th V. Iturbe (Windsor) 2.58.24, 14th J. Gray (Vauxhall) 3.07.21,
F45 - 13th B. Ralph (Chiltern) 3.16.46,
F50 - 6th M. Swithernby (Milton K) 3.24.09,
F55 - 13th M. Crowe (Milton K) 3.53.26,
Mini Marathons - London Boroughs
M18 - 3rd T. Haughian (Windsor),
F13 - 4th H. Barsby (Parkside),
Mini Marathons - Counties
M18 - 7th L. Cadman (Bedford & C), 12th J. Horsman (Bedford & C),
M15 - 3rd T. Standley (Bedford & C), 10th J. Murray (Bedford & C),
F18 - 1st K. Wootton (Bedford & C), 14th K. Walker (Bedford & C),
F15 - 6th N. Sykes (Leighton B), 20th E. Wright (Bedford & C),
F13 - 17th N. Howell (Bedford & C), 19th E. Smith (Dacorum).

Sunday April 7th 2002 - SEAA 12 Stage and 6 Stage Road Relays at the Open University
Chiltern League club performances:
Mens - 3rd Bedford & C, 8th Harrow, 14th Windsor, 25th Oxford,
Fastest short stages - 3rd= H. Lobb (Bedford & C),
Ladies - 2nd Bedford & C, 6th Headington, 16th Parkside, 19th Milton Keynes,
Fastest laps - 1st S. Morris (Bedford & C).

Sunday April 7th 2002 - YAL Road Relays at Sutton Park
Chiltern League club performances:
Under 17 men - 1st Bedford & C,
Under 15 boys - 2nd Windsor, 7th Bedford & C,
Fastest laps - 3rd T. Haughian (Windsor),
Under 13 boys - 5th Windsor,
Under 13 girls - 6th Milton Keynes, 12th Windsor.

Wednesday March 13th 2002 - UKA Endurance Fixtures Conference
UK Athletics are holding an Endurance Fixtures Conference at the Trafford AC Clubhouse in Manchester on Saturday 20 April (10.30am-6pm).
Bryan Smith, Head of Competition in the UK Athletics Endurance Policy & Support Team, said: "We are concerned about the congestion we have with fixtures for cross country, road, track, fell and indoors.
"The aim is to seek principles to improve the lot of the endurance runner - not just the elite but the clubman as well.
"One question that readily springs to mind is: Where do you put in rest periods for the benefit of the athlete?
"We'll also be looking at age groups and schools and asking, for instance, if it's right to have two national cross country championships for Under 17s. Let's have some lateral thinking!"
Any County Club, individual who thinks they have something to contribute should write in. To book your place, call PST co-ordinator Sarah Cooper on 0121 456 8745. Space is limited so please apply early.
More details on
UK Athletics website.

Saturday March 9th 2002 - English Schools at Chelmsford
Leading results from Chiltern League athletes -
email me if I have missed anybody.
Senior boys - 69th A. Moreton, 73rd S. Ames,
Inter boys - 1st M. Smart, 7th J. Horsman, 11th A. Whetstone, 43rd R. Taylor,
Junior boys - 5th J. McCulloch, 45th J. Murray,
Senior girls - 66th R. Corkette, 92nd L. Scott, 93rd K. Harding,
Inter girls - 9th N. Sykes, 10th H. England, 53rd R. Gibbs, 61st K. Docherty, 72nd G. Turtle, 90th L. Licietis, 94th L. Christopher,
Junior girls - 9th C. Gaspar, 73rd L. Warner, 77th K. Berryman, 95th E. Cannon.
Full results on
English Schools AA website - click on '2002' on the left hand menu.

Saturday February 23rd 2002 - National Championships at Bristol
Results from Chiltern League clubs and athletes, including five individual and one set of team medals.
Senior men - 1st S. Haughian (Windsor), 7th W. Levitt (Vauxhall), 9th M. Yelling (Bedford), 39th J. Fewtrell (Bedford), 68th H. Lobb (Bedford), 70th N. Miller (Bedford), 71st S. Herring (Bedford), 91st R. Morley (Bedford), 106th M. Normington (Watford), 107th G. Blackman (Harrow), 123rd D. Huck (Windsor), 147th T. Cook (Bedford), 148th J. McMahon (Bedford),
Teams - 5th Bedford, 18th Windsor, 24th Harrow,
Junior men - 2nd A. Bowden (Harrow), 7th S. Overall (Windsor), 10th R. Lee (Windsor), 34th M. Saunders (Harrow), 35th M. McIntosh (Harrow),
Teams - 5th Harrow,
Under 17 men - 55th S. Ames (Bedford),
Senior ladies - 1st L. Yelling (Bedford), 5th S. Dixon (Parkside), 8th C. Dickie (Windsor), 16th J. Craft (Headington), 44th I. Robertson (Headington), 49th E. Chadwick (Bedford), 53rd P. Fudge (Windsor), 55th C. McMahon (Luton), 66th K. Anderson (Headington),
Teams - 8th Bedford, 10th Headington, 18th Chiltern H.,
Under 20 ladies - 10th N. Dover (Windsor), 26th K. Waterson (Bedford), 39th C. Bassill (Luton), 48th E. Langdon (Leighton B),
Under 17 ladies - 1st K. Wootton (Bedford), 16th G. Turtle (Chiltern), 30th R. Gibbs (Bedford), 38th K. Walker (Bedford),
Teams - 2nd Bedford,
Under 15 girls - 2nd N. Sykes (Leighton B), 5th H. England (Oxford), 10th C. Gasper (Milton K), 32nd L. Warner (Parkside),
Teams - 5th Milton Keynes,
Under 13 girls - 25th L. Licietis (Milton K), 29th E. Wilkins (Windsor), 38th E. Spavins (Bedford),
Teams - 8th Windsor, 13th Milton Keynes.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results.

Saturday February 9th 2002 - Inter Counties Champs at Nottingham
Leading athletes from Chiltern League clubs.
If I've missed anyone in the top 50 (seniors) or top 30 (other age groups)
email me.
Full results on
UK Athletics website
Senior men - 1st S. Haughian, 26th W. Levitt, 34th M. Yelling, 37th S. Body, 47th D. Deed,
Junior men - 1st M. Farah, 21st S. Overall, 29th M. Saunders,
Under 17 men - 2nd M. Smart, 25th J. Horsman,
Under 15 boys - 4th R. Taylor, 10th T. Stanley, 15th T. Haughian,
Under 13 boys - 10th R. Heany, 18th C. Pusey,
Senior ladies - 1st L. Yelling, 5th S. Morris, 7th A. Whitcombe, 17th J. Wilkinson, 18th S. Dixon, 26th C. Dickie, 38th J. Craft, 45th N. Ashe, 46th C. Lathwell,
Under 17 ladies - 2nd K. Wootton,
Under 15 girls - 2nd N. Sykes, 21st C. Gaspar,
Under 13 girls - 5th S. Simpson, 11th C. Wilson, 21st E. Wilkins, 22nd J. Sweet.

Saturday January 26th 2002 - SEAA Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill
Leading Chiltern League clubs and individuals (9 individual and 7 team medals):
Senior men - 3rd M. Simpson (Windsor), 5th M Yelling (Bedford), 9th H. Lobb (Bedford), 14th R. Morley (Bedford), 19th S. Herring (Bedford), 22nd N. Miller (Bedford), 25th D. Leggate (Harrow), 30th J. Fewtrell (Bedford), 32nd M. Bryant (Harrow), 44th A. Wray (Harrow), 49th A. Cross (Bedford).
Teams: 1st Bedford, 7th Harrow, 16th Windsor.
Junior men - 1st M. Farah (Windsor), 11th R. Lee (Windsor), 13th A. Bowden (Harrow), 17th M. Janes (Bedford), 21st M. Saunders (Harrow), 22nd S. Overall (Windsor).
Teams: 3rd Harrow.
Under 17 men - 2nd L. Cadman (Bedford), 14th G. Taylor (Windsor).
Teams: 10th Watford.
Under 15 boys - 8th J. Murray (Bedford), 12th T. Haughian (Windsor), 15th G. Glancy (Windsor), 16th A. Ball (Biggleswade), 20th M. Carey (Harrow), 22nd A. Inskip (Bedford), 24th J. Brand (Windsor).
Teams: 3rd Windsor, 4th Bedford, 7th Milton Keynes.
Under 13 boys - 8th C. Pusey (Burnham), 9th I. May (Windsor), 11th R. Hughes (Windsor), 16th T. Nightingale (Milton K).
Teams: 3rd Windsor, 4th Milton Keynes, 10th Harrow.
Senior ladies - 1st H. Yelling (Windsor), 2nd J. Wilkinson (Bedford), 3rd C. Dickie (Windsor), 7th N. Ashe (Windsor), 9th S. Dixon (Parkside), 11th J. Lodge (Windsor), 12th K. Anderson (Headington), 15th C. Lathwell (Luton), 19th A. Hirst (Headington), 22nd R. Taylor (Windsor), 23rd I. Robertson (Headington), 26th J. Craft (Headington), 34th C. McMahon (Luton), 47th L. Wood (Bedford).
Teams: 1st Windsor, 4th Headington, 8th Milton Keynes, 10th Burnham Joggers.
Junior ladies - 3rd N. Dover (Windsor), 10th C. Bassill (Luton), 15th K. Waterson (Bedford), 25th E. Langdon (Leighton B).
Under 17 ladies - 1st K. Wootton (Bedford), 10th R. Moss (Bedford), 17th R. Gibbs (Bedford), 22nd K. Docherty (Milton K).
Under 15 girls - 1st N. Sykes (Leighton B), 10th C. Gaspar (Milton K), 24th A. Roskilly (Milton K).
Teams: 6th Milton Keynes, 8th Windsor, 10th Bedford.
Under 13 girls - 6th L. Licietis (Milton K), 11th S. Simpson (Luton), 14th E. Wilkins (Windsor), 15th T. Taylor (Milton K), 21st R. Shore (Windsor), 25th R. Godleman (Milton K).
Teams: 2nd Milton Keynes, 3rd Windsor.

Sunday December 9th 2001 - European Cross Country at Thun, Switzerland
Athletes from Chiltern League clubs performed well:
Senior men - 6th Sam Haughian,
Junior men - 2nd Mo Farah, 6th Adam Bowden, GB team 1st,
Senior women - 5th Liz Yelling, 8th Hayley Yelling, 12th Kath Butler, 24th Sharon Morris, GB team 2nd.

Sunday November 25th 2001 - SEAA Veterans Champs at Parliament Hill
Leading Chiltern League competitors in this event rescheduled from March:
M40: 4th C. Wood (Watford) 33.04, 17th S. Lowe (Watford) 35.03, 20th P. Wells (Watford 3rd M45) 35.20, 27th R. Grant (Oxford M45) 35.36,
Teams: 3rd Watford,
M50: 1st J. Willoughby (QPH), 36.27, 5th B. Heywood (Burnham) 37.17, 8th J. Exley (Oxford) 37.37, 15th P. Kennedy (Windsor) 38.43, 17th A. Matthews (Burnham) 39.19, 19th C. Stebbings (Luton) 39.34,
W35: 16th J. Heffernan (Chiltern) 21.21, 17th A. Bathie (Windsor) 21.23,
W50: 1st L. Walsh (Burnham) 26.20,
W55 2nd C. Hyde (Windsor) 25.59.

Saturday November 10th 2001 - National CC Relays at Mansfield
Results for Chiltern League clubs:
Senior men: 11th Bedford & C 1.04.49,
Junior men: 1st Harrow 27.06, 2nd Windsor 27.12,
Fastest laps: 1st M. Farah (Windsor) 8.47, 2nd A. Bowden (Harrow) 8.51,
Under 17 men: 2nd Bedford & C 28.49,
Under 13 boys: 4th Windsor 22.26,
Senior ladies: 1st Windsor 30.53, 7th Bedford 32.35,
Fastest laps: 2nd H. Yelling (Windsor) 9.51
Under 17 ladies: 2nd Bedford & C 27.58, 7th Bedford "B" 29.25,
Fastest laps: 2nd K. Wooton (Bedford) 8.45,
Under 15 girls: 5th Milton Keynes 22.58, 12th Bedford & C 23.41,
Under 13 girls: 3rd Milton Keynes 24.32.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results.

Sunday October 28th 2001 - AAA of E Road Relays
Results for Chiltern League clubs this weekend:
Senior men: 2nd Windsor, 17th Bedford & C,
Fastest laps: 1st S. Haughian (Windsor), 2nd M. Farah (Windsor),
Senior ladies: 2nd Bedford & C, 12th Windsor, 14th Parkside, 15th Headington,
U17 men: 4th Bedford & C, 20th Harrow,
Fastest laps: 2nd M. Smart (Harrow),
U15 boys: 2nd Windsor, 19th Bedford & C,
U13 boys: 2nd Windsor, 7th Bedford & C,
U17 ladies: 4th Bedford & C, 12th Bedford "B", 16th Windsor,
U15 girls: 14th Milton Keynes, 18th Bedford & C,
U13 girls: 9th Windsor, 11th Milton Keynes.
Full results on
Sportsoft Race Results.

Sunday October 21st 2001 - AAA of E SGM on National CC Age Group changes
The SGM rejected the changes proposed to the National CC Champs age groups by a roughly four to one majority. The changes to move the cut off date to 31st Dec/1st Jan will not now go ahead, the current age groups remain in force.
Details of voting:
Championships for U13, U15 and U17 be held under UKA age groups - 455 for, 89 against.
The junior race be U20 taken as at 31st Aug at start of the season - 430 for, 104 against.

Monday October 1st 2001 - Southern Road Relays
Results for Chiltern League clubs in Southern Road Relays this weekend:
Senior men: 1st Windsor 1.49.52, 7th Bedford & C. 1.55.18, 14th Windsor "B" 1.59.30,
Fastest laps: 1st M. Farah (Windsor) 17.28, 2nd S. Haughian (Windsor) 17.48,
Senior ladies: 1st Bedford & C. 50.03, 2nd Windsor 54.38, 4th Headington 55.57, 7th Parkside 56.57, 9th Windsor "B" 58.20,
Fastest laps: 1st P. Radcliffe (Bedford) 11.44, 2nd L. Yelling (Bedford) 12.36, 3rd J. Wilkinson (Bedford) 12.47
Male over 40: 2nd Watford 1.21.16, 4th Oxford 1.22.19, 12th Milton Keynes 1.24.58, 14th Harrow 1.25.15,
Fastest laps: 1st= J. Critchlow (Watford) 18.40,
Male over 50: 4th Oxford 1.27.28,
Fastest laps: 1st D. Laynes (Bedford) 20.48,
Under 17 men: 2nd Bedford 50.51, 10th Harrow 52.38,
Fastest laps: 1st M. Smart (Harrow) 11.52,
Under 15 boys: 7th Aylesbury 42.39, 8th Bedford 42.48, 9th Harrow 42.59,
Under 13 boys: 1st Windsor 44.45, 3rd Milton Keynes 45.50, 10th Harrow 47.56,
Fastest laps: 3rd I. May (Windsor) 10.46
Under 17 women: 1st Bedford & C. 32.14, 8th Bedford "B" 35.00,
Fastest laps: 1st K. Wootton (Bedford) 10.18,
Under 15 girls: 4th Milton Keynes 34.10, 9th Bedford & C. 35.14,
Fastest laps: 3rd R. Simmons (Bedford) 10.49,
Under 13 girls: 3rd Windsor 26.58, 7th Milton Keynes 27.30.
Hopefully I haven't missed anyone - there was one top 10 placing missing from one of the results.
More results on

Thursday September 13th 2001 - The 2001/2002 Season
The pre season mailing is now on its way to team managers. Features of the new season:

This season is experimental. For the 2002/2003 season we are likely to have three divisions. The current Division 1 will be split into Divisions 1 and 2 and both these divisions will always compete together. The current Division 2 will become Division 3.
As the season progresses, let me know (
Email) what you think of the new format.

Wednesday August 15th 2001 - Email received
We were introduced to fell running last year when a team from Oxford stayed at our guest house. They competed (fairly successfully) in the Ventnor Fell Running weekend.
Unfortunately due to the chaotic backlog, caused by foot & mouth, they are unable to come back this year.
We are therefore keen to host another team.
If this is of interest to you  (or anyone else,) please feel free to E-mail or call for further details.
Many thanks,
Graeme Barker.
Brunswick House
Ventnor, Isle of Wight.
01983 852656.

Sunday June 22nd 2001 - League AGM
For notes from last night's AGM
click here. For fixture details click here.

Friday June 1st 2001 - Cross Country Age Groups Controversy
Dave Paver from Wetherby has collected more than sufficient votes from clubs to call an EGM of the AAA of England to reverse the decision of the ECCA to change the age groups for the National Champs. The AAAoE have three weeks to fix a date for the EGM. If you require more information write to Dave Paver at 16 Northfield Aveune, Wetherby, W Yorks, LS22 6TD.

Saturday April 28th 2001 - National 12 Stage/6 Stage Road Relays
Leading Chiltern League club results - Windsor were 10th in the men's event and Bedford & County 13th. Ben Whitby (Windsor) ran the 8th fastest long stage. Windsor were 4th in the ladies event with their Hayley Yelling running the fastest lap of the day.

Sunday April 8th 2001 - McDonalds Young Athletes Relays
The following Chiltern League clubs and athletes performed well:
Under 17 men: 16th Harrow,
Under 15 boys: 24th Harrow. Michael Smart (Harrow) fastest lap,
Under 13 boys: 4th Windsor. Jacob McCullouch (Windsor) third fastest lap,
Under 17 ladies: 12th Windsor,
Under 15 girls: 19th Windsor,
Under 13 girls: 12th Milton Keynes, 13th Windsor.

Sunday April 8th 2001 - Southern 12 Stage Road Relay
The new Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow team won the men's 12 stage event with Sam Haughian running the fastest long stage. Applicants for next winter, Bedford & County eventually finished 4th after having been in contention for medals. Windsor also took 2nd place in the ladies six stage event with Hayley Yelling running the fastest lap.

Thursday April 5th 2001 -Potential Sponsor for the Chiltern League
The League Secretary has been approached by a sports shop in the Chilterns area with a view to sponsoring the League.   The deal would include provision of equipment and some finance, in return we would add the name of the sponsor to the title of the League and help advertise them.  Sponsorship will be subject to approval at the AGM. More details will be given when available. For more information contact
Dennis Orme.

Wednesday April 4th 2001 - Treasurer
Doug Rikly has announced his retirement from the position of League Treasurer after 19 years in the post.   We wish to thank him for all his work during this time.   If there is anyone interested in taking on the job, or wishing to be more involved with the League, please contact
Dennis Orme.

Sunday March 18th 2001 - Cross Country Age Groups Controversy
As you may recall, a short while ago it was announced that the National CC Champs were changing their age group categories so that the qualification date would be 31st December/1st January and that this change would occur at the end of each year, i.e. half way through the season. It would appear that they are very much going their own way and some have said that "it will kill their championships". No one else has yet followed suit. The SEAA has written to member clubs and has received 40 replies so far, of which only one was for. Dave Paver from Wetherby is co-ordinating a campaign to get the ECCA to change it's mind, he has over 90 letters and if they do not change back, he will force an EGM of the AAA's of England. It will be a battle but at the moment it is only the ECCA, although the worry is that the North may follow as some of their members were the instigators.
It would appear, therefore, that there will be no general change to the age group categories for next winter and the League can proceed as normal.

Saturday February 24th 2001 - National Championships at Maiden Castle, Durham.
The following Chiltern League athletes and clubs performed well:
Senior men: 6th W. Levett (Vauxhall), 52nd P. Farmer (Luton), 111st G. Harris (Headington), 127th L. Hunt (Harrow),
136th M. Webster (Luton). Team 55th Headington.
Junior men: 6th A. Bowden (Harrow), 21st O. Matthews (Vauxhall), 31st M. McIntosh (Harrow), 46th G. Suffling (Luton).
Team: 8th Harrow.
Under 17 men: 28th M. Saunders (Harrow). Team: 12th Harrow.
Senior ladies: 90th L. Butt (Chiltern), 115th S. Howard (Headington), 126th C. Rooney (Milton K), 132nd S. Cox (Milton K),
143rd H. Turley (Headington).
Under 20 ladies: 24th C. McMahon (Luton), 39th C. Bassill (Luton).
Under 15 girls: 24th K. Docherty (Milton K), 41st G. Turtle (Chiltern). Team: 11th Milton Keynes.
Under 13 girls: 2nd C. Gaspar (Milton K), 7th A. Roskilly (Milton K), 28th K. Berryman (Milton K). Team: 3rd Milton Keynes.
Full results on

Saturday February 10th 2001 - Inter Counties Championships
The following Chiltern League athletes performed well in the Inter Counties
(apologies if I've missed anyone - let me know):
Senior men: 9th W. Levett (Vauxhall), 35th D. Leggate (Harrow), 38th A. McKenna (Milton K).
Junior men: 6th A. Bowden (Harrow), 24th M. McIntosh (Harrow).
Under 17 men: 19th M. Saunders (Harrow).
Under 15 boys: 1st M. Smart (Harrow), 13th A. Whetstone (Milton K).
Under 13 boys: 3rd J. McCulloch (Windsor), 28th S. Goodwin (Milton K), 87th T. Nightingale (Milton K).
Senior ladies 4km: 8th K. Cafell (Oxford).
Under 20 ladies: 28th C. Garwood (Vauxhall).
Under 15 girls: 6th G. Turtle (Chiltern), 19th H. England (Oxford), 25th K. Docherty (Milton K).
Under 13 girls: 13th A. Roskilly (Milton K), 15th C. Gaspar (Milton K).

Saturday January 28th - Southern Championships
The following Chiltern League athletes and clubs performed well in the Southern Champs:
Senior men: 5th D. Leggate (Harrow), 29th P. Farmer (Luton). Teams - Harrow 10th.
Junior men: 6th G. Blackman (Harrow), 9th A. Bowden (Harrow). Teams - Harrow 2nd.
Under 17 men: 14th M. Saunders (Harrow). Teams - Harrow 5th.
Under 15 boys: 6th A. Whetstone (Milton K), 10th G. Taylor (Windsor). Teams - Milton Keynes 3rd.
Under 13 boys - declared void.
Senior ladies: 29th C. Lathwell (Luton). Teams - Headington 4th.
Under 20 women: 15th C. Basill (Luton), 16th C. McMahon (Luton).
Under 15 girls: 14th G. Turtle (Chiltern). Teams - Milton Keynes 3rd.
Under 13 girls: 10th C. Gaspar (Milton K). Teams - Milton Keynes 2nd, Windsor 9th.