League Development "On the Back Burner"

Joint Fixture with Met League

This was raised last season and I have spoken to three team managers from the Met League who seemed interested in the idea. The main problem is the format they use, i.e. a compressed timetable with races of the same distance starting a few minutes apart along with combined under 17 men/under 15 boys and under 15/13 girls races. Their senior men's field is currently just over 200 which (assuming we would only have a combined match with our Division 1) would mean a senior men's field of around 400.

League Relay

Currently we only use five of the six recommended league dates, the spare one being in March. We could use this extra date for an additional fixture which may be useful as there seems now to be a lack of club fixtures in March. Although this would normally be in the "road running" (or road relay running) season, problems with gaining access to the public highway would make a cross country (or parkland) relay a better option. A relay meeting could include both senior and young athletes relays. An extra fee would have to be charged to cover the cost of medals and awards but we could also invite non Chiltern League clubs which might attract them into our league.


With the computerised results service we can now undertake, removing non scoring individuals is relatively easy. So we have the scope to invite any interested schools local to any of the venues to races. If anyone know of any schools which may wish to compete contact the League Secretary.