Below are several articles relating to the League's history including many old results.

We are missing other odd results we would be grateful for any help in filling the gaps.

The Early Years
Results from 1960 - 1971 (pdf format)
Results from the Seventies
Results 1980 - 1985
Results 1985 - 1988
Results 1988 - 1990
Results 1990 - 1993
Results 1993 - 1996
Results 1996 - 1999
Previous Winners Division 1
Previous Winners Division 2

Results from 1998 (Div. 2) and 1999 (Div. 1) onwards are on the Results page.

Old Results

Below are a number of old results scanned in GIF format. There are multiple pages, click on the number for the page.
I will probably put on more results soon.

Division 1 25/10/1980 PDF
Mob Match 27/02/1982 PDF
Mob Match 26/02/1983 PDF
Mob Match 18/02/1984 PDF
Mob Match 16/02/1985 PDF
Division 2 14/12/1985 PDF
Mob Match 15/02/1986 PDF
Mob Match 7/02/1987 PDF
Mob Match 5/03/1988 PDF
Mob Match 3/03/1990 PDF
Mob Match 9/03/1991 PDF

Former League Members

The following clubs have been in the Chiltern League in the past. If the club has renamed itself since, the new name
is in brackets. If it has amalgamated with another club the new name is given in brackets preceded with a '>'.

Abingdon AC
Ashton Middle School
Aylesbury College
Bedford Harriers
Borough of Hounslow (> Windsor SE&H)
Bradfield College
British Airways
Brunel Juniors
Buckingham/Buckingham University (1980's club)
Buckingham & Stowe
Ealing AC (> Ealing, Southall & Middx)
Chalfont AC (> Chiltern H)
Chesham AC (> Chiltern H)
David Lloyd Pacers
Didcot AC
Dunstable Titans
Finch Coasters
Gilbert Inglefield School
Hayes & Harlington (pre 1970's club)
Hayes & Harlington RR
Lincroft Middle School
Milocarian AC
Mornington Chasers
Muswell Hill (> London Heathside)
Newland Park College (Buckinghamshire University)
Parkside (> Harrow)
Reading AC
Reading RR
Royston Crows
Ruislip & Northwood (> Hillingdon)
Shaftesbury Barnet
Slough H
Southall AC (> Ealing, Southall & Middx)
Tring AC (> Dacorum & Tring)
Vauxhall Motors (> Luton)
Verlea (> Herts Phoenix)
Welwyn Garden City